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Chapter 180 - Backup Plan

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Oz

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“This cage is made from a metallic column of at least three centimeters. It can withstand the might of elephants and the ram of rhinoceroses; even if dinosaurs from the jurassic period were to strike it, it wouldn’t break. So moving the infrastructure requires an immense amount of strength.” The white-coat scientist said as he watched Liu Gan grip the bars. A strange expression on the scientist revealed his uneasiness. 

Liu Gan didn’t care about the white-coat scientist’s statement. With added strength and a long grunt, he was able to bend the three centimeters of metallic column of the cage!

“What kind of person are you?” the wide eyed white-coat scientist looked at Liu Gan. 

“Our Elder Liu isn’t like a normal person. If you don’t tell Elder Liu the truth, I can guarantee that your upcoming days will be painful.” Zhang ShengLi coldly smiled. Zhang ShengLi also tried to do the same feat with the bent bar closest to Liu Gan, except it didn't budge at all. So Zhang ShengLi immediately gave up trying to copycat Liu Gan to save himself from further embarrassment. 

What level is Elder Liu exactly? His amount of strength does not seem to simply be one level higher. 

With another grunt, Liu Gan mustered up his strength for another go at the bars. The metallic column bent a little more. Even though Liu Gan ordered Wang DeCheng to search for a key, there was no guarantee that they would find it. So as a secondary plan, he wanted to try bending the metallic columns.

After bending the columns to a certain angle, Liu Gan took a moment to rest. He intended to bend the column Zhang ShengLi had attempted but been unable to bend previously.

“When we arrived on the island, we faced a humanoid creature that could hallucinate people. From the corpse of that creature, we obtained a set of keys that lead underground. So I imagine that creature has something to do with your researches here?” Liu Gan pulled out a biscuit to hand over to the scientist and poured him a mouthful of water. 

“Wait, that creature was killed by you?” The white-coat scientist gasped, but he tried his best to not reveal his fear.

“Of course we did. If we can't even do that, then how else would we be able to come so far down underground? Whatever Elder Liu asks you, you should honestly answer and not hide anything from us. Otherwise, we will change our approach with the questions. You should just tell us the truth so you won't have to suffer any painful torture.” Zhang ShengLi threatened. 

Before this, Zhang ShengLi had never threatened anyone, nor had he ever tried to coerce someone like this before. It was the type of scene that you saw in movies, but to force the scientist, he had to say stuff like this. It was something he picked up by watching those very same movies.

“You said those creatures. It could be related to our top research that we conducted. We were following a set molecular formula to develop the medicine. Amongst a portion of people that we injected with the medicine, some of them produced a type of pheromone. This type of pheromone can affect other people by inducing hallucinations that alter reality into a fantasy-like state. You said that creature you met above could possibly related to one of our experiment,” the scientist replied to Liu Gan. 

“Why would the underground laboratory key be on the creature’s body?” Liu Gan inquired.

“I don’t know the reason for that. As you can see, ever since the catastrophe on that day, I’ve been locked in this room. Then my colleague took the key with him, so I’m not familiar with anything that has happened aboveground.” The scientist shook his head. 

“You are lying! When we came over, didn’t you say that this world is ending? You said we couldn’t be investigators, so if you don’t know the situation aboveground, then how can you say that for sure?” Zhang ShengLi countered, as he still firmly believed that the scientist was lying.

“There’s still cellphones right? On the day of the catastrophe, I was able to make a few phone calls out. So I know a little about the situation outside.” The white-coat scientist pulled out a phone with a dead battery.

“This special type of secret laboratory. Wouldn’t the workers have to sign a confidentiality agreement? There shouldn’t be any signal underground?” Zhang ShengLi continued to question the scientist.

“Underground… there is a communication station. In addition… there are a few high level executives that could enter their secret code to communicate with the outside world at the communication station,” the white-coat scientist continued to mumble an answer to Zhang ShengLi.  

“Seems like your status in the laboratory isn’t low at all!” Zhang ShengLi finally forced some useful information out of him. Happy with the result, Zhang ShengLi smiled on the inside. 

“I am just a nobody in this organization. I’m definitely not an expert in my field, nor am I a high-ranking executive. I am closer to the rank of being an academic leader.” The white-coat scientist started to concede on a certain point. 

“This catastrophe turned everyone in the city to zombies. Is it related to your research or not?” Zhang ShengLi asked the scientist directly. 

“Do you think I have that capability? As you can tell, our laboratory is quite deep underground, so the things we research here isn’t so easily taken out. Even my relatives and friends live in NinJing City, so how will the catastrophe benefit me?” The scientist shook his head. 

“Your hallucinogenic-inducing medicine research was very successful. When we arrived here, that creature caused the death of at least two dozen logistics workers with its hallucination ability. It made the workers kill each, and then it ate their brains. If you are the researcher in charge of this project, then shouldn’t you explain the situation?” Liu Gan returned to the topic of the medicine. As to what happened with the present world and the unfolding catastrophe, it wasn’t a topic too concerning for him. 

“This medicine is definitely successful at certain stages, but being able to induce hallucinations turned it into a monster. That might be the only reason why it was a complete success.” The scientist shook his head. 

“Wait… Why must it eat their brain?” Liu Gan continued asking the scientist. 

“The hallucinated people would generate a specific hormone in the brain, so perhaps it gives off a delicacy to the creature when eating the brains of its victims.” The scientist thought for awhile before answering Liu Gan. 

“This special hormone surely has been researched thoroughly by you researchers? Besides, are there any purified products?” Liu Gan kept the pressure on the scientist.

“No, we don’t have that. We can’t use a living human to conduct this type of experiment to extract the hormone. If you want that type of hallucinogenic-inducing medicine, we might know once we go down to the laboratory to search for it. If there are, I can give it to you. However, the medicine is still incomplete, so I can’t guarantee there won’t have any side effects when you use it. If you inject it, you might die, become mentally unstable, or become similar to that creature.” The white-coat scientist warned.

Liu Gan didn’t continue asking. With his other hand, he grabbed the other metallic column. With one final twist, he was able to bend it over. With two bent columns, it was more than enough room for an adult to pass through.

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