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Chapter 256 - Strolling Aimlessly

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Who are you? Why are you here?” Wang Chao angrily asked. Now that he had felt the difference in strength, he could only vent his anger through words. Wang Chao had the advantage and even did a sneak attack, but now that it failed, it was doubtful that normal attacks would work.

“I am the gatekeeper here, so of course I would be keeping guard here.” The mysterious guard answered him.

“I’m asking you, who do you work for? San Xing Corporation? Aliens?  What are you hiding? What secrets are behind those walls?” Wang Chao tried to probe some more information.

“What I do, I do for my master. As for the secrets inside, it has nothing to do with you! Leave! Don’t waste your life here!” replied the mysterious guard.

“No need to continue speaking with him! Let us fight!” Zhang ShengLi shouted.

“Good! Let us charge brothers! Follow me and kill him!” Wang Chao also shouted.

“Kill!” Yan Su and others shouted as they rushed forward to fight.

As Zhang ShengLi’s ‘lackey’, Liu Gan and Yin He also went forward to participate in the fight. They were swinging around their fire axes and swords at the mysterious guard.

Liu Gan didn’t use his full strength, nor did he allow Yin He to go all-out. They were remaining on the sidelines to monitor the mysterious guard’s movements. Liu Gan was able to tell that the strength of the mysterious guard was relatively similar to a player in between level 6 and 7 when Wang Chao had attempted his sneak attack earlier. In terms of combat strength, it should be around the same level as Liu Gan.

There was only one thing that was ‘off’ about this mysterious guard. It had a consciousness. Liu Gan could use [Psychic Shock] on it. If he timed his attacks from his alloy fists and legs with [Psychic Shock] and [Mist Armor], then he should be able to defeat the mysterious guard without any problem.

If that didn’t work as planned, then he could have Yin He assist him. The both of them would definitely be able to kill it. However, Liu Gan wasn’t in a rush. As long as they assisted all the other players with attacking the mysterious guard, then their real abilities would be revealed.

After they pillaged the secret laboratory, Wang Chao’s crew would become his real opponent. This played a huge factor in being on guard, because the opposition could turn hostile any moment.

Liu Gan wasn’t going to act now, since this temporary alliance still had some use. On the other hand, he definitely wasn’t going to let the mysterious guard injure the players. Every time there was a life-threatening situation for the other players, Liu Gan would step up and block the attack from the mysterious guard.

These level 5 and level 6 players had all experienced significant growth in their senses, so they had the capability to sense impending danger. When Liu Gan was able to save them in the nick of time, they knew how lucky they were. They could only look at Liu Gan gratefully.

The fight with the mysterious guard continued for ten minutes without either side gaining an advantage. The mysterious guard gradually became infuriated because not even one intruder had been killed yet. Liu Gan was able to counter the mysterious guard’s attacks no matter hard he tried. The mysterious guard decided to change tactics, and focused solely on Liu Gan.

Liu Gan hadn't had a chance to play chess against people for a while. This was a good chance to test out different moves for fighting. It was a good thing that this mysterious guard could put up a good offensive challenge. Liu Gan could practice his defensive style. As the two fought with increasing speed, they started taking the fight to different locations - the nearby building window, walls, and even the rooftop.

The other players couldn’t keep up with the increasing tempo, so they started to fall behind. They took the opportunity to head back to the field of flowers and watch the rooftop from afar.

There was an unspoken truth. Of the nine people gathered there, Liu Gan was the strongest. He was stronger by at least a level. Even when the group cooperated to fight against the mysterious guard, they were still struggling. They watched as Liu Gan effortlessly danced around the rooftop while fighting by himself.

“Your lackey is really incredible! His skills are formidable. What an elite player!” Wang Chao exclaimed, as he lost all his confidence in his power.

“All of the players at our camp are elites like him. Why don't you forfeit your camp and follow us. You and your lackeys will definitely grow stronger than you are now.” Zhang ShengLi replied, throwing shade at Wang Chao.

“This… well… uh… it is not my sole decision. You guys can watch the battle. I will take this opportunity to to go investigate the door lock.” Wang Chao bumbled for a bit before sneaking away to the building's large doorway.

Wang Chao’s camp was small, but as least he was in a leadership position. If he left to join another group then he would always be under someone else. A lackey, no doubt. On top of that, he didn't know the personality of Zhang ShengLi’s group. If he ended up as a manual laborer, it would be too late for regrets.

Zhang ShengLi casually mentioned it just to see if Wang Chao had that intention. Since he didn't, it was pointless to continue speaking on that topic. Instead, they shifted their focus on the battle taking place on the rooftop.

Liu Gan could easily keep pace with the mysterious guard, and made it look effortless. It was as if he was practicing set moves and defensive counters so he refrained from using his ability. Liu Gan was like a monkey, jumping back and forth while weaving left and right while dodging attacks.

It was uncertain when Yin He had left the ground to the rooftop, but she stood on the sideline waiting for Liu Gan’s order. Her duty was to step in whenever she felt like Liu Gan was in a precarious situation, or if she was ordered to do a task.

Frustrated from not being able to achieve any results, the mysterious guard realized he couldn't treat Liu Gan normally. He took two steps back, and then released a high pitch screech. Liu Gan felt a sharp pain in his head, and had a temporary shock to his consciousness upon hearing the high-pitched screech.

Liu Gan countered by using [Psychic Shock] on the mysterious guard since he felt something was wrong. The moment the mysterious guard stopped screeching, the pain in Liu Gan’s head stopped as well. To follow up, Liu Gan rushed forward with his fire axe aimed at the mysterious guard’s head.

Still dazed from the [Psychic Shock] attack, the mysterious guard only managed to barely avoid a fatal blow to the head. Liu Gan’s axe still wounded the mysterious guard severely on the shoulder.


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