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Chapter 177 - Tip of the Iceberg

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Oz

“If that was the case, then even before the catastrophe, these laboratory scientists must not have been kind-hearted. They were even conducting experiments on human carcasses. The failed experiments might be what sparked the catastrophe.” Zhang ShengLi guessed. 

“Yes, no matter where I look, this doesn’t seem like a normal place.” Wang DeCheng nodded.

“Have you locals heard about anything horrifying like human experiments before? Or rather if people were suddenly disappearing? There should have been people reporting such things, right?” Zhang ShengLi asking Lee Miao.

“Nope, never heard of it before.” Lee Miao shook her head.

“Didn’t you hear Zhou JingJing before? They were buying corpses for experimentation, so they might have been trying to resurrect corpses. Then, they actually resurrected a few dead people.” Wang DeCheng replied to Zhang ShengLi.

“Maybe.” Zhang ShengLi nodded.

As the group continued deeper down towards the seventh underground floor of the laboratory, they finally reached the end of this floor, which was a large room. This large room housed something even more disgusting than everything else they had seen before. Along the walls of the room, there were a row of large glass containers with something inside.

From the looks of it, they seemed like human embryos. Some were shaped like human organs. Others grew into a human shape. A few resembled a living human. As Zhang ShengLi shined his flashlight over, his eyes widened.

“What are they researching?” Lee Miao panicked as she asked Zhang ShengLi.

“I don’t know what they are researching, but it’s definitely up to no good.” Zhang ShengLi frowned.

Hidden away at the end of this room was a door, and behind that door was a staircase. Right when you thought that it couldn’t go any deeper, the laboratory continued to surprise Liu Gan and his group. As the group went down the stairs to the eighth underground floor, they continued to witness more and more disgusting experiments on human carcasses. Laid out everywhere were very precise instruments as well as large apparatuses, indicating that they had been conducting experiments on machines. 

This eighth underground floor reached six meters high, and the depth of the laboratory’s placement had most likely surpassed the deepest layer of the river. The surface area of this whole floor covered more than the previous floors. The laboratory on this floor physically resembled an upside down skyscraper, with only the tip of the iceberg revealed above the surface of the water. 

[TL: Something alongs the line of resembling a titanic iceberg.]

“This is the location where they develop electric plasma nanobots!” Yin He looked at the instruments closely and noticed what it was. Her expression changed drastically to an excited look.

“Electrical Plasma Nanobot? This is the thing that supplies you with energy, those nanobots?” Liu Gan was shocked as he asked Yin He.

“Yes. Tell them to not damage any of these equipments; I need them, so it is very important to me.” Yin He nodded.

Liu Gan immediately issued the order to everyone so there wouldn’t be any reckless action taking place within this floor and the next few floors. In fact, even when under attack by zombies, their movement must be with restraint and not to touch or destroy the equipments. 

“I found it!” Yin He shouted. Yin He was on the tenth underground floor, where she found several metal alloy tubes that were ten centimeters long in a cabinet beside a huge instrument. She opened the metal tubes to find a syringe, but this syringe was coated in alloy and not the typical glass.

“What is this?” Liu Gan saw that Yin He was beside herself with joy, so he knew this was what she had been looking for. 

“It is still in the trial period. They were preparing to manufacture new models of these electrical plasma nanobots. There is going to be wide range of uses for these, which were made to meet the standard for many industries. These large machineries under man-made conditions can generate several million volts stored in the electrical plasma nanobots. For me, I would have to inject these into my body so it can mix with my nanobots, and then I would have to seal the location of the injection off.” Yin He explained to Liu Gan. Her explanation to Liu Gan was based on her previously downloaded information.

“So what you mean to say is, these syringes contain fully-charged electrical plasma?” Liu Gan began to feel excited. He was glad that Yin He was finally able to temporarily solve her electrical power supply problem.

“Yes. Right now, in this facility, there are only ten tubes. Each tube could last me around two days worth. So these ten tubes could supply me with at least twenty days worth of electricity.” Yin He explained as she prepared the first tube. Each tube had a needle part that she used in order to inject the contents into her wrist.

“This needle is impressive! It was able to pierce your skin?” Liu Gan was amazed at how easily it pierced through. Liu Gan recalled that he wasn’t able to wound Yin He when they first met.

“It’s not that the needle is impressive, it’s just that my wrist originally has a hole for injecting nanobots.” Yin He explained to Liu Gan. 

“Is it safe injecting these into the nanobots? Does it really come fully charged?” Liu Gan exercised caution.

“Yes, all of these should be full of electrical plasma. Now, all my nanobots can be replenished with their energy fully recharged. You must know that these nanobots have a certain lifespan, so if I couldn't replenish them in time, then the nanobots within my body will gradually decrease and be forever lost.” Yin He told Liu Gan.

“So it’s like that? No wonder. Then from now on, I will frequently visit San Xing Corporation laboratories to help you find more nanobots, and hopefully, we can find more advanced nanobots.” Liu Gan promised Yin He.

“Okay! Thank You, Brother Liu.” Yin He giggled. There were two reasons behind Yin He’s giggle. First, it was because she found more electrical plasma, and second was that she was excited to have gotten closer to Liu Gan. Liu Gan loved the current her. 

Yin He placed several other tubes of fully-charged plasma into her own backpack. Then, she started to look around for more stuff, but ended up upset when she wasn’t able to find more. It appears they were really still in a trial period of experimenting and had yet to commence the mass production stage. 

Another two floors later and they were at the twelfth floor. The subterranean world was getting darker and the temperature gradually fell. Everyone felt cold and the atmosphere was eerie.

With the stagnant airflow, it wasn’t that great. It gave off a dirty, clammy feeling. This wasn’t too strange since the ventilation system in this place had long since been stopped, so being able to breathe air so deep down below wasn’t bad at all.

Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng had made it to level 5, so they were still able to move around even with this environment of thin air. The other players and local survivors couldn’t persevere on the contrary. 

Liu Gan didn’t force them to continue and allowed them to stay on the floors above where they could breathe more easily. Meanwhile, Yin He, Zhang ShengLi, and Wang DeCheng continued further down. 

The lower floors no longer had emergency lights to light up the rooms and paths. So they could only rely on the light coming from their flashlights. They discovered that the eleventh underground floor was a prison, its layout comprising metal fences that divided the floor into small cells. 

[TL: Just the Tip... LOL Tip of the iceberg that is.] 

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