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Chapter 181 - Innocence

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Oz

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“Do we really need to set him free?” Zhang ShengLi was concerned. This still brought back memories of the time Zhang ShengNan and Hu Rong wanted to rescue a little girl. 

“He is only a regular researcher. Why are you so worried?” Liu Gan said dismissively. 

Liu Gan knew what concerns Zhang ShengLi had. Even though Liu Gan knew that the white-coat scientist tried to keep some of the truth in the dark and that it wouldn’t be easy to force him to hand over the medicine—even if the scientist planned to endanger the group—it was still within the calculated risk. However, Liu Gan wasn’t worried about what the scientist might do. In fact, Liu Gan had a plan to force this scientist to hand over the medicine, but this plan required Zhang ShengLi and the others to put up an act.

Right now, he didn’t need Zhang ShengLi’s cooperation since he was perfectly executing his role. 

Wang DeCheng didn’t have much luck in searching for the keys. Since there were many corpses strewn across the floors, all of them rotting away into death’s decay. So, considering how fearful of the rotting flesh the group members were, it was a factor that may have caused them to not search carefully. 

Since Liu Gan never expected them to find the key, he only relied on himself to pull apart the metallic column. Having just enough space to rescue the scientist from the cage within. 

But as the white-coat scientist looked at the individuals outside of his cage, he had a hesitant expression on his face. However, Zhang ShengLi wouldn’t let the scientist escape too easily as he stood by the cage entrance with the axe constantly banging on it. The scientist swept his cell with a glance only to confirm that there was nothing he could use for protection. And at the same time, the pungent smell forced the scientist out of the cage.

As the scientist finally got out, Liu Gan pinned him to the floor and tied him up with the special rope.

“No need to be like this? I am merely an unarmed and defenseless scientist. How can I do any harm to you?” The white-coat scientist cried helplessly without resisting. 

“I feel that being cautious isn’t a bad thing.” Liu Gan kicked the butt of the scientist, causing him to tumble towards Zhang ShengLi. Now Zhang ShengLi could pin the scientist down as they moved deeper through the underground floors to search for medicine or high-tech equipment.

The white-coat scientist was very reluctant. But under Zhang ShengLi’s pressure, he was lead to every corner to search for items. The pair were like a guard and the prisoner as they walked to the laboratory to open drawers and cabinets. While they were looking in the cabinet, the scientist revealed a regretful expression.

“The incomplete hallucinogenic-inducing medicine that you wanted have all been destroyed or taken away.” Claimed the scientist as he looked through the empty cabinets and casually said to Zhang ShengLi.

“Ah? Seems like you have no use to us. I think I should just chop you up!” Zhang ShengLi threatened.

“No need to kill the innocent! It's not that I don't want to find it for you! Plus, I have no use for this medicine! I just want a cigarette from you!” The scientist cried.

“Killing the innocent? You people conducting research have no idea how many people you screwed over! You caused the death of many people! So how can you still call yourself innocent?” Zhan ShengLi continued to shout.

“Our research has nothing to do with the zombies in this world! The zombies aren't created from within the laboratory, it came from outside! You can ask the survivors out there, if there are any left. The catastrophe occurred on a city-wide scale from NinJing City. My last call to my outside source seems to have indicated that it had to do with the blood-colored rain. It really has nothing to do with our research!” The white-coat scientist started talking back.

“Elder Liu, what should we do with him?” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan.

“Let Han GuangMing take him. The other teammates should all be tired. Let's return to the surface and rest for the night. Don't assign anymore duties for tonight.” Liu Gan replied to Zhang ShengLi.

“Okay.” Zhang ShengLi assented as he tightened the ropes on the scientist. Then, he handed the scientist over to Han GuangMing. 

Wang DeCheng lead the team while Liu Gan, Yin He and Zhang ShengLi remained at the back of the team. The rest of the team was in the middle. As the team returned back to the surface, floor by floor, they had to go back along the way they came from.

Upon returning to ground floor, the players were extremely tired and disappointed. The air quality was terrible underground and gave them a headache. Originally, they thought there was a Variant Zombie underground, so they were hoping for a chance to level up. 

In the end, there was nothing left. They only caught an useless scientist.

“Mister Liu, you are such a kind person. As you can tell, I haven't eaten for these few days and I'm thin as a skeleton. There is no need for you to strap me so tightly?” The white-coat scientist asked Liu Gan when they walked by each other. Asking Liu Gan for help was a right call, since the scientist could tell that Liu Gan was the leader of the pack.

“Okay, I can loosen your ropes. However, I don't completely trust you. You must let Little Han stay in your room to keep an eye on you.” Liu Gan stated his conditions. Before Liu Gan walked by the scientist, he whispered his plan to Zhang ShengLi a few minutes earlier.

“This wouldn't be a problem. I definitely won't run away. I am not the type of person to cause trouble. I will stay in my room like I am supposed to.” White-coat scientist quickly nodded.

“I hope that is the case.” Liu Gan gave a signal to Han GuangMing to release the scientist to a guest room. Next, they delegated the various tasks to everyone.

“Elder Liu, yesterday night, Xu ChangHui and them tried to steal the boat – should we have someone stand guard by the boat?” Zhang ShengLi asked.

“No need. This morning, I had Little Han find several locks to lock up the chains. Other than Little Han, no one has the key. Even if they wanted to steal the yacht, they wouldn't be able to.” Liu Gan answered Zhang ShengLi.

“What is your name?” The white-coat scientist asked Han GuangMing. Since the scientist overheard the conversation outside of his room, he took his chance to chat with Han GuangMing.

“Surname Han, what do you want?” Han GuangMing replied.

“Elder Han, could you give me something to eat? I've been starving these few days.” The white-coat scientist watched Han GuangMing’s movement like a hawk and found a set of keys by Han GuangMing’s waist. 

“That I would have to ask Elder Liu… also don't call me Elder Han. In here, there is only Elder Liu.” Han GuangMing snapped. Then, Han GuangMing stood up and walked to the door and called for a teammate over so they could pass the word to Liu Gan as to whether or not the scientist could get food to eat.


After eating lunch, with Wang DeCheng taking charge, everyone picked up a fishing rod in the entertainment room and decided to go to the riverside to catch some fish.

After obtaining the [Forage] skill, Wang DeCheng could clearly make out the general area where fish would congregate underwater. Then he would set out the bait to lure the fishes in.

Even though there were underwater Variant Zombies and regular Zombies, the river contained fishes that hadn’t been contaminated yet. So, after catching some, all they needed to do was just clean and cook to eat them. 

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