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Chapter 234 - Considering The Benefits

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“What, you still aren’t done charging?” asked Zhang ShengLi, since he had noticed Liu Gan always sitting at the highest point of the rooftop all the time. Next to Liu Gan would be the solar panel for the PDA, which never turned on. Zhang ShengLi could guess that the PDA held significant meaning to Liu Gan.

“Nope, the solar panel is too small and the operating power of the PDA is very high. Even if the sunlight could generate electricity, the intensity of the solar rays are too weak. Even after charging for so many days, it hasn’t been enough to turn on the PDA.” Liu Gan shook his head.

“Why not try another source of electrical input? There are quite a few individuals that we annexed who understands electronics.” Zhang ShengLi suggested.

“I had them look at it, but they all agreed that this PDA is structurally firm, and the electric circuit designs are also quite complex. To make things even more complicated, there were protections added to it that prevents others from easily opening it up, such as the absence of markings or indicators. To the naked eye, without any sort of instructions, no one would dare to experiment on the PDA since it is highly possible to fry the microchip.” Liu Gan shook his head.

“Does it contain a lot of important information?” Zhang ShengLi curiously asked.

“Yeah, it was obtained from a San Xing Corporation personnel. It is closely connected with whether or not it is possible to transfer back to the real world.” Liu Gan looked at the direction of Green Pao Bay. If he continued to charge the PDA in this manner, the PDA wouldn’t be able to power on until they reach the Main Island Laboratory.

“In that case, then let's not mess with it.” Zhang ShengLi replied after hearing how important the device is.

“For you to come up to find me, is something wrong?” Liu Gan asked.

“Oh, it's just something that relates to the prison compound’s design. I wanted to start an open discussion. A gathering place of all possible thoughts to stimulate the team members to think about things. I just wanted to ask you to come and listen in on it. Do you happen to have free time?” Zhang Sheng Li asked Liu Gan.

Zhang ShengLi had realized by now that his own way of thinking is very limited when compared to Liu Gan’s. With a group-wide discussion, it was for the best that Liu Gan take the lead. This way, Zhang ShengLi wouldn't feel as much pressure when trying to organize it.

“Yes I have time.” Liu Gan stood up, and grabbed the PDA to store it.

After the huge corpse tide fight, Zhang ShengLi felt that simply passively keeping guard on the walls didn't have much significant purpose. On the other hand, proactively digging trenches would require too much human labor. If the trenches were dug too shallow or too narrow, it wouldn't work either, so it was best to give up that idea.

As a constructive member of the team, Zhang ShengLi decided to open up this discussion to brainstorm different ideas. The topic would be how to strengthen the fortifications of the compound. Even the slaves were eligible to participate in the discussion, as a way of generating a sense of belonging, to help facilitate their change of heart.

“I feel that Brother Zhang ShengLi’s original idea wasn't bad at all. Let's dig those trenches! Every day we dig a little. Eventually we will dig a deep enough trench that the zombies wouldn’t be able to climb out of. Then we can just pour oil into the trenches to burn. This way even the most formidable corpse tide would be burned away.” Zhang Hua said his idea out loud.

“Let's not talk about that for now. Let's try to think about something simpler, yet just as effective.” Zhang ShengLi waved his hand.

“Then let's build the compound wall a little taller? Otherwise, we could also build another set of walls around the exterior. With two walls it would definitely be better than one wall.” Han GuangMing suggested.

“That would be rather difficult without the oversight from an architect. The project would also require a lot of materials, and it wouldn't be any less strenuous than the trench project.” Zhang ShengLi thought about it, and then gave his feedback.

“What about digging a tunnel? We can dig a tunnel that leads several kilometers away from the compound. For instance, we can dig a path to the underground reserves. So even if we were surrounded by corpse tide, we have a way to slip away. When there is no zombies left in the compound, then we can return by the tunnel.” Martial Thunder suggested.  

“This idea isn't too shabby, and is worth considering further. Nevertheless, this project is still quite big.” Zhang ShengLi nodded.

“I have a good idea, but I don't know if I should say it…” said one of the newly annexed team members with the surname Blue.

“Speak your mind.” Zhang ShengLi encouraged the new member.

“Then… we could construct a treadmill on the ground that surrounds the prison.[a] This way the zombies would just constantly return to their original location, and never reach the wall. They wouldn’t be able to climb up no matter what.” The new team member hesitantly spoke the plans.

[ED: Meme]

A sea of dead silence.

“This… idea… isn't that bad, but it isn't really realistic to implement… plus we don't have that many treadmills… so everyone let's continue thinking more ideas.” Zhang ShengLi wasn't too sure if he wanted to encourage the new team member to stimulate others to chime in and participate.

“I have a suggestion. You guys can think about it.” Liu Gan finally opened his mouth after a long period of silence when no one else spoke up.

“Elder Liu, please tell us your thoughts!” Zhang ShengLi was surprised. If it was Liu Gan, then his suggestions are definitely feasible and useful.

“The other day when I was wandering nearby the west side of the prison, there was a thick patch of forest. The trees in the forest were very sturdy. If we can form a group to chop down some of these trees, then we can sharpen the wood into spikes, and use them to surround the prison. With these sharp spikes encircling the compound, the zombies would definitely impale themselves into the spikes like kebabs. This way, we can limit the amount that reaches the walls.”

“Aside from the wooden spikes on the exterior surroundings, we can place rounded logs on the ground. When it is snowy, and the ground is slippery, even if the zombie corpse tides managed to get through the spikes, when they charge full speed onto the logs they will easily slip. The logic is the same as that member’s treadmill concept, but simpler to execute. This is to prevent a zombie ladder from being created too easily.

“Another set of wood logs can be soaked in gasoline, so they can be ignited later on. In between the wooden spikes and the high wall would be a sea of flames. That way even a 20,000 strong corpse tide wouldn’t pose a threat to us. This is what I can think of for now. I’m just speculating, so it might not be that feasible to carry out. You guys can discuss later on, whether or not this is possible.” Liu Gan concluded.

“Elder Liu, what a wonderful idea! Your way of thinking exceeds ours by miles! We can’t even catch up to you!”

“Yes! That is a good idea! Let’s just do what he suggests!”

“Elder Liu so wise. There’s nothing he’s unaware of, and there’s nothing he can’t solve…”

“Elder Liu is definitely the reincarnation of Zhuge Liang!”

[TL: Zhuge Liang, is the strategist from 3 kingdoms.]

“Elder Liu, I love you!”

“Elder Liu, you are my idol, keke…”

Hearing all these words of praise and flattery, there were quite a handful of female team members who had infatuated expressions. From that point on, Liu Gan decided not to participate in these types of discussions. Originally, it was supposed to be a gathering place for different ideas, but instead it became his own lecture hall.

For these types of constructive internal affairs, it was best left for Zhang ShengLi and the others to continue the discussion without him. Liu Gan still couldn’t see how his casual suggestion was that impressive. He only gave a suggestion in order for them to start up the conversation.

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