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Chapter 230 - Two Choices

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

"Truck" by Jay Newton!  Cause the Advanced Zombie hits like a truck.

Even though Liu Gan and Yin He hadn't practiced the technique of luring zombies like these three players had; Liu Gan had the advantage of being a higher level, and Yin He also had the advantage of machine-like precision. It was because of this that the Liu-Yin duo were able to coordinate appropriately with the three players without much of a problem after they listened to it...

“Elder, when we get close to the prison, can you notify them first, so they won’t fire at us. Without our gear, if we ate even one stray bullet, we would die.” Said one of the ATV riders to Liu Gan.

“Don’t worry, as long as you are honest in your intentions, no harm will come to you.” Liu Gan nodded to their request.

These ATV riders knew that Liu Gan wasn’t the type to mess around, and they definitely didn’t want to be target practice for Yin He, or become a limbless human stick. The three ATV riders decided they wouldn’t dare try any foul play. After discussing the plan with Liu-Yin duo, the ATV riders drove back toward the prison compound.

As the prison compound came into view, Yin He ran ahead first. Since these zombies weren’t attracted to her, once she got close enough she threw a rock with a note attached over the high wall.

When the guard on the wall received the note, they handed it over to Zhang ShengLi. It said that the ATV riders will lead the zombies away, and said not to shoot at them. Zhang ShengLi used the scope on the rifle to confirm that the ATV riders were practically nude with a white shirt in hand symbolizing their surrender. These ATV riders didn’t even have shields or their helmets on anymore! Alongside them, was Liu Gan waving towards the wall.

Immediately, Zhang ShengLi called for all the gunners to stop shooting at the ATV riders, then waved at Liu Gan to represent that he had understood the message. As the Liu-Yin pair along with the three ATV riders assembled their formation, they revved their engines and the loud rumbling sound drew the attention of some zombies away from the wall.

The ATV riders under Liu Gan and Yin He’s watchful eye, led the zombies toward the direction of the plains, then returned back to the prison. After around four trips, a majority of the zombies that hadn’t been burned were all led back to the plains. The only remaining zombies were the ones very close to the prison wall; they numbered only several hundred remaining.

With the threat of zombies climbing over the wall diminishing, the pressure on Zhang ShengLi and others within the prison compound decreased. Even though the distance from the prison to the plains isn’t that far away. As long as no one purposely led the zombies again, then it is rather safe even if only temporarily.

“Please Elder! Give us mercy! If we enter into the prison, they won’t let us live!” said the three ATV riders after they finished their mission. The three riders got off the ATVs, and began begging Yin He and Liu Gan.

To cause this devastating disaster upon Zhang ShengLi and others within the prison, even if the riders got on their knees and kowtowed with their foreheads on the ground, it was futile. They could imagine the worst case scenario of what might happen once they were inside the prison.

“Do you think I am that kind a person? Get on your knees.” Liu Gan ordered the three riders.

Obediently, the three riders got on their knees while begging for forgiveness, and promising loyalty towards him.

“Right now, I will give you two choices. First choice is to become a human stick after my members chop off your limbs to relieve their anger. The second choice is to become my slave. Based on your work and actions, if you have a good record then I will consider annexing you into my team. I will forgive your actions that you have committed today. Once you become a member, you will have the same rights as everyone else. If you have a bad record even after becoming my slave, I will personally chop off your limbs and feed you to the zombies.” Liu Gan explained to three riders.

The three riders looked at each other, their faces full of hopelessness and despair. The first choice, was definitely not an option for them to choose. So that means only the second choice remained, to become a slave and do the bidding of others.

Giving away two choices, Liu Gan felt that he was being very generous. With their actions, normally, Liu Gan would’ve tortured the three riders, and then fed their bodies to zombies. Out of consideration that these three riders had trained them their technique of luring away crowds of zombies, and that they had been quite honest so far, Liu Gan decided to give them a way to redeem themselves.

“So I guess you want to take choice number one; I’ll escort you into the prison where I can chop off your limbs.” Liu Gan raised his axe as he walked closer to the three riders.

“OF COURSE NOT! Elder, we choose the second choice, we will be your slaves, and do your bidding.” The Three riders immediately answered Liu Gan.

Liu Gan had an overwhelming combat strength, and was also very deadly in his tactics. When Liu Gan threatened to escort them into the prison, they knew he wasn’t joking. They had four level 5 players, but Liu Gan was able to suppress them all without using his ability. It was just purely based on the difference in strength that forced them to submit to his will. Even now, the three riders didn’t have the courage to rebel.

Liu Gan nodded. Then, Yin He went over and tied them up.

After the prison gates were opened, Yin He and Liu Gan quickly killed off the remaining zombies, then drove in the ATVs to park alongside other vehicles.

“Elder Liu, it is my fault that I fell into their trap! I almost single-handedly lost us the prison compound.” Zhang ShengLi embarrassingly said, while being covered in blood and burn blisters.

“So what happened? Tell me in detail.” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi. These riders had described briefly what went down and their plot, but to cross verify the information and help relieve Zhang ShengLi of his guilt he asked him for an explanation.

“It started this afternoon, their group came by the prison compound claiming they were seeking shelter for the night. From their looks, I deemed them not to be kind-hearted, so I rejected their proposal of entry, but I wasn’t decisive enough to chase them out. I didn’t expect that after they left, they would arrange the ATV riders to lure waves of corpse tides upon us.

“If it wasn’t for you, Elder Liu, we wouldn’t have been able to control the situation. We would’ve all died here, trapped within the compound.” Zhang ShengLi continued to blame himself for the situation as he got on his knees.

“The responsibility of this doesn’t rest on your shoulders. These corpse tides were due to the ATV riders and their group. They had been plotting to execute this plan against the original prison owners, so they never expected us to take over the prison compound before them. You did your best in defending the compound for such a long time. It is merit, not punishment, that I want to bestow on you.” Liu Gan shook his head as he tried to comfort Zhang ShengLi.

Judging from Zhang ShengLi’s condition, as he was covered in burn blisters and wounds, it seemed like this battle was very taxing on his body. He did his very best to control the already dire situation.

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