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Chapter 210 -  Fear

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Liu Gan didn’t head in the direction straight back to the hotel but rather he took a path that was diagonal leading to another direction. After ten minutes of top speed running, Liu Gan confirmed that the corpse tide hadn’t followed them so they stopped to rest.

 "What are you holding?" Liu Gan asked Yin He.

"It was the thing that made the whistling noise. I listened to you and I didn’t attack it, but instead I stole it." Yin He placed the object in front of Liu Gan.

It was actually a baby. The mouth was stuffed shut by Yin He, with a rag that she picked up off the ground.

But the baby's expression and skin color... it isn’t normal. There was a hint of green color.

 "The whistling noise was created by this so I stuffed it shut with a rag. This way it can’t make any noise. Those zombies won’t be able to chase us anymore." Yin He explained to Liu Gan. Afterall she complied with his instructions just not all of it.

 "This?" Liu Gan looked at the baby that Yin He held in her arms. Liu Gan thought that the zombie was weird, but it didn’t seem to be a threat like the Variant Zombie. Their image of an Advanced Zombie was destroyed in an instant by this baby. Even if this baby was a Variant Zombie, it still didn’t quite match the ability a Variant Zombie was supposed to have.

Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing also walked over, watching the baby Yin He held. They both had a skeptical look on, since they didn’t expect the center of the tide of zombies to be because of this object. They thought it was going to be a very strong Boss.

“Aside from the baby, what else did you see at the center of the zombies?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

 "There’s a building with sharp pointed roof and pointed eaves to match it. The tiles were a golden color. This baby was lying inside, and the zombies formed a circle around the building. But they stopped a few meters short from the building and I just saw this baby isolated, laying there. So I decided to steal it.” Yin He described to Liu Gan.

Listening to Yin He recount what she saw, Liu Gan begun to understand the situation a little more. At the top of the mountain should be a temple. By placing the baby within the temple, it probably lured all the nearby zombies over. However, the one uncertain issue was why didn’t the zombies attack it. Rather, it seemed as if they were guarding it.

Liu Gan pulled the rag out from the mouth of the baby and the results were as expected, it matched the cries of a normal baby. However, the sound was as sharp as a whistle. Now that the baby was so close, it was an ear-piercing sound. Liu Gan’s eardrum felt like it was going to burst, so he quickly stuffed the rag back into the mouth of the baby to stop the noise.

 "We should leave here first. There might have been some zombies that have heard the cries of the baby and are heading over to this location,” Liu Gan looked around. With the other three, they headed towards the main road. Even if the avalanche of zombies followed after them, Liu Gan’s group would give them the slip when they headed back toward the hotel.

As the four of them were side by side, walking on the main road. The rain shower lightened, as if the clouds were almost depleted of water, and the gusts of wind lessened considerably compared to earlier.

Liu Gan found a residential building; it was one of the common roadside houses. After smashing open the door, Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing went inside to search for zombies. Once it was safe, Liu Gan found a chair to sit on.

After sitting down, Liu Gan took over the baby, who was still within Yin He’s arms. That way, Yin He could stay on guard duty on the roof of the building. Liu Gan pulled out the rag from the baby’s mouth and the baby started crying sharp whistling noises. Liu Gan restuffed it. Then, after awhile, he pulled the rag away again. This time, the baby cried a sharp sound again. So the rag was once again put back into place.

“Elder Liu, what are you planning to do?” Wang DeCheng asked Liu Gan. Wang DeCheng had no clue as to the purpose behind Liu Gan’s actions.

Han GuangMing as well was cluelessly looking at Liu Gan.

“Soon, we can avenge Little LuChen,” Liu Gan shook his head and replied to Wang DeCheng. Yesterday night, Liu Gan wasn’t able to sleep at all, so he wanted revenge.

“LuChen’s revenge?” Wang DeCheng still wasn’t too sure of the meaning behind Liu Gan’s words.

“We found the young one, and soon we will find the mother. The Variant Zombie that LuChen’s body dry of blood will be lured here. It probably never thought that with a thousand zombies standing guard of the baby, it would still end up in my hands,” Liu Gan replied.

“Its mother?” Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing finally understood.

 "The wailing of a baby, meant that the mother didn’t supply enough milk for it. So the mother took the chance to ambush one of our team members and drained the blood of LuChen. Once LuChen was completely drained, it went back to feed the baby. So that was when the baby didn’t make any noise. However, the baby was soon hungry again after a few hours and it started crying again, which was when we heard it. The mother had to go out once again to hunt. It should be nearby the hotel, waiting for a chance to attack. If it found an opportunity to drain some fresh blood, it would have already headed back to the nest and feed the baby.” Liu Gan stared at the baby, while piecing everything together.

 It was very simple thing, but it was very peculiar making everybody think it was a ghost and caused many of the team members to lose sleep over it.

 "Elder Liu is very smart! You have wonderful foresight!” Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing, after the thorough explanation, finally understood. Their eyes lit up as they could now know the situation more clearly.

Liu Gan pulled the rag away from the mouth of the baby from time to time. Then, he would stuff it shut. After several minutes,there was an abnormal sound at the door. A body without clothes and two stretched out slender arms, similar to a python’s body, walked closer with a fearful and worrisome look on its face.

This Variant Zombie had a strange body. The body color was gray or even transparent in some parts. However, Liu Gan and the other two players were able to recognize the female physical characteristics. It walked in and started roaring as a threat, but its eyes were staring at the baby within Liu Gan’s arm.

“Give… Me… Back…” The Variant Zombie revealed a ferocious look. It tried to take a step closer, but instead took a step back as it issued the warning. Even though it didn’t charge at the three players, it was holding back due to fear that they might harm the baby.

“Yours?” Liu Gan stood up with the baby.

“Yes…” The Variant Zombie nodded.

“You want me to return it back to you? Then how about one of my team member’s you killed by draining his blood?” Liu Gan coldly snapped back. Liu Gan raised the baby high up above his head, as if he was about to throw the baby onto the floor.

“Noooo…” The Variant Zombie pleaded. Seems like this Variant had some degree of intelligence, but its intellect was stuck at the age of a three or four year old. It couldn’t understand what Liu Gan had said, but it could feel the danger that was about to fall upon the baby.

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