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Chapter 247 - Father

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"If It Ain't Me" - Triana   Feel free to listen as you read! 

In times of danger and uncertainty, the ATV riders didn’t attempt anything foolish like trying to escape or rebel, nor did they go against Liu Gan’s wishes. Liu Gan rewarded each of them with the position of squad leader. Each squad leader had three regular team member assigned under them. Now, they could truly begin to enjoy the benefits of being in the group.

Even though this trip didn’t reap any benefits in terms of kills or loot, but under the threat of dying, they had all bonded and harmonized under Liu Gan’s lead. This was an unexpected bonus.

“Thank you for saving me, but I will still have to go search for my daughter. Although I am unable to repay everyone’s kindness right now, but I promise I will do so in the future!” The bearded man spoke to everyone when he had the chance.

The bearded man’s name was Lin, Lin Feng. After returning to the prison compound, he was able to thoroughly ask around for his daughter and her whereabouts, but sadly, no one had ever heard or seen her before.

[TL: Lin Feng matches the name of a famous chinese actor: Raymond Lam.]

The most critical factor… was what Lin ShiYa had worn the day of her disappearance; the other factors like whether her hair was long or short and her occupation wouldn’t be of any help. Even if others wanted to help him, it wasn’t exactly easy.

The reason behind this was over a year ago, Lin Feng had a problem with Lin ShiYa’s occupation. The two of them argued over it, and ultimately it resulted in Lin ShiYa moving out. She rented an apartment by herself after finding a stable job. The father and daughter pair met again at a relative’s banquet. However, both parties were too worried about face, so they refuse to initiate a talk with one another.

Then a week earlier, Lin Feng received news from the police that the apartment owner had filed a missing person report twenty days ago for his daughter. He needed to clear out her things from the apartment. The police’s primary lead was that she went into [The Trembling World]. The time of her disappearance, and game software loaded on the computer were the evidence needed for their conclusion.

Upon arriving at his daughter’s apartment complex, and going to the police station to confirm the computer hard drive, Lin Feng felt regret and anger. He felt anger at the fact that he didn’t take the initiative to talk to her. Now that she was forever gone, he wouldn’t have a chance ever again.

Now that he knew she was trapped in [The Trembling World], Lin Feng found it hard to eat and sleep. Life was bland, and everything seemed meaningless. Then he had an idea. He started by gathering all sorts of information. Then, he searched the black market for a hard drive containing [The Trembling World]. After several days of preparation, he went to his daughter's apartment complex, and proceeded to log into [The Trembling World] on the laptop using the hard drive.

After entering, he was transported to the coastal camp, where he met Liu Gan and his crew.

“Mr. Lin, how are you going to prepare to look for your daughter?” Treadmill asked, while catching up to Lin Feng at the entrance of the prison gate. Treadmill’s mouth was unfiltered, but he was easy to get along with. So these past two days, Treadmill got to know Lin Feng really well.

“I don’t know, but as long she is alive in this world I will search. Maybe she is in another survivor camp. I will search through every one until I find her.” Lin Feng declared.

“You haven’t been in this world long. You should stay until you reach level 5 before heading out to search. Otherwise, a level 1 newb like you will not survive for long.” Treadmill made the suggestion to Lin Feng. Even though it was the truth, Treadmill had to speak his mind because it was the harsh reality of life in this world.

“I can wait, but she can’t wait. What happens if in just these few days she encounters trouble? If I can find her a day earlier, then she will be safer one day sooner.” Lin Feng replied to Treadmill.

“How about this, since you don’t have any pictures of your daughter. Perhaps we can take a picture of you, so every team member will have a reference. This way, if they ever come across a female player that is around 20 years old, they can hold your picture and ask them. It is better than just having you wander around aimlessly.” Treadmill thought of another suggestion.

In the reserve depot, there were polaroid cameras. One of Treadmill’s favorite hobbies was to be a photographer. It was a good thing that Treadmill took one from storage, so he had one at hand.

“That would be wonderful, thank you.” Lin Feng graciously accepted the offer.

“Try to come back every ten or twenty days, otherwise even if we found your daughter, we would be unable to let you know!” Treadmill said after taking the picture.

“Yes, that is quite logical. I will do my best to return every twenty days.” Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng gave Treadmill a manly pat on the shoulder. In his mind, Lin Feng acknowledges Treadmill’s kind heart, but foul mouth.

“So Mr. Lin, when you head out make sure you protect yourself! Kill off the isolated zombies first. If you don’t have combat experience, don’t try to take on two zombies. You can easily kill them later after leveling up. Start off slow.” Treadmill giving a few more pointers to Lin Feng.

“Oh yeah, my daughter… She… She…” Lin Feng stuttering with an embarrassing expression.

“What?” Treadmill looked at Lin Feng curiously.

“I heard that, her occupation was that type…” Lin Feng hesitating.

“Prostitute?” Treadmill’s eyes widened.

“NO! Her job is something… called broadcast jockey. It is the type that you wear very little clothes in front of the computer screen. She would do entertaining things, and ask for others to donate to her… What an embarrassment to the family! It was for this reason that we argued. We haven’t seen each other for over a year.” Lin Feng sighed. Lin Feng felt that Treadmill was a nice person, so such truth shouldn’t be kept a secret between friends.

“Broadcast jockey? Broadcast jockey isn’t that big of a deal. Mr. Lin you are too sensitive. In today’s society, being a broadcast jockey is a very common occupation. Many younger males and females both do this. It is not embarrassing at all.” Treadmill corrected Lin Feng.

“Ah… Perhaps, it was me being too sensitive. I shouldn’t have scolded her so harshly. I’m not a good father…” Lin Feng shook his head. With this final exchange of words, Lin Feng departed from the prison compound.

“What a sad person.” Treadmill said to himself as he watched Lin Feng’s back fade in the distance. Inevitably, Treadmill thought of his own father.

After a short while of daydreaming, Treadmill shook away his feelings. Then, he walked over to every team member and handed a picture of Lin Feng with instructions to help him find his daughter.

Of course, he didn't forget to give Liu Gan a picture.

The first day of his return Liu Gan had rested at the prison compound for the whole day. In the several days that followed, he went with Yin He as a pair to the coastal camp to find the Kingler zombie. He didn't need to bring other team member along anymore. Perhaps it is due to his bad luck, but he didn't have a chance to meet Kingler.

That very night of Lin Feng’s departure, Liu Gan and Yin He returned. The communications room team let him know that there was good news awaiting him. A very surprising good news.

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