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Chapter 203 - Whistle

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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“Really, there is no need. I haven't contributed enough to deserve that request. I don't want to any special treatment from others.” Lee Miao stopped Zhang ShengLi immediately. She felt that Zhang ShengLi had taken care of her quite a bit. So if he gave her any more special treatment, then it would lead to gossip. She was worried that once it reaches Liu Gan's ear, it would negatively impact Zhang ShengLi.

“You are the only doctor for this group, so it's natural you have special treatment. I will go outside to see if I can arrange for a quieter room.” Zhang ShengLi persisted.

“Really, it’s not necessary.” Lee Miao held onto Zhang ShengLi’s arm.

“Then… Brother ShengLi, I just remembered. During dinner, I said I would go have a chat with DeCheng. So tonight I plan to annoy him, I won't return to the room.” Zhang Hua concocted an excuse after he saw the couple tugging at each other's arm.

Even though Zhang Hua was much older than Zhang ShengLi, ShengLi held the position of vice-captain. Even reaching Level 5 was dependant on Zhang ShengLi’s recommendation. So Zhang Hua was very respectful toward Zhang ShengLi, he even disregarded the rules of seniority, and called ShengLi “Brother”.

“No no, ah…” Zhang ShengLi choked up in embarrassment. Before he had even finished, Zhang Hua had ran out and even closed the door behind him.

After the door was closed, the room quieted down. The atmosphere was different from before.

“This… well…” Zhang ShengLi looked at Lee Miao, as his heart rate increased.

“The night is long, we can sit here and talk.” Lee Miao warmly smiled at Zhang ShengLi as she led him to the bed post to sit.

“Ah, okay we can just… chat.” Zhang ShengLi was led,  like a sheep by its herders, to the bed.


“This side of the room seems to have some strange sounds coming from it. Seems like there is someone injured. Should we take a look?” Yin He asked Liu Gan, as she pressed her ears against the wall.

“No need, there is Doctor Lee around. If someone is injured, she can handle it.” Liu Gan stopped Yin He. Liu Gan recognized that sound from his sensitive hearing! Next time he must warn Zhang ShengLi about not creating too much noise! 

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“Oh?” Yin He heard that response and asked no more. Originally, Yin He had wanted to crawl out the window and scale the building exterior to find out who was injured, such a strange sound was coming from the other room.


The first watch was Han GuangMing’s squad. He had ten players divided up into five pairs. Every pair was to guard a floor, and they were equipped with a whistle. Han GuangMing with his partner routinely patrolled every floor to ensure the players didn’t fall asleep while on duty. All was good, there wasn’t any reason for concern.

The first floor lobby had two guards on duty, they were from Xue Jian’s group. One of them was called LuChen Wang and the other one was called Qian An. Both of them sat at the reception desk, behind the counter for collecting money and room registrations.

“Do you hear some strange sound?” Qian An asked LuChen Wang, while looking at the back door.

“What strange sound? I only hear thunder and rainwater. That and your voice.” LuChen Wang replied to Qian An.

“There is really a strange sound. It isn’t the raindrops or the thunder! I can recognize those! No really, it sounds like it’s coming from within this hotel. Could it be… something unpleasant? Like… ghosts?” Qian An stared in the direction of the back door while talking to LuChen Wang.

“Don’t scare me! If there’s really some strange noise, then you can report it back to Squad Leader Han right? Don’t be so suspicious.” LuChen Wang said immediately. LuChen wasn’t a brave person, so the moment he had heard ‘ghost’ mentioned, his face grew pale.

“Look at your gutless face! So what if it’s a ghost?” Qian An picked up the flashlight and walked toward the back door.

“WAIT! What are you doing?” LuChen Wang pulled Qian An to a stop.

“Obviously to go check it out! To find the source of the noise.” Qian An replied without shifting his eyes away from the back door.

“Let’s not do that. Let’s wait at our station and wait for Squad Leader Han to come by first,” LuChen Wang nervously said.

“Ah! I’m just going to check it out, I’m not going to do anything. If there’s anything peculiar, then I will blow the whistle and we can wait for Squad Leader Han to come. If you are afraid, then stay there and don’t move. Otherwise, ‘ghosts’ will come and mess with you,” Qian An said to LuChen Wang.

“I’ll come with you! So stop talking about those scary things!” LuChen Wang said. After hearing the word ghost, LuChen Wang became even more afraid. He was afraid of being left alone at the reception desk.

With such a large lobby and the only source of light coming from the candle, everywhere else looked dark and frightening.

Qian An walked in front, with LuChen Wang following closely behind while holding on Qian An’s arm. As both of them moved toward the back door of the lobby, after a temporary moment of silence, they had arrived at the door. The backdoor led to the rear courtyard. When they arrived at the locked backdoor, there were a bunch of junk nearby blocking the door. There was nothing strange around here.

LuChen Wang confirmed that there were no strange sounds, so he had no idea why Qian An really wanted to come investigate.

“I really heard something strange. It was a very faint sound… as if it was a faint whistle sound… just very faint. Even when I heard it, I wasn’t too sure.” Qian An brushed LuChen’s arm away, dug his ears clean and pressed it against the back door. Qian An remained unmoving from the spot, carefully listening for the sound.

“What do you hear? Stop saying these scary things okay?” LuChen Wang said standing two meters away. LuChen was so nervous, that he kept looking around everywhere because he could only hear the sounds of the thunder and rain.

“It is possible that I heard it wrong.” Qian An shook his head as he walked back to LuChen Wang. LuChen Wang quickly held onto the arm of Qian An as they both walked back to the reception desk to sit down.

“You really can’t hear it?” Qian An asked again, after a while.

“Please! I really didn’t hear anything, so stop talking about it,” LuCheng Wang said, terrified. LuChen Wang noticed that Qian An was very distracted. Subconsciously, LuChen Wang stared at the direction of the stairs praying that Squad Leader Han would make his way down, and this way he could suggest switching partners.

The direction of the stairs was very poorly lit, so now LuChen Wang was worried that the person that comes down wouldn’t be Squad Leader Han, but a ghost impersonating Han GuangMing. This was the very moment where LuChen Wang really regretted  sticking with Qian An, as they both continued to sit in the dark lobby.

“There it is. Don’t speak, just listen. That very faint whistling sound. If you don’t focus, you can’t hear it.” Qian An motioned with his hands to stop talking. Then, in the dark lobby, Qian An looked around trying to locate the source of the sound.

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