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Chapter 209 - Riot

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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"Those zombies at the top of the mountain must have been led by a chief, the strange screams sounded like it was coming from it,” Liu Gan said to Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing by his side while he looked in the direction of the mountain peak.

 "But this situation... we can’t reach the top of the mountain." Wang DeCheng replied with conviction.

Just then in that situation, if they hadn’t fled fast enough, they would’ve certainly died near the top of the mountain from the bodies of zombies pouring down. Even though they were level 5, it was still impossible to stop the momentum of the zombie avalanche.

 "Let me go up, they won’t attack me. I can go directly to the top of the hill to kill their chief." Yin He said confidently to Liu Gan.

"No way, this Variant Zombie Chief is very crafty, you could end up in a dangerous situation,” Liu Gan shook his head. Although the zombies wouldn’t have taken the initiative to attack Yin He, the situation was too hard to predict. The number of zombies present would eventually kill Yin He.

Ants could continuously gnaw an elephant to death, so even Yin He would be at a disadvantage against the sheer quantity of zombies. Yin He wasn’t as stupid as an elephant, but the task was still too risky. Mosquitoes could also gnaw on an elephant, but the difference of strength between Yin He and those zombies could not even compare to the disparity between ants and an elephant. It was too risky. Although Liu Gan disliked the presence of the Variant Zombie Chief, he could not let Yin He gamble her life away.

"If it’s a clear night, we can pour some gasoline and light up the forest to solve our situation. The only problem is that it has been raining a lot, so it’s not a good time to do that.” Wang DeCheng muttered. Wang DeCheng intended to retreat, since he felt that it was quite meaningless to continue staying at their current location.

“How about this, let me go up and look at the current situation. If I don’t attack them, they shouldn’t attack me either.” Yin He asked Liu Gan.

Liu Gan hesitated for a moment, but ultimately agreed. If Yin He didn’t attack the Variant Zombie Chief, then the other zombies wouldn’t attack her. Their best option was to let her take the trip up the mountain so that they could at least find out what they were dealing with. Then, on a better day, they could think of better ways to kill it.

Upon getting Liu Gan’s approval, Yin He once again went up the mountain. The zombies were still slowly climbing to the top of the hill, and when Yin He squeezed in between them, they just glanced at her and occasionally roared at her. Yin He didn’t take the initiative to attack them. So they were treating her like they would to a stone - uninterested of her presence.

"Elder Liu, little LuChen died when the we were inside the building while the whistle noise kept sounding. Considering that it’s quite a distance away from the mountaintop to our building, I doubt that the Variant Zombie at the top was related to LuChen’s death," Wang DeCheng said after analyzing the situation more.

 "Not necessarily though... perhaps it was a diversion tactic? We were baited to this location, but now won’t have any idea if something happens at the hotel.” Han GuangMing disagreed with Wang DeCheng’s opinion.

 "Zhang ShengLi is at the hotel right now. He is bold and cautious, so there shouldn’t be any problems." Liu Gan shook his head. Right now, he was more worried about Yin He, who was near the top of the mountain. If she was surrounded at the mountain above, he had to kill his way up to save her.

“The whistle-like screams may have been some sort of call. That would explain why the nearby zombies are all concentrated at the top of the mountain. If they’re any different from the regular zombie, it could be a new type of Variant Zombie. But, with this type of ability to draw in the nearby regular zombies, I suspect it is closer to an Advanced Zombie that acts as a chief to all nearby regular zombies. Do you think you can take it on?” Wang DeCheng asked Liu Gan.

Regular Zombies, Variant Zombies, Advanced Zombies, all these classifications were termed by players with years of experience playing zombie games. So to classify the zombies into categories within The Trembling World, it’s just a title of ranking them. Thus, when Wang DeCheng said his theory out loud, Liu Gan and Han GuangMing understood the meaning.

 "According to previous experiences, a Variant Zombie’s strength is equivalent to a level 5 player. So if the ranking of a Variation Zombie is below the Advanced Zombie, then the Advanced Zombie’s strength should be similar to a level 10 player… Based on our current strength, we couldn’t possibly face the Advanced Zombie head on. If that’s all true, we have no choice but to escape," Liu Gan shook his head.

“I agree.” Wang DeCheng nodded.

 "I don’t think that the zombie at the top of the mountain is an Advanced Zombie. It was probably only a special ability from a Variant Zombie. It’s possible that there is a pair of these Variants, one that was sent out to kill Little LuChen and another to guard the lair.” Liu Gan continued.

“Yeah, I also agree!” Han GuangMing quickly claimed. He had always felt that the Variant Zombie that killed LuChen had some connection with the zombie that can produce strange noise coming from the top of the mountain.

As the three of them stayed at the foot of the mountain to talk, suddenly, the ground shook - with the origin located a dozen meters away. Then, the zombies at the top of the mountain all started roaring simultaneously. The ruckus the zombies made was a signal that something had happened.

Liu Gan frowned. His heart felt that something was wrong... it was possible that Yin He created this mess!

Darkness coated the mountain, but it was still possible to see black objects falling down from the mountain top. Even if it were the trick of the eyes, the sound of something falling from the mountain wouldn't lie. It sounded like another avalanche of zombies were crashing down. When the flashlight shined up towards the objects, it confirmed that it was indeed happening. This avalanche of zombies, was definitely worst than the one that was chasing Liu Gan earlier.

The previous Zombie Avalanche that chased Liu Gan was around a third of all the zombies. This time, it was the whole mountain. Every zombie on the mountaintop had been alerted into motion!

“We’re in trouble!” Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing saw the scene. Their faces turned pale white, if this avalanche of zombies reached the ground, just them three players could never fend it off.

Liu Gan, however, didn’t make any plans of escaping. The flashlight in his hand kept shining all around the mountain, looking for a familiar shape. Judging from the scale of the activity, it was impossible for Yin He to disobey and proactively attack the zombie chief. So what would have caused the riot could only be the thousands of zombies.

But right now, the number of zombies seemed to have surpassed thousands.

Just as Liu Gan started to become worried, he saw Yin He appear at the foot of the mountain. In her arms, she was holding onto something. She charged toward Liu Gan.

“RUN!” Yin He yelled at Liu Gan as she closed in.

Liu Gan, Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing all turned and started running. Eventually, Yin He caught up to them, and they all sped up to run away.

The movement of the four players was very fast as they moved at top speed and soon the mountain and the zombies disappeared from their view. Because of the rain, the zombies couldn’t track their target’s smell, so after a while, the thousands of zombies stopped chasing and started wandering, just like they usually had done before.

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