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Chapter 164 - Balance

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“I wasn't able to accept that situation I was forced to do, so I knew I had to go. I left my parents without another word. I left to somewhere far and changed my phone number. Then, about half a year later, I heard from my relatives that LingLing died in the hospital since she wasn't able to undergo surgery in time. 

“San Xing Corporation found my parents, and they said they were willing to pay off the debt as long LingLing’s body was donated for research purposes. 

“My parents had so much debt that they had no other choice but to accept. On the day LingLing’s body was being shipped off, they left behind their will. It was ten pages long with several thousand words, apologizing to me. Then they both jumped into NinJing River to suicide…” Zhou JingJing cried uncontrollably as she finished her story. The sounds of her crying resonated through the hearts of the people on site, as it was very painful to listen to. 

There were times when people in the modern era were more brutal than those that were in post-apocalyptic days. People contracted diseases, but there were no cures; they had relatives, but no recognition. The pain of living like this was the most hopeless, but only the person suffering would understand it best. 

“I don't know why she would be here to look for me, I don't even owe her anything! I only came by to tell my parents to not have any more kids! With this poor financial condition, why would they decide to have another kid? She basically ruined my life! She caused my parents to die! I hate her! I HATE HER!” Zhou JingJing got even more heated, but there were no signs of her potentially harming anyone, so Zhang ShengLi finally released her. 

“This isn't our fault, don't blame yourself too much.” HuJun lifted up Zhou JingJing off the floor and hugged her. As he was consoling her, she started crying again in his arm.

“So, she means to say that her sister who died a year ago reanimated to come find her?” Other players mumbled after they finally realized that point…at the end of Zhou JingJing’s story. 

“Could it be possible that this game has some sort of ghost or spirit set up?” Zhao Meng started speculating. 

“If there were appearance of ghosts, the game would be unbalanced. This is definitely impossible with these supernatural activities, so there must be an appropriate explanation.” Han GuangMing said, shaking his head. 

“No wonder, this game has that sort of balance! All of a sudden, there is a corpse tide or tornado. If this was a balanced game then those events shouldn't happen. It's clearly set to hell difficulty! Thus, the appearance of spirits in hell aren't very strange at all.” Zhao Meng strongly held onto his belief.

“It’s the middle of the night, don't talk about ghosts or spirits anymore. You are scaring me!” Martial Thunder halted Zhao Meng from continuing. There were other members who were also troubled by the supernatural phenomenon. Today, they have experienced too much misery already, so they don't want to continue experiencing more pain. 

“As Zhou JingJing had said, it might be a case of seeing ghosts. If it's not that case, then how else can it be explained? Could it be possible that she hallucinated?” Zhao Meng persistent on the topic.

“I also agree that this is a supernatural event. This is a game, so anything can happen in-game. Who knows if the game is capable of producing such things? Now that we are trapped in The Trembling World, as long as we can get results from our work then that is what matters.” Wang DeCheng said, supporting Zhao Meng’s theory. 

“Even if it was a game, it should have some sort of balance. If such supernatural phenomenon occur often, then the players won’t have any method of handling it. So, how does the game balance itself?” Han GuangMing didn’t quite agree with Wang DeCheng this time, even though they usually agree on most things.

“This whole game is unbalanced. Do you feel like this game is balanced? Ever since we entered the game, the difficulty to survive is harsh. There’s no logical reasoning behind it!” Zhao Meng replied to Han GuangMing. 

Now, the players split into two factions and the arguing intensified. 

“This is our world, not some game. You are all talking about balance and unbalance for some sort of game, but that is all nonsense! Even the talk about supernatural activities is nonsense! Dead people can be reanimated, so it’s not so strange. Even now, reanimated people can roam the streets!” Zhou MingLiang had to pitch into this debate. However, his point was very different from everyone else's point of view. 

To Liu Gan, he didn’t quite agree with the supernatural talk, but he agreed with the aspect about the balanced game. This game was quite balanced from what he has experienced so far. For example, when he had alloy limbs, a variant zombie immediately went forward to attack him as if it was to amend that BUG in the system.

Afterwards, Jiang JinYuan had the cheating PDA with probing installation, which resulted in a Colossal Variant Zombie attacking him. That Colossal Variant Zombie was originally amongst other zombies in the street wandering aimlessly, without any instigation, it charged at Jiang JinYuan in the Lucky Garden District and killing Pan Hua in the process.

“I feel like she isn’t too normal today. It is best if she is tied up so she doesn’t go around hurting people.” Zhang Hua looking at Zhou JingJing.

“Zhang Hua, why must you go against us?” HuJun couldn’t resist getting angry at Zhang Hua. 

“I’m not targeting her. It is just that I feel her condition is very unstable and dangerous. Just like when she went crazy before, it might happen again.” Zhang Hua explaining to HuJun. Right now, he was thinking of his own safety since he had been arguing with her the most earlier.

This time, it was Lee Miao that suffered injuries. It could be possible that she was feigning madness and would wound him next in the process. The latter was highly probable, since they were bashing at each other earlier. 

“You are definitely directing your attacks against us! What is your goal?” HuJun wasn’t too happy. 

“Tie her up.” Liu Gan gave a short rope to Zhang ShengLi.

“Elder Liu! JingJing didn’t mean to harm Doctor Lee!” HuJun immediately said after Liu Gan gave out the order. 

“I didn’t say she did it on purpose to harm Doctor Lee, but Zhang Hua is right. She is in unstable conditions and we don’t know the reason behind it all. So for the safety of herself, yourself, and everyone else, it is best that we tie her up. When we find the reason behind all of this, or when she doesn’t have any more abnormal activities, I will release her freedom.” Liu Gan replied to HuJun. 

Liu Gan acted only to reasoning. He didn’t get swayed to any side or prioritized anyone. He only viewed from the aspect about the safety of the team. 

HuJun didn’t speak up. He had no objection, and his only option was to release Zhou JingJing. Zhang ShengLi tied Zhou JingJing’s hand behind her back with a dead knot. Throughout the process, Zhou JIngJing was very cooperative. She didn’t resist at all. 

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