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Chapter 163 - Impossible 

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Allenwa

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“What happened? Zhou JingJing why are you like this?” HuJun declared bewilderedly as he got closer. 

“Don't get too close, she's crazy! She wounded Doctor Lee!” Zhang ShengLi said angrily. Zhang ShengLi felt like something was off with Zhou JingJing’s attitude and actions. So he could only use force to restrain her, but nothing more as he’d hurt her. 

Hearing the ruckus by the bathroom, Liu Gan and Yin He also rushed over with the rest of the team members. Fortunately Lee Miao’s shoulder injury wasn’t too serious and the wound was just a deep cut without much complication. It was only bleeding profusely, so Yin He was able to quickly suture up the wound with a needle and thread. While, Lee Miao endured the pain she bandaged herself with medicine on the sutures.  

“What happened here?” Liu Gan asked after Lee Miao finished her self-bandaging. 

This whole time Zhang ShengLi had restrained Zhou JingJing: her mouth was open but no sound was coming out, it was as if she was now amute. 

“No clue… I was going with her to the bathroom. We were chatting for awhile, then all of a sudden she started banging on the stall wall. Then she started pulling on my door… I saw that her state of mind wasn’t right. She opened her mouth, but what she was saying I couldn’t hear. Right when I got up and wanted to confront her, she ran toward the bathroom door. However, she was half a meter short of the door and she was hitting and kicking midair as if she wanted to get out… Her actions scared me. I walked out of the stall and tried to call for you guys outside, but she turned around and pulled a dagger on me. Luckily, Zhang ShengLi came in on time to stop her…” Lee Miao explained the situation to Liu Gan and everyone.

“Her state of mind is normally okay, it isn’t like this.” HuJun said quickly and worriedly as he looked on. He tried to plead to Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi on her behalf.

“Elder Liu, she suddenly lost all sense of consciousness and started to attack Doctor Lee. This might be the very reason behind why all these corpses started to attack each other.” Wang DeCheng whispered to Liu Gan. 

Liu Gan stared at the now dull eyes of Zhou JingJing, such a pity. 

As Zhou JingJing was being restrained by Zhang ShengLi, HuJun stood on the side and constantly smacked her face and called her name. After a good while, Zhou JingJing seemed to have recovered from the dull state as her eyes started to regain part of her consciousness. She looked at Zhang ShengLi and HuJun with fright. 

“No way! It’s impossible!” Zhou JingJing exclaimed with her eyes wide as she finally spoke out loud. 

“What is impossible? What exactly happened?” HuJun loudly shouted at Zhou JingJing. HuJun was able to relax a little as he saw her recover a little.

As all other team members crowded around the bathroom entrance to watch. Zhang ShengLi saw that Zhou JingJing didn’t resist like before, and he loosened up his grip but didn’t completely let go. Just incase she decided to go berserk and harm other people. 

“Why did you hurt Doctor Lee?” Zhang ShengLi angrily asked Zhou JingJing. 

“Doctor Lee? I wounded her?” Zhou JingJing asked with a shocked expression. 

“Yes it was you, even now you are holding onto the dagger that wounded her. Luckily, Brother Zhang ShengLi came in time to stop you, otherwise you would’ve done something you would deeply regret!” HuJun said to Zhou JingJing, as he looked apologetically at Zhang ShengLi. 

“I… I… How could I do that? Sister Lee Miao was missing! I was looking all over for her. I don’t even know what is going on!” Zhou JingJing started to cry as she explained herself.

“Oh JingJing, what exactly happened? We were talking, then I felt something was off when you suddenly started to smack the wooden stall. Then you ran to my stall door and pulled open my door. I squatted in there, yet you couldn’t see me. You opened up your mouth, but no sounds came out.” Lee Miao held up her wound as she walked over to Zhou JingJing. 

“I… I didn’t see you! I really didn’t mean to hurt you.” Zhou JingJing started to shake as she looked at all wounds she created on Lee Miao.

“I know you didn’t mean to hurt me, I don’t blame you at all. I just want you to explain what you saw.” Lee Miao tried to comfort Zhou JingJing. 

“I… I… I saw my sister. She terrifies me!” Zhou JingJing painfully said.

“Your sister? LingLing? Why would she be here?” HuJun shocked from what he heard. As far as he remembered, her sister LingLing was already dead. She had been dead for a year already. 

“She was dead, for more than a year! Ever since she was born I have hated her! I despise her! She ruined my family! She ruined my life! I couldn’t attend college because of her. So I had to work at an early age!” Zhou JingJing shook her head. Zhou JingJing was in pain as she revealed her painful past. Even if she didn’t want to talk about it she had to since she was under pressure from everyone.

“Her sister died a year ago from leukemia.” HuJun filled in the story to everyone. 

“If she was dead, then how was it possible that she appeared here?” Lee Miao asked the question that everyone else wanted to ask. 

“I don’t even know myself... She… She could’ve been saved. The doctor said if they had opted for surgery early enough then she wouldn’t have been in that situation. I matched with her type, so as long as I agreed to transplant my bone marrow to her, then that would be able to save her life. But, I didn’t want to do that!”

“When my parents had her, I didn't agree to a sibling. I know they wanted a boy, so they had another baby. The end result was this small disaster!” Zhou JingJing said as she started to cry nonstop.

NinJing city had opened its’ policy for second pregnancy, so my parents that wanted a second child were able to do so without repercussions. However, Zhou JingJing during that time was about to become an adult, and she strongly objected against that. So the moment the second child was born, and it was a girl, the parents were very disappointed. Regardless, they still loved her. The family’s economic status hadn’t been the greatest before her birth, but it got worst.

From then on, Zhou JingJing and her parent’s relationship grew more distant. Zhou JingJing had excellent grades, but she dropped out of school and left the family so she could work. Then, for four years, she never went back home or talked with her parents. It was not until her parents called her for help. 

Her sister had leukemia. To treat the sickness, they pawned and sold everything possible. They even borrowed money from friends, relatives, and high-interest loan sharks.

So Zhou JingJing gave all the money she had worked these few years to her parent, however the amount she gave was like pouring out a house fire with a cup of water. Her parents then forced Zhou JingJing to donate bone marrow to LingLing after they found out that she was a match, but the procedure would’ve costed a hundred thousand. 

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