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Chapter 231 - Negotiations

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“Thank You Elder Liu for not blaming me, but I still feel responsible for the outcome. I am unable to forgive myself.” Zhang ShengLi shook his head, and looked very demoralized.

“Okay, if it makes you feel better then I will temporarily remove your position as vice leader, due to your mistakes I will suspend it for two days. Within this time, use it to reflect upon your actions.” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi. Liu Gan knew that Zhang ShengLi was the type of person that would have a huge inner guilt built up if he wasn't properly punished.

“Good! I feel like the current me, doesn't deserve to have the responsibility of a vice leader. I will work my way back up to prove to you and myself through hard work.” Zhang ShengLi accepted the terms of the punishment, and felt a lot better about himself.

“ShengLi, the three riders are level 5 players. I guaranteed their safety when they surrendered. I will force them to reveal their abilities, but for now arrange for someone to keep watch on them. They will be slaves to do our bidding, especially all the hard labor. This way they can repay all the troubles they have caused us.” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi.

“Okay, since Elder Liu has ordered it, I won't kill them, but I will make sure you slaves pay through labor.” Zhang ShengLi walked over, and kicked the three riders. These were the same riders that kept laughing and taunting Zhang ShengLi earlier. It infuriated Zhang ShengLi to the point that just killing them would be considered an easy way out.

On top of that, the prison compound really needed to replenish its human personnel, so it was a risky move, trusting these riders. Due to the earlier conflicts between the two base camps, the ATV riders were only following orders, which was understandable. Now that the riders had surrendered, they will be kept under watchful eye.

Previously Liu Gan had made sure that his own group were treated equally and fairly, so only the three newly annexed ATV riders had slave status. Only members can obtain the rights of being treated fairly. The duty of the three ATV rider slaves were to do things that regular members wouldn't want to do. If the slaves maintained their good record, then they could obtain their freedom and become a member. Otherwise, only death awaited those individuals with a bad record.

The lawful world is a thing of the past. In the current apocalyptic world, reviving slavery was the only viable solution for dealing with prisoners of war. There will be many fights that will break out in the future, so more prisoners can be expected. However, with Liu Gan’s rules, even slaves could become a member of their society through hard work.

Liu Gan forcefully pressured the riders into revealing their abilities one by one. Obediently, the riders demonstrated by showing it directly. One was a [Hawkeye] ability with the crossbow, it enabled the user to shoot the arrow with twice the force from within 20 to 50 meters. With this ability, this person had used his ability to assassinate the previous evildoers. Perhaps with a firearm and the activation of the ability, it could enhance the firepower of the gun. However, the rider never had the chance to get his hands on a gun to try.

Another rider activated their ability; it was a [Shield Bash] ability, which would violently slam the user forward towards the target. It was a power that could be considered as an unstoppable force when wielding a shield, or something which resembled a shield. When activated, the ability of the force could break through a wall of cement. Finally, the last rider had awoken an ability that was similar to Lee Miao’s [Treatment], this ability could heal himself, and a nearby companion’s wounds.

These level 5 players were still considered dangerous, and required a specific imprisoning method for each rider. Zhang ShengLi drew up different plans for each of them. The [Hawkeye] and [Shield Bash] ability players were bound at their legs and hands. This was to prevent them from plotting anything, and doing any harm to other team members. As for the [Treatment] player, he would be escorted by two level 5 team members to aid with Lee Miao, and treat the injured team members.

“Tell me the specifics for the location of your base camp, your leader’s ability and level, as well as the level and ability of the others. This is your chance to demonstrate your loyalty, so don’t disappoint me.” Liu Gan interrogated the riders separately, while Wang DeCheng recorded it all on paper.

After combining the three interrogation notes together, the answers were relatively the same. Seems like the three riders hadn’t been lying.

Liu Gan ordered to have the ATVs filled with gasoline, then he put on a helmet along with equipping a shield. With Yin He seated behind him, Liu Gan in the drove in the direction of the enemy base.

Located at outskirts of the city was an abandoned factory, which served as the enemy base. The moment Liu Gan and Yin He arrived at entrance of the factory, the gatekeepers opened the gate without suspecting a thing. Of course, the Liu-He pair entered without saying a word. They walked toward the center of camp. Even if the gate wasn’t opened for Liu Gan and Yin He, it wasn’t a large gate that would’ve stopped the duo. The surrounding walls were also very short, so it wasn’t a well defensible position.

Within the base, there were people doing various activities like cooking and cleaning. As a few players rolled Liu Gan’s ATV to the rear of the factory for maintenance, a few dozen people came over to greet the newcomers. These dozens of people were wondering about whether or not the zombie-luring operation was successful. With only two people returning, to them, it seemed as if the operation was a failure. The operation heavily relied on it being a success, so that the prison compound can be their new camp.

As of right now, this base doesn’t have enough food in storage, even with ration control they would only last two to three more days. They were really desperate to capture the prison compound, that way they can continue to survive in this world.

“What are the conditions like? Did you finish off that group?” A male player wearing a windbreaker asked as he walked toward Liu Gan, who still had his helmet on the whole time.

After he finished asking his question, the male player with the windbreaker felt that something was odd. He didn’t quite recognize the physiques of the two individuals that had entered the base.

“Finish them off? Your mouth stinks, like your intestines exit from your mouth.” Liu Gan replied as he took off the helmet.

[TL: aka “you are full of shit”.]

“Who are you! What have you done with our members?” The player wearing the windbreaker asked Liu Gan.

“I am the prison compound’s leader. I was out scouting today, and I sabotaged your attempt to try to lure zombies into my base. It was a futile attempt for your men, who tried to lure the zombies. Two were killed by me, and the other three have been captured alive to be my slaves.” Liu Gan replied to the windbreaker-player.

“So what is it that you aim to achieve by coming here?” The windbreaker-player asked in an alerted manner. The windbreaker-player was trying to reveal the purpose of this uninvited visit to the base by only two players with no backup.

“Negotiating the terms so all of you can become my slaves.” Liu Gan announced.

“What? That’s absurd! What do you mean by being slave?”The windbreaker-player asked, as he didn’t quite understand Liu Gan’s terms.

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