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Chapter 246 - Boulder

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

Therapist Huang Just got upgraded to Doctor Huang

“Doctor Huang, help us have another look.” Liu Gan told Huang WeiTao.        

“Okay.” Huang WeiTao could only walk over and try again. After trying again, he found that her body was able to slowly accept the [Treatment] ability. She could absorb the treatment into the body although it was quite uncomfortable for her.

Huang WeiTao maintained a steady supply of [Treatment] flowing into the middle schooler’s body. Accompanied with Zhang Hua’s chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, after two minutes of continuous rescue, suddenly she started to cough, and a weak heartbeat was restored.

When people heard the coughing, they all applauded. It could have been due to the fact that she clung onto dear life, or because of Zhang Hua’s effort, that she was able to live. Zhang Hua was so emotional, a 30 year old man, yet he started crying with tears flowing from his cheeks. It was the perfect setting, since in the complete darkness, no one would be able to tell.

Even though the middle schooler was able to feebly breathe, she hadn’t woken up yet. Zhang Hua placed her in his embrace. He used his own body’s warmth to heat up her nearly frozen body.

“Good thing this is within a game, if it were real life instead, she would have been a goner.” Huang WeiTao embarrassingly spoke to Zhang Hua. In the real world, Huang WeiTao was a medical school graduate, in his first year of internship. Even though he graduated from medical school, he incorrectly judged a savable person as dead.

“Thank you, Doctor Huang. If it weren’t for you, she surely wouldn’t have been able to be saved.” Zhang Hua said. Zhang Hua wasn’t going to put the blame on Huang WeiTao, in fact, he was very grateful for his assistance.

Huang WeiTao was able to save the middle schooler, which let Zhang Hua feel like he was able to save his own soul.


It was a long and trying night. If it weren’t for Huang WeiTao’s [Treatment] ability, many of the team members wouldn’t have been able to survive the night.

By morning, the thunderstorm was over, and the sea water had subsided. The team members all climbed out of the lighthouse onto solid ground. They looked around, breathing in the air as if they were reborn from the calamity.

Due to Zhang Hua’s determination and other people’s modest rejection, Huang WeiTao was able to purposely provide more care to the middle schooler. By morning, the middle schooler was awake, but her body was still weak. Zhang Hua had shielded her from the elements the whole night with his body.

The bearded man was very resilient, he was able to survive with minimal assistance from Huang WeiTao. Perhaps, it was his own sense of conviction that he must find his daughter, or it could’ve been that he was in the Special Forces when he was younger. Even though the bearded man had retired from the Special Forces, he didn’t stop training his body.  

Liu Gan’s ATV was missing. It could have drifted away with the waves. In addition, the two prison transport vehicles were also missing from their original locations, they were relocated a kilometer away. The shape of the vehicles were very deformed, and the tires were gone. Everything within the vehicle was gone, such as the food and fuel.

However, there was some good news...

Originally the path had been blocked by a large boulder, but it was pushed aside by the waves. Even though it was possible to navigate between the rocks by climbing, it would be very dangerous since it was still slippery.

The rest of the team members gathered crabs and urchins dispersed throughout the area to share with the group to eat. It was barely enough to replenish the energy that had been lost.

Because of the current situation, Liu Gan had lost his desire to continue searching for the Kingler zombie. He just wanted to escape from the entrapment, as he weaved through the rocks and climbed higher toward what looked like a promising way out.

By noon, everyone was exhausted. They arrived at another blockage caused by a gigantic boulder nearly eight meters high. They were unable to find a passage that navigates around it, nor were they able to directly climb over it.

Breakfast was light, and lunch was not an option; as they were exhausted and starving, these people were at their limit. Even if Liu Gan climbed up the boulder and tossed over a rope, they wouldn’t be able to gather enough strength to climb up.

As the team sat at the bottom of the boulder looking up hopelessly. A rumbling noise echoed in the distance. It raised several internal alarms that something was going on. Zhang ShengLi had led a dozen members from the prison compound, and appeared at the top of the giant boulder. He looked down and saw Liu Gan’s group. Zhang ShengLi unraveled a temporary rope ladder, and he carried food supplies down to feed the starving team members.

“Elder Liu, since you didn’t return last night and there was a severe thunderstorm last night, I guessed that you were stalled somewhere. We couldn’t come until the water subsided.” Zhang ShengLi explained to Liu Gan.

“You came at the perfect time. If you came too early, the water wouldn’t have had a chance to subside. If you hadn’t came, we would’ve starved to death. Did water reach the prison compound? Did the warehouse in the prison get flooded?” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi.

“It’s bearable. The water got around knee high at the prison compound. The warehouse in the prison has a high entranceway, in addition, we also used sandbags as extra layer of protection. There weren’t any problems with that. If there was any more water leaking in, we should’ve started moving the supplies upstairs.” Zhang ShengLi explaining his plan.

“How about the reserve warehouse underground?” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi.

“We communicated with the squad on that side and they said that the geographic location is elevated, and that the waterproofing for the warehouse was done very well. All the supplies are secure and dry. Don’t worry, Elder Liu.” said Zhang ShengLi.

“That’s reassuring.” Liu Gan nodded. Now that their group was so large, it was natural to worry about having food to feed everyone. Especially when food is so scarce. It was protocol for leading a large group to be able to feed them.

“Elder Liu did you ever find the advanced zombie?” Zhang ShengLi asked.

“No, just forget it. Let’s not mention it at all. This whole trip was such bad luck.” Liu Gan shook his head in disbelief.

Zhang ShengLi heard that from Liu Gan and didn’t bother to mention anything else. Naturally, he could just go back to the compound and ask Zhang Hua about what exactly happened.

Zhang Hua seemed to have picked up a treasure. In his arms, he kept holding onto a young loli. When Zhang ShengLi brought down the food, he saw Zhang Hua feeding the girl. Ah… Something strange must have taken place. It was for the best to ask for the details at a later time.


Everyone happily ate and rested for another half an hour. The starving members’ stamina and strength seemed to have recovered after resting. They were able to subsequently climb over the giant boulder. In the path ahead, there were no more boulders, just scattered rubble.


By late afternoon, around two or three, everyone was able to return to the parked car left behind by Zhang ShengLi. There were a few members guarding the two prison transport vehicles. Once everything and everyone was loaded up, they set off to the prison compound.

Liu Gan’s group boarded the vehicle and they all passed out. Some sat down and fell asleep, while others laid down on the seat. It was understandable why they were exhausted, so the team members gladly gave up their space for them to stretch out. That prior night was treacherous, and they almost lost their lives. They slept all the way back to the compound, and into the comfort of their own beds.

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