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Chapter 195 - Well-Trained Army

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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Zhang ShengLi tried his best to turn his body to slash at Mr. Sheng with the ax in his hand. Zhang ShengLi knew that he was reacting too slow, he can see it, but his body couldn't react fast enough. Zhang ShengLi understood that the ax wouldn't be able to reach Mr. Sheng’s body or the iron rod. Even though Mr. Sheng's weapon couldn't pierce the Carapace body armor, his other rod was the aiming for the back of Zhang ShengLi’s skull. That hindbrain attack was impossible to escape unscathed from.

Mr. Sheng was smiling without regret as he was aiming for the uncovered hindbrain and the back of the heart. Right as Mr. Sheng was about to connect his attack, his brain suddenly experienced a traumatic pain. Mr. Sheng’s concentration dissipated and strength left his hands as his weapon dropped onto the floor.

Mr. Sheng’s iron rod fell onto the floor and the attack never connected, his body seemed to have been tasered as he entered into a state of paralysis.

A duel between the Level 5 players can be determined in a moment. The moment Mr. Sheng had stopped attacking, Zhang ShengLi took this chance to swing his ax onto Mr. Sheng’s body.

Mr. Sheng hadn't yet regained his state of mind, but he subconsciously backed away. However, he was a beat too slow. Zhang ShengLi’s ax had connected with the flesh and slicing through the chest, it was a very deep cut down the clavicle. The wound left Mr. Sheng’s shoulder and arm unusable as it looked like it was about to fall off.

Mr. Sheng screamed loudly, rolling on the floor. With a wound this severe, it was impossible to be treated.

Xue Jian and the others all screamed in shock. In their eyes, Mr. Sheng was all mighty and powerful, so for him to fall victim to Zhang ShengLi would mean that Zhang ShengLi was even more powerful!

Zhang ShengLi picked up his ax and turned his head to look at Liu Gan. Zhang ShengLi was very grateful. At that moment of life and death, no one else could tell but Zhang ShengLi knew that he had been so close to dying. If Liu Gan hadn't stepped in at the most crucial moment, the one on the floor dying would be Zhang ShengLi. Plus, it was an attack to the hindbrain, so even if it wasn't a guaranteed kill, it would’ve been very painful.

Zhang ShengLi walked over to Mr. Sheng’s side to finish off the job. Just as Zhang ShengLi leveled the fire ax at Mr. Sheng’s neck, Xue Jian and his group rushed over to stop him.

“Mr. Sheng is already defeated. Please let him live, we are grateful toward him since he had allowed us to stay with him…” Xue Jian pleaded for Mr. Sheng’s life. Even as Xue Jian spoke the words, his heart felt conflicted.

This was far from what Xue Jian had planned for. Originally, Xue Jian wanted to talk to Mr. Sheng about leaving the group since they had a prior verbal agreement that they could come and go as they pleased. Who would’ve known that Mr. Sheng wouldn’t be willing to uphold his word. Then, he started bickering with Zhang ShengLi and in their heated argument, they started fighting.

“Don’t beg him! Kill me! Kill me if you want, but make it swift!” Mr. Sheng yelled loudly, with eyes full of anger. Mr. Sheng knew that with such a severe wound, he can’t be saved, so rather than suffer immense pain, he would rather die immediately.

“See, it’s his request. I am only fulfilling his wishes,” Zhang ShengLi replied to Xue Jian, and in one swift motion, he cut off Mr. Sheng’s head. Ending Mr. Sheng’s misery.

After killing Mr. Sheng, the body was thoroughly searched. Aside from the weapons, all other materials being stripped from the dead body. Pillaging corpses had become a common practice as dead people had no uses for things left behind and it would be a waste to leave it behind. No one said anything as the pillaging continued.

After the duel had ended with Zhang ShengLi emerging as the victor and Mr. Sheng dead, Xue Jian and his group decided to join Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi. The leaderless base camp with twenty other followers also had no choice but to follow Zhang ShengLi.

Zhang ShengLi and Liu Gan walked off to a corner to discuss the situation, arriving at the ultimate decision to subordinate the remaining players. With the additional resources such as the food taken from the Mr. Sheng’s base camp, there were additional hands to move it onto the yacht. Secondly, there might be some hidden potential amongst these players that could help them a sticky situation. For a team to continue thriving even with casualties, having ample personnel is important. Since there will be fighters that need to have a certain mobility to defend the group, there can never be enough players to carry the food resources.

After the last large-scale corpse tide, the number of players they had was down to eleven. With these players refilling the ranks in their group, the number in Liu Gan’s group had bounced back to over forty. After all the food were relocated onto the yacht, everyone was gathered in formation on the front street of the base camp. The view of such a formidable group gave off the feeling that it was a well-trained and powerful army.

Right at this time, the ground started shaking. A large portion of the players grew fearful. There were a few players who were suspicious of this strange activity. Only Liu Gan recognized this particular cause of the trembling ground. He had experienced this twice already… It was the footstep of the Giant Colossal Zombie, which had thick skin and exposed meat that could overpower tanks.

This Variant Zombie with its rather simplistic style of attacking must be seeking death. When Liu Gan was Level 4, he’d already killed one by himself. Even though he didn’t have enough strength to chop through the thick skin of the Giant Colossal Zombie, his speed had been more than enough to dodge its attacks.

When Liu Gan had reached Level 5, his strength had increased to a point where he could easily injure the Giant Variant Zombie, and his speed completely surpassed that of the Giant Variant Zombie. Now that he was Level 6, Liu Gan could dance around the Variant Zombie like it was a toy and still kill it.

Right as the Variant Zombie reached the street corner, the ground trembled with increased intensity. A large portion of the players who hadn’t seen this creature before grew pale. With such a large Variant Zombie that was several dimensions different from the Regular Zombies, many of the players didn’t even scream nor did they even run since they were filled with fear.

Zhang ShengLi glanced at Liu Gan quickly and noticed Liu Gan nod back, then Zhang ShengLi rushed forward with his fire ax and Carapace shield toward the Giant Colossal Zombie.

The Giant Colossal Zombie smashed at Zhang ShengLi, but Zhang ShengLi was able to dodge it. If Zhang ShengLi had been at Level 4, he wouldn’t have been able to dodge this attack. In return, Zhang ShengLi injured the Variant Zombie’s leg and blood started gushing out.

Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing also glanced at Liu Gan for approval, then they both charged forward with ax and shield in hand. After taking two large steps, Han GuangMing shouted loudly and activated his [Meteor Hammer] and threw his fire ax at the Giant Colossal Zombie’s head.

When thrown, the fire ax produced a loud sonic boom and left a trail of afterimages, it was embedded into the center of the Giant Colossal Zombie’s head. Although the fire ax was stuck in the meaty layer, it hadn’t been able to penetrate the skull.

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