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Chapter 185 - Defect

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According to what the white-coat scientist had said, if there was a success in awakening the ability, then the moment after injecting the medicine into the body it would feel a hot burning temperature. After ten minutes, there would be an exceptionally good feeling that would arise on the inside. The feeling was similar to the body being filled with energy. Then displacing this energy outward onto a set target, was the described procedure on activating the hallucination on someone. 

With energy brimming, the hallucinogenic ability would have a better effect. Even hallucinating multiple people wouldn’t be a problem, but after using it once, the rate varied at which people regenerated energy. A good example would be the Variant Zombie from earlier when it had launched an attack on all the staff members and scientists. After it had used the ability on a wide-area, it had lost a lot of energy and even when Liu Gan’s group had entered on the island it didn’t recover fully. That was why the Variant Zombie chose to attack isolated members of Liu Gan’s team. 

If the Variant Zombie hadn’t attacked the scientist with all its energy, then when Liu Gan and his group had boarded the island it would have been a fatal mistake. Chaos in a group with hallucinated team members would have been hard to take control of the situation. 

After injecting himself with the syringe, Han GuangMing hadn’t had the feeling that his body was burning up like he was having a fever. After ten minutes, his body hadn’t had any distinct feeling arising deep within him. The alloy wristwatch didn’t indicate an infection on the status, it was practically similar to before without any changes. Clearly, this medicine hadn’t had any effect on Han GuangMing. 

Even though Han GuangMing’s wristwatch status display didn’t indicate any significant changes, that was expected since it was said that one dose of medicine in the syringe didn’t have much negative side-effects. Nevertheless, Liu Gan didn’t rush to inject the medicine in the second willing participant. Liu Gan decided to wait one extra day just to see if Han GuangMing doesn’t have any abnormalities before injecting the medicine into the second participant. 

The white-coat scientist was tightly bound with Yin He watching him so he couldn’t hallucinate other people, since his abilities doesn’t affect Yin He.


One day later, Han GuangMing hadn’t acted abnormally and the wristwatch still hadn't shown an infection on the status. The health status and every other status was absolutely normal. From the looks of it, it appeared the scientist wasn’t lying about this. As long as it was just one injection, it wouldn’t cause any life threatening situations. 

“Should I get another injection?” Han GuangMing was dissatisfied with his result.

“No way, the lethality rate is 30% and a 50% chance of mental instability with the second injection. There is no need to take that risk. You are very brave in being the first the volunteer for medicine injection. If there is a chance later to kill the Variant Zombies. I will remember to let you have that last kill so you can be level 5 too.” Liu Gan said to Han GuangMing.

“Thank you, Elder Liu!” Han GuangMing realized that he wasn’t being punished for his mistakes from the other day. In addition, Han GuangMing was left with a chance to level up to 5. Obviously, this had made Han GuangMing emotionally excited and happy. The chance to level up to 5 was given to the players when Liu Gan decided it, so before any confirmation, the players shouldn’t have too many hopes.

Now that Han GuangMing hadn’t experienced any distinct difference after injecting the medicine. What was left was Zhang ShengLi and Liu Gan to inject themselves with the medicine. 

After injecting the medicine into Liu Gan’s body, he felt his body heat up. It didn’t feel as hot as when he was leveling up, but there was a high temperature. This was certainly surprising to Liu Gan. This should be the omen for awakening the hallucination ability.

“Do you feel the temperature rising?” Zhang ShengLi asked around. His facial expression was clearly disappointed since he didn’t feel anything burning up. 

“No.” Wang DeCheng, Zhao Meng, and Martial Thunder replied to Zhang ShengLi. They each showed their wristwatch to each other, there were no changes on the status.

Zhang ShengLi glanced at Liu Gan. Factoring Liu Gan’s lonely personality, Zhang ShengLi didn’t directly ask Liu Gan the question. 

After ten minutes, Liu Gan felt a very peculiar energy within him. The moment he looked around at people nearby him, he had the impulse to suddenly release the energy like an outburst. However, he stopped the moment he looked at Yin He. Suddenly, the impulse was gone, it seemed like this ability was an active skill that targeted other. However, it was still useless against androids like Yin He. 

However the moment Liu Gan looked at his own alloy wristwatch, he revealed a puzzling look… His wristwatch displayed [Mist Armor] and alongside that was [Psychic Shock]. This was surprising since Liu Gan had been expecting it to be [Hallucination].

[Psychic Shock] what did that even mean? Based on what the scientist had said, this should be the weakest of the hallucination ability? Could it only temporarily interrupt the psychological state of a person?

What a disappointment!

Regardless, it was still better than not having an ability. At least, he had awoken two abilities - one active and one passive ability.

With only one syringe dosage, he could awaken [Psychic Shock]. If he had another, then would he be able to awaken [Hallucination] ability? The 30% lethality and 50% mental instability chance was too much of a risk for Liu Gan, so even if there was another syringe, he might not take the risk. 

“ShengLi, come. Let us compete against each other.” Liu Gan suggested to Zhang ShengLi.

“Elder Liu, you want to fight against me?” Zhang ShengLi was getting nervous. Zhang ShengLi knew that their difference in ability was too wide a gap.

“Come and use your ax to chop me. Use all your strength.” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi.

“No, that wouldn’t be too good” Zhang ShengLi shook his head.

“Even if you use your full strength, do you think you can hit me?” Liu Gan laughed.

“Okay, then I will really chop at you!” Zhang ShengLi agreed, picking up his ax.

“Yes, really attack me like your life depends on it. Otherwise, it would be pointless,” Liu Gan instructed, walking over to a vacant area.

“Elder Liu! Here I come!” Zhang ShengLi shouted. With his hands on the ax, he swung it at Liu Gan. 

Liu Gan seemed to have stood still and did not move.The moment Zhang ShengLi rushed up to Liu Gan, the ax was about to land on Liu Gan’s body when Zhang ShengLi felt a sharp pain in his head. His mental state suffered a momentary distraction and when he noticed the ax was no longer in his hands, it was now in Liu Gan’s hand. 

“Elder Liu, what just happened?” Zhang ShengLi was curious as he asked Liu Gan. 

Liu Gan didn’t say anything, but on the inside, he felt shocked. Even though his ability couldn’t hallucinate others, this [Psychic shock] could be quite formidable! When he was fighting with other players, during critical moments it could be activated and the opponent would definitely be caught off guard. 

This also reminded Liu Gan, that he needed to quickly awaken an ability that would provide Psychological Immunity against other people’s psychological disruption. Even if he suffered other people’s psychological attacks, he had Yin He by his side. Yin He could cover that weakness, but Liu Gan didn’t want to be reliant on someone else. So his utmost priority would be to proactively seek out immunity against psychological attacks. 

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