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Chapter 239 - Broken Rocks

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

"American Lover" - Bribaebee

The day passed by excruciatingly slowly in torment while they were filled with fear. However, the time still eventually reached five in the afternoon. The sky turned somewhat gloomy, and it seemed as if it would start to rain soon. Also, the sea waves were reaching higher, wave after wave, which should be caused by a strong wind on the sea.

“Very well, we will wrap up here for today.” Liu Gan had searched for a day, but had not found anything. When he saw the darkening sky, he prepared to return to the prison camp.

“We can finally leave.” The other team members’ expressions all looked as if they had been pardoned from death row, and they were so emotionally moved that they nearly wept.

There was nothing more frightening than the constant threat to their lives, and the threat of dying tragically was even more frightening. Furthermore the most dreadful part was not knowing when the danger would descend upon them, and whether or not it would descend upon themselves. Being continuously filled with fear like this was very tiring for them.

Everyone got into their respectives vehicles to follow the road back to the prison camp. However just when the fleet were on the verge of arriving at the long and narrow exit zone, a muffled ‘boom’ sound suddenly came from the top of the cliff as if something had blown up. Afterwards, several of the boulders on the summit of the cliff broke off, and one after another, they smashed down a hundred or so meters in front of the fleet within the long and narrow area.

Some of the large, broken rocks in the cliff basin rebounded up off the ground. They bounced into the vicinity of the vehicle fleet. If one of the vehicles were to be hit by one of these large rocks, then they would definitely be destroyed on the spot.

Liu Gan called for the fleet to stop. He had a feeling that something was amiss, and once again led the fleet to retreat back towards the fishing village. It was just at this moment that several more booming sounds of explosions came from the summit of the cliff. Even more boulders crashed down from the top of the cliff, and completely sealed off the half-kilometer-wide long and narrow entrance area.

Even more fragmented rocks swiftly bounced and crashed down towards the fleet. Fortunately Liu Gan had promptly retreated in order to prevent the fleet from incurring damage as they evacuated into the safe zone in time. Within these rumbling sounds of toppling over, Liu Gan seemingly heard sounds that were similar to a helicopter, or something reminiscent of mechanical aviation. Yet, when he looked among the sky, he could not see anything, as the cliff sheltered it from view.

“Can the Kingler also fly? Can it shoot missiles?” Liu Gan drove the ATV to quickly escape while asking Treadmill, who was sitting in the back seat.

“It can’t, it has never been seen flying. It also has never been seen shooting missiles.” Treadmill shook his head.

“What’s happening on the hilltop? Have you ever come across this kind of situation before?” Liu Gan proceeded to ask Treadmill.

“No. We have never come across this kind of situation.” Treadmill had a puzzled expression.

The explosions occurred roughly five or six times before halting. No more explosions were heard, and no more boulders crashed down from the summit of the cliff. However, the road to return to the prison camp was completely sealed off by the boulders that fell down. There were scattered rocks of all sizes everywhere.

“We are trapped here!” The six naturalized players saw the distant road had been sealed off, and all of their faces showed looks of alarm and despair.

Zhang Hua’s expression also seemed to look nervous. Coming here to carry out this mission was gambling with their lives! A moment ago they had heard Elder Liu say that they could go back, and they finally could relax and breathe a little easier. How unfortunate, truly unfortunate, that the road back would be sealed forever.

What was the matter with the explosions that occurred just now? Was it possible for someone to lie in wait at the top of the cliff to deliberately block them inside? Furthermore they were able to detonate explosives at the summit of the cliff to break off large boulders. Could players and survivors even achieve this?

Being trapped here unable to immediately return was only a small matter. However, if the Kingler were to come out from the ocean, wouldn’t they only be able to helplessly await their deaths? Was escape an impossible choice? Even though it wasn’t a provocative attack. Kingler only eats one person at a time, although no one knows whether this is true or not. Would anyone be willing to be sacrificed in such a tragic manner on the spot?

If they were to continue being trapped and unable to leave, then even if Kingler were to only eat one dim sum a day, sooner or later it would be their own heads that would be eaten. The boulders on the hilltop were timed too precisely. Coincidentally this time the exit was sealed off, just their awful luck.

“Has Kingler come ashore during the evening before?” Liu Gan asked Treadmill.

“It seems to appear during the evening most of the time; it only appeared twice during the daytime.” Treadmill had a gloomy expression. Originally he didn’t want to tell Liu Gan this information so that he wouldn’t force them to help him search for Kingler here throughout the night. However, right now it didn’t matter if he told Liu Gan or not since they couldn’t leave anyway.

“Elder Liu, what should we do now?” Zhang Hua asked Liu Gan.

“Have supper, then find a place to rest and recuperate. There may be a fight during the night. If nothing happens during the night, then tomorrow at dawn I will find a way to lead you all out of here.” Liu Gan replied to Zhang Hua with a few sentences.

Running into this situation was outside of Liu Gan’s plans. He originally came here to feel out Kingler’s strength for himself, and to feel how large the difference in strength was between the two of them. If there was truly no possibility of him defeating it, then he would have to flee. But with the current situation, if the Kingler truly appeared, he feared that he would have to engage in a fight of life-or-death.

A fire wasn’t lit for supper under the suggestion of the group, and so they had to put up with having cold spring water, and eating cold food for their meal. Although the Kingler previously wasn’t attracted ashore by the fire, the current situation caused the team members to be even more worried, so they would rather just eat a meal of cold food.

“There was a female crab who, upon seeing a male crab walking vertically instead of sideways, fell in love with this unconventional male crab as a result, and married it that day. However, after the wedding night the male crab started walking sideways. The female crab was puzzled by it, and asked it why it no longer walked vertically. Do you know why?” Treadmill was bored and told a joke.

“It was because the male crab was drunk before so it walked vertically… Isn’t this joke too old and cold?” Yuan HongJun replied to Treadmill with a bored look.

“No, it changed to walk vertically the day they met. After it married the female crab, it returned to normal the next day.” Treadmill burst into laughter.

No one else laughed. This joke was clearly the same as the last time at the meeting when he had suggested zombie treadmills, it wasn’t the least bit funny.

Once night fell everyone found a room in the the fishing village to stay for the night. With the others’ interference, Treadmill stopped being noisy as everyone strove to maintain quiet. They lay down on the large, temporary, makeshift beds. Each person thinking about their own worries.

They didn’t make a fire, light a candle, nor create any light. They didn’t even make any unnecessary noise because no one knew when the Kingler would come ashore. They didn’t know when danger would descend upon them, or the which direction it would come from.

When it became dark, rain started to fall outside, and it quickly turned into a thunderstorm. The deafening sounds and downpour of rain masked all the activity around them. Even if danger were to descend, the team members wouldn’t be able to know in advance.

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