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Chapter 232 - Great Truth

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

"Truck" - Jay Newton

“Naturally it’s to have all of you serve as slaves in our camp! If you obediently follow my lead and cooperate well with the others, then I will reward you with mouthfuls of food to eat! In the future individuals who have been properly reformed through labor with a record of good behavior will have the chance to be accepted into our group. If you don’t cooperate nicely, then don’t blame me for being rude!” Liu Gan took out the axe on his back, and heavily tapped the ground.

“Hahahahaha… You think you are very funny? In the apocalypse everyone is only trying to survive. Fighting over camps is very typical. If it isn’t your death, it would be my death. You claimed that our brothers were caught to serve as your slaves, but are they really alive? There’s no point in believing your empty words without any proof. Why should we believe in what you have said? Also, with just the two of you, you want to come over and grab so many of us as slaves. Don’t you think it’s laughable?” The windbreaker-player laughed heartily, and the others immediately started laughing alongside him.

“They really came without backup. The factory entrance has already been closed.” A male walked to the side of the windbreaker-player and whispered to him.

“Maybe you both can stay here to be our slaves instead!” After the windbreaker-player heard the information from the lackey by his side, his mind couldn’t help but steel with determination. Two sets of claws abruptly appeared followed by countless beams of light, as his body drew the same shape as a hunting panther while the windbreaker-player charged over towards Liu Gan.

The current distance between the windbreaker-player and Liu Gan was only around three meters, which just so happened to be within the attack range of the windbreaker-player’s active ability: [Panther Claw].

Liu Gan still had an assault rifle slung on his back, yet he didn’t intend on using it to bring the windbreaker-player down. Instead, he grabbed the shaft of his axe to swing it in a roundabout way. The windbreaker-player’s plan was to take advantage of the sudden attack in order to heavily injure the opponent, but the plan was foiled, and he had lost the initiative.

Yet only the windbreaker-player thought that he had caught his opponent off guard. Just when he thought victory was within his grasp, he felt a momentary pain inside his mind, and his consciousness also appeared to be in a daze. The [Panther Claw] ability he had just unleashed was suddenly disrupted.

By the time Liu Gan had used [Psychic Shock], he had already raised the axe in his hands up high to swing it down towards the windbreaker-player’s neck. However, when the edge of the axe’s blade came in contact with the windbreaker-player’s body, it was just like hitting a metal-plated shield, as a strange ‘ding’ sound was produced.

At the same time, a dazzling blue light had burst out from the windbreaker-player’s side, and after that he seemed to have recovered from [Psychic Shock]’s daze.

The windbreaker-player looked towards Liu Gan in a bewildered manner. He had simply not fully understood what had happened just now, and was suddenly confronted with Liu Gan’s axe afterwards.

Liu Gan had faintly wrinkled his brows as he recalled the previously obtained information from the captives he had seized. He already knew that the boss of their camp was a level 6 player, and that he had an ability called [Panther Claw]. The appearance and height were also identical with the windbreaker-player in front of him. However, when he had chopped towards the windbreaker-player with his axe something unexpected happened. It felt like it was just like chopping against something similar to his own [Mist Armor]!

In addition, what was this dazzling blue light that had appeared from his body? Could it be that the windbreaker-player had some sort of fortuitous encounter which allowed him to awaken two different abilities just like himself?

Liu Gan’s lack of clarity on what kind of condition the windbreaker-player was just in was also unsurprising. The [Trembling World]’s rules were never publicly revealed to the players, so everything could only be slowly felt out.

In the [Trembling World] once players were promoted to level 5, then they would awaken an ability. After players hit level 6, the outside of their bodies would produce a basic defense similar to [Mist Armor]. The following levels gained afterwards would cause their version of [Mist Armor] to become thicker and thicker. This also applied to the local survivors as well. The local survivors would experience changes at different stages. When their strength became equivalent to a level 6 player, this kind of basic [Mist Armor] defense would also appear outside of their bodies.

However, when this kind of basic defensive [Mist Armor] was compared with Liu Gan’s awakened ability [Mist Armor], it was actually very weak. The thickness of it was not even one tenth of the [Mist Armor] on Liu Gan’s body. Therefore when the windbreaker-player suffered another axe attack from Liu Gan, the [Basic Mist Armor] outside of his body was immediately dispersed. The dazzling blue light was precisely a distinctive phenomenon which would appear just before the [Basic Mist Armor] was about to break.

“Come on! Kill him!” The windbreaker-player’s heart was currently incomparably frightened. When he had received the shock to his mind before, and his [Mist Armor] defense had been cut down by his opponent’s axe his courage had waned. He had already begun to consider using the other players to surround Liu Gan, and then seize the opportunity to escape.

“You level 5 scums! Whoever comes forth will die!” Liu Gan aggressively roared loudly as he brandished his axe to chase after the windbreaker-player and kill him.

The other people beside the windbreaker-player were watching the fight between him and Liu Gan the whole time. They all had witnessed that their boss, the level 6 windbreaker-player, was simply no match for Liu Gan. They also felt that Liu Gan’s aggressive words of ‘whoever comes forth will die’ was not at all a threat, but rather that it was a very real truth.

As a result, the windbreaker-player’s attempt to call forth the surrounding players to encircle Liu Gan, so that he could escape, was in vain. There was no fool who would dare to participate in a life or death fight between two level 6 players. Their roles would have had no effect at all, not even as cannon fodder.

The windbreaker-player had no alternative but to force himself to take off the Coiled Dragon Staff from his back; it consisted of three conjoined rods that stretched a little over a meter long. He used it to block Liu Gan’s incomparably powerful fire axe that came chopping down. However, in the following moment his lower abdomen had suffered a heavy kick. His whole body immediately flew up by the kick, and he knocked against the wall of the factory behind him. Several cracks appeared on the wall from where he had impacted it. His body slid down the wall onto the floor due to the overwhelming force.

“Elder spare me! Don’t strike again! I wish to accept the terms of being your slave and surrender!” The windbreaker-player’s whole body shook as he lay prostrate towards Liu Gan while pleading. He deeply suspected that his current opponent’s level was not level 6, rather it should level 7 or even higher. Otherwise, how else could someone of the same level beat him without him being able to retaliate with any force?

“You think it’s that easy to get off the hook? Who was it that joked around before?” Liu Gan raised and lowered his axe, instantly beheading the windbreaker-player on the spot. Then he lifted his head that was still dripping with blood, and walked to the center of the factory.

The subordinate team members of the windbreaker-player trembled with fear after they saw that sight. Just as they were preparing to scatter in all directions to escape, Liu Gan had actually gotten his assault rifle, and a few shots rang out in the air. The loud gunshots immediately scared everyone into stopping their steps where they were, and they didn’t dare to make any random moves.

“I will immediately kill whoever dares to try escaping! Everyone come here and kneel before me! Apart from your chief, anyone else who surrenders will not be killed!” Liu Gan loudly shouted at his surroundings.

After all, players who had increased their level would have amplified body strength, speed, vision and hearing. The quality of their bodies would be increased overall, which allowed higher level players to release a very loud shout. It would generate a sound wave which exceeded a normal person’s shout in ferocity by several times.

This effect was made apparent just like when Liu Gan had previously roared, and the players and survivors present had heard it. Some of the higher level player’s eardrums were shaken into creating a buzzing sound. As for the lower levels, the howling sound was just like it was vibrating within their hearts, and with the rise in heart rate because of a wild heartbeat, it caused their bodies to begin to weaken.

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