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Chapter 202 - Worries

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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“Raining zombies…” Xue Jian said hopelessly. Judging from that news, Liu Gan’s group was definitely not simple at all. They were even more experienced in survival than he was, was what Xue Jian was thinking.

“We had each member zipline one by one down from the building. If you let go, you would end up in the hands of the zombies. Ripped apart as food for them.” Zhang ShengLi shook his head as he recalled that moment of how Wang YongChang had died. That day was hard to forget; even though he didn’t want to remember the events that had happened that day, he would day dream and it would be vividly in his memory.

Wang YongChang’s death was his own fault and nobody else’s. Despite that, Zhang ShengLi still felt guilty. Zhang ShengLi was replaying various scenes in his head, if he had stayed a little longer or helped tie the rope, then Wang YongChang wouldn’t have died.

“Ah… You have experienced too much! What we have been through pales in comparison…” Xue Jian said. Xue Jian had no idea whether to be envious or sympathize with Zhang ShengLi’s experiences.

Several more people carried chairs over to sit in a circle by the hotel front door and chat, while the kitchen was busy making food. By the time dinner was finished being made, 40+ people had gathered in the ballroom to eat, sitting around 8 tables.

In this unknown world with the torrential downpour outside, being surrounded by strangers on the inside, and the uncertainty of tomorrow’s events, it was a complex and mixed feeling. Only those who were present understood how it felt.

“Yin He, how’s the situation outside?” Liu Gan took out his earphones to contact Yin He.

The only response was static noise. It could be the weather conditions or Yin He was simply too far away, hence the communications problem.

“Elder Liu, is there a problem? Where is Little He?” Zhang ShengLi whispered to Liu Gan. He saw that Liu Gan had a concerned look.

“No problem, let’s eat dinner.” Liu Gan patted Zhang ShengLi’s shoulder and they both proceeded to the main dinner table to sit down.

After merging both the teams, to ensure its safety, the food supplies were now constantly kept under guard.. To enter the kitchen, every member had to be body-searched. Then, Liu Gan ordered the kitchen workers to eat the food first. Only when it was safe to eat, did everyone else pick up their chopsticks to eat.

In this world, there was no democracy, only a centralized rule. As a team leader, for his own safety and the safety of others, there would be many situations where Liu Gan would be forced to do things that seemed rather inhumane.

Considering that the outskirts was just wilderness, the absence of buildings in the surrounding area, and with such a loud thunderstorm in the background, it made it impossible for zombies to pinpoint the source of the noises to the hotel. Therefore, Zhang ShengLi and Han GuangMing had suggested having a party, and Liu Gan had approved. They quickly moved the tables to the side, making room in the center of the ballroom.

This party had ice breaker games for the four squads to compete in. The losing squad would have to put on a performance. Any performance would be allowed, even better if they could make others laugh.

Within the 40 or so members of the team, aside from Zhang Miao and Zhou JingJing, there were three other young female players. These three players were from Xue Jian’s group. There were very few female players that played zombie games, so naturally, these females took the spotlight of the night. Many of them had some talent in a performing art, like singing or dancing - it created a nice ambiance. It gave off the feeling that was close to that of being back in the real world.

As the ballroom became lively, only one person was frowning. It was Liu Gan, he stood by the front hotel door waiting for Yin He to return. Only when she walked in, drenched in rainwater, was he finally able to relax the muscles in his brow.

“Are you okay?” Liu Gan walked toward Yin He.

“I’m okay, I searched thoroughly in the surrounding area for a few hundred meters, but I couldn’t discover what was wrong,” Yin He answered disappointedly.

“That is fine, when there is a thunderstorm next time, don’t go too far away from me,” Liu Gan said in a concerned tone.

“Why? Are you worried about me?” Yin He sensed something was up.

“Yes.” Liu Gan nodded. Ever since she had left, Liu Gan had no way of contacting her. He felt very uncomfortable and uneasy, even impatient. He didn’t want to experience that feeling ever again.

Yin He suddenly picked up speed, pecked Liu Gan on the face, then retreated backward.

“Only this?” Liu Gan wasn’t satisfied.

“I have to dry myself.” Yin He giggled. Then she ran upstairs to the second floor to find a bath towel.

“Seems like our intimacy has increased.” Liu Gan was lost in thought. As he touched the part where he had been kissed.

In the hotel, from the second floor to the fourth floor, each floor had six rooms and every room had two beds. Originally these beds had clean bedsheets, but some had been contaminated by the zombies. This was a rather nice hotel, as there were spare bedsheets and comforters in the laundry room. So all they had to do was change the soiled bedsheets with clean ones.

One of the few rooms had the windows smashed. The thunderstorm blew the rainwater into the room, making it wet and loud. It was impossible to sleep in there. Some team members liked companions that were more lively, so they moved together with their beddings into other people’s room. The players that were not afraid of noise and didn’t want a companion, used wooden boards to nail shut the window - they had the room all to themselves.

Liu Gan and Yin He had a room on the third floor, it was the cleanest room there. The nearby room belonged to Zhang ShengLi who was with Zhang Hua.

Since there were more people in their group now, there were more people assigned to guard duty. The four squads divided up the workload, with each squad taking two hours. The squad leader on duty handed out several whistles, one to each person on duty. Their order was to blow hard into the whistle and alert everyone once they had encountered a situation. They were ordered to not take action alone.

In the Trembling World, it was preferable to be overly vigilant rather than to take it lightly. One person’s casual mistake could lead to several lives being lost.

“You room isn’t too bad! It’s very clean.” Lee Miao finished showering, as she walked over to Zhang ShengLi and Zhang Hua’s room.

Lee Miao changed into a new set of clothes. For these few days that she was under the care and protection of Zhang ShengLi, she hadn’t experienced much hardship. With plenty of food, her face had a healthy color, and the charm of a thirty-year-old female.

“Yeah, it’s not too bad. How are the living conditions on your side?” Zhang ShengLi asked Lee Miao. Zhang ShengLi never took his eyes off Lee Miao’s body.

“Oh, just sharing with two other young female teenagers. They are quite loud.” Lee Miao continued to smile at Zhang ShengLi.

“Ah? If it’s like that, let me see if I can help you change your room.” Zhang ShengLi frowned.

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