_>]“Can I ask you a question, have any of you seen my daughter?” The bearded man opened his mouth to ask everyone.“What does your daughter look like? What’s her name? ">
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Chapter 243 - Jinx

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

"Made It Work" - Genius

[TL: More lovely stuff here… The gift that keeps on giving >_>]

“Can I ask you a question, have any of you seen my daughter?” The bearded man opened his mouth to ask everyone.

“What does your daughter look like? What’s her name? Do you have a photo of her? If not, who would know if they have seen her before or not?” Yuan HongJun barraged the bearded man with questions.

“My daughter is Lin, Lin ShiYa. She looks bright and beautiful. When I entered the game, I brought along many things with me, including her photo. After entering, all the things I brought disappeared.” The bearded man had an upset expression.

“This name… I don’t recall hearing it before. Many female players are unwilling to reveal their real names. We may have seen her, but didn’t know it was her. However, you will need to prepare your mind. This world is already at its end; it has lost any law and order. The female players were very miserable after entering, they were all practically grabbed as sex slaves. They were f*cked by male players every day. The more beautiful they were, the more they were f*cked…” Treadmill replied to the bearded man.

“Can you pay more attention to what you’re saying?” Liu Hao couldn’t listen to it anymore.

The bearded man also stared at Treadmill, his expression somewhat pained. He had just entered [The Trembling World], and didn’t really understand the situation here. However, if there was no law and order, it was obvious what would happen to his beautiful daughter trapped here.

“If your daughter is in our camp, then it’s not so bad. Elder Liu pays attention to gender equality, and has never allowed the males to bully the females, or allow them to be used as sex slaves. He has saved several female players that were previously bullied.” Treadmill felt that the words he had said weren’t very appropriate, so he immediately added in more encouraging lines.

“Where is your camp? Can you bring me there to have a look?” The bearded man once again had hope on his face.

“Even if we wanted to, the stones that fell from the top of the cliffs have blocked the road. We are currently trapped here, and can’t return. Also, it’s uncertain if we will live through the night.” Treadmill shook his head.

“What happened?” The bearded man and college student asked Treadmill together.

“Are you guys currently level 1? We’re level 5, and Elder Liu could be level 7. However, on this beach there is a Kingler advanced zombie who can only be challenged by the strength of a level 10 player. It is a huge crab as tall as a one-story house that can clip you in two with its pincer! It likes catching humans to eat like dim sum the most. Dozens of our comrades have been eaten up. The moment it appears, you all will piss in your pants.” Treadmill spread his hands towards the pair.

“Can you possibly stop speaking such nonsense? If you start spewing bullsh*t, who are you trying to lie to?” Liu Hao and Yuan HongJun both kicked Treadmill’s butt. The three of them had originally joined the coastal camp together. Their relationship with each other wasn’t bad, but the two of them disliked Treadmill’s loose mouth.

“The place you were at when you entered the game, was it the exact same place as when your daughter had originally entered the game?” Liu Gan stopped the fighting between the three of them, and asked the bearded man.

“Yes.” The bearded man nodded.

“It seems that… It varies with different times, even if you were to enter the game from the same place in the real world, it wouldn’t necessarily send you to the same place in the game.” Liu Gan had a thoughtful expression.

“Oh right, did you guys not have a starter weapon when you entered?” Liu Hao asked the bearded man and college student.

“Starter weapon? There’s a starter weapon?” The college student had a somewhat confused expression.

“Apparently those of you who enter afterwards are even worse off than us. Besides the clothing you wear, nothing can be brought in, and the starter weapons have been cancelled. This game is becoming more and more immoral! Simply bullying the new people.” Liu Hao frowned.

“We each started with a club, but we didn’t necessarily become stronger by equipping it. If it wasn’t for my smart mind leading you both through hardships, then how would you two cheap people live until now?” Treadmill found a chance to return the favor to Liu Hao without delay.

“Your brain, which could come up with using treadmills to deal with besieging zombies, I truly respect and prostrate in admiration!” Liu Hao ridiculed Treadmill.

“Yes. Truly gifted. Your IQ is unrivaled, and has reached the absolute pinnacle of idiocy.” Yuan HongJun also sarcastically told Treadmill.

“What was bad about my idea? It was treadmills that I used to sell, it’s just that not that many treadmills can be installed here. Besides, didn’t Elder Liu come up with the idea of round logs to defend against the zombies based on my idea? Throughout the journey to here, Elder Liu even especially sat on my ATV, and consulted me about various matters about the coastal camp. Elder Liu recognizes talent. You two cheapos are jealous! You have dark minds and evil hearts!” Treadmill sent a look of disdain to his two terrible friends.

“You… Elder Liu wasn’t asking for your advice… Wasn’t he interrogating you?” Liu Hao and Yuan HongJun had dumbfounded expressions.

“All of you Big Brothers, did you also arrive here when you opened and entered the game?” The college student finally found a chance to ask everyone a question.

“Yes! When we opened the game and entered, we were the first unlucky batch of the game.” Liu Hao shook his head gloomily.

“How can the weather here be so terrible? And so cold…” The college student continued to speak, his body was completely soaked from the rain, and he was so cold that his body would incessantly shiver.

“This is considered terrible? This is just a light rain. When you experience tornadoes that send vehicles and zombies up into the air, then you’ll know what is truly terrible! It may still flood, or maybe there might be earthquakes today!” Treadmill replied to the college student. Even though he hadn’t personally experienced everything he spoke of, during the past few days, he had often heard descriptions from the original members in the camp.

“Can you stop trying to jinx it?” Liu Hao once again couldn’t help but have the urge to hit Treadmill.

“How am I jinxing it? Don’t tell me that my words weren’t true?” Treadmill couldn’t accept it.


A muffled noise was suddenly heard from outside, continuing for a while. Meanwhile the floor of the building that everyone was in shook violently. The walls and ceiling cracked with bits of cement and dirt falling down. Quite a few people were unsteady, and almost fell down onto the ground.

“You jinxed it! Truly wretched!” Liu Hao didn’t know how he should curse Treadmill.

“What jinx? The Kingler coming!” Treadmill replied to Liu Hao in a panicked voice .

Liu Gan and Yin He immediately rushed out of the building, quickly heading towards the source of sound.

The room turned deathly silent. The flashlights and other things in the team member’s hands were all switched off upon Zhang Hua’s urging. Dread was written across all of their faces.

“It seems that this time it’s not the Kingler that’s coming. The sounds were even louder than what the Kingler usually made….” Treadmill thought and felt that something was off, as he muttered to himself lowly.

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