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Chapter 226 - Cannot Be Prevented

TL: Lonering

TLC: xDh20

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There must have been a tactician within that group of riders which planned out this strategy for attacking the prison camp. It was an ingenious method, and Zhang ShengLi had fallen into the trap.

Zhang Hua came to the top of the high wall carrying several long spears that he had made in his free time during the past few days, however after he tried a few times, he gave up attacking the ATV riders… Because his ability was basically incapable of locking onto those kinds of high speed moving targets.

After the ATV riders led the corpse tide to the vicinity of the prison, they immediately sped away and the corpse tide stayed close to the prison’s large iron gate as they lost sight of their target. They only aimlessly wandered around the surroundings and didn’t have interest in approaching the prison’s high walls.

The current situation for Zhang ShengLi and the group of team members in the prison was rather awkward, they had just lighted a fire to cook and now they had all stopped under Zhang ShengLi’s command. They stayed in the prison and didn’t dare to randomly move or to make any noise.

This was because if they were to make any noise, there was a high chance that it would attract the surge of corpse tide’s attention. Based on these zombie’s persistent habit, they would certainly promptly draw close towards the prison and attempt to enter it after hearing sound. They would even climb upon each other to form a type of zombie ladder outside of the high wall of the prison in order to reach their target.

The 2000 zombies’ attacking capabilities could not be underestimated and to build a zombie ladder for an eight meter high wall would not be a difficult matter at all. There were also many wounded people currently within the prison. This kind of situation was a huge problem regardless of whether the decision was to defend or to evacuate.

Just when Zhang ShengLi was on high alert while watching the corpse tide in the vicinity, he was rapidly thinking about how to respond to the scheme, keeping in mind that the direction of where the prison’s rear wall was located had not been occupied by the corpse tide. Suddenly several ignited firecrackers had been thrown in by someone.

The firecrackers’ loud sounds immediately attracted the interest of all the neighboring zombies. The zombies were originally attracted to the ATVs, but when that was out of sight, it would wander around the vicinity of the prison. With the onset of the noisy firecrackers, those zombies all crazily dashed towards the direction of the prison’s high wall.

Even though Zhang ShengLi had promptly arranged for the people to go and extinguish the firecrackers, the 2000 zombies had already crowded around the prison from the vicinity of the large iron gate due to the sound of the firecrackers. When they reached the sides of the high walls, they could very quickly smell the scent of fresh corpses blown over from within the high walls. The smell of the dead evildoers lingered, even after the corpses were removed. This caused them to become even more crazed and climb up the high walls to enter into the prison.

Fortunately the prison walls were high enough. The 2000 zombies was still too insufficient to form a zombie ladder. They would stack high up along the wall, but quickly collapse at the base, then they surrounded the high walls and rapidly scattered apart. Once they had scattered out, their threat was not too large. Yet because the scent of fresh meat within the prison was overwhelming, they would come over and gathered around, encircling the sides of the high walls and shouted, unwilling to leave again.

Occasionally zombies would focus on a particular area, and there would only be two to three layers of a zombie ladder at most. The ladder would always collapse though, as the foundation was not firm enough. For the time being, the threat towards the prison was not too great.

However Zhang ShengLi quickly discovered that the situation was far from good. Just now the few ATV riders had quietly returned from the distant fields, leading zombies. Roughly twenty minutes later, these ATV riders had come and gone and led a whole new surge of zombies. There were even more than last time, approximately 4000 had arrived around the prison.

Zhang ShengLi looked for a few more gunmen, using the scope of the precision rifle as well, as the assault rifles to point towards the ATV riders to fire at them. Unfortunately, they still had the large shields to protect their bodies, and their driving speed and distance was too far. The bullets weren’t able to penetrate through. Especially as the gunmen had no specialized training, so their accuracy was lacking. It was difficult for the bullets to land on the individuals, and even their ATVs weren’t hit.

The swift ATVs sped up to escape. Once again, the new batch of zombies were led over by the ATVs, and the riders quickly drove away. The zombies tended to congregate, and had done so around the wall of the prison. Screaming, they consequently led the new batch of zombies to join them.

The closer they were to the prison wall, the stronger the scent of fresh meat flowed out from within the high wall. So a new zombie ladder formed with the 6000 zombies that now surrounded the prison walls.

Reaching 6000 zombies in total, the ability to make the zombie ladder higher was obvious, and very quickly, the zombies had gathered together and made a zombie ladder that surpassed even the height of the high walls. Several zombies moaned and one after another they climbed up the high wall. Zhang ShengLi had no choice but to lead the people to the area overflowing with zombies. Waving around fire axe, Zhang ShengLi killed as many zombies as he could on the spot.

The sounds of fighting attracted the other zombies from the other side of the high wall to start creating their own version of zombie ladder up. Thus, more zombies got over the high wall. Zhang ShengLi and the others were practically incapable of defending the high walls and had no choice but to throw their grenades down, exploding the foundation of the zombie ladder. The burst of destruction finally disposed the wave of zombies’ fierce attack.

In order to prevent the zombies from gathering too much around a certain point of the high wall, Zhang ShengLi had to arrange for all the personnel to come to the top of the high wall. Based on the distribution of the zombies outside, the guard personnel could loudly shout from different places on the high wall to attract the scattered zombies’ attention. This stopped the zombies from forming large groups, which prevented the zombie ladders from becoming too tall.

At the same time, Zhang ShengLi also allowed for the women to use the gasoline from inside the warehouse and empty beer bottles to make some molotov cocktails. This substituted for the low amount of grenades which were used to execute fire attacks on areas where there was a larger concentration of zombies. However, there was a limited amount of glass bottles in the prison. A team member had thought that they were smart and tried to used their lunchbox to pour gasoline outside the high walls. The result was that they accidentally caught fire and turned into a burning person. The people that came forward to help were also burnt and had to retreat while watching their team member scream in misery while being burned to death.

Zhang ShengLi at once called for the team members to stop using gasoline to attack. Gasoline was a very dangerous thing, there are many flammable objects inside of the prison. While using gasoline might be able to kill the zombies outside, but at this rate, they were more likely to have casualties due to carelessness.

The players on the high wall attracted the attention of zombies lingering below them, soon more and more zombies crowded towards the high wall. A new zombie ladder was eventually formed which had also covered a wide area. This caused Zhang ShengLi to have a dreadful feeling that the zombies could not be stopped.

Very quickly the zombie ladder broke through the high wall’s defense and several zombies yelled as they climbed up to the top of the wall. Zhang ShengLi had no other way but to throw another grenade at that zombie ladder to destroy it.

Even with a seemingly safe place like this prison compound, being trapped inside during a siege was not a good idea. If facing against players and survivors, the compound was a solid defense, but against zombies, it didn’t work well. So the ATV riders could only think of these kinds of inhumane sieging methods in order to kill all the people trapped inside the compound.

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