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Chapter 162 - Guilt

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: weirdo

“We are outside the door! If there's anything wrong, yell for us and I will be the first to come in to help you!” Zhang Shengli said in a worried voice, concerned for Lee Miao’s safety. 

“I know! If there's anything wrong I'll call for you!” Lee Miao replied, smiling, feeling very sweet inside. 

“Sister Lee, Brother Shengli treats you really well! After he gained more power, no one dares bully you. If my Hu Jun awakened his ability, I doubt that Zhang Hua would dare speak that brazenly.” Zhou Jingjing envied the caring shout that Lee Miao got. 

Lee Miao’s strength was apparently very poor, only comparable to that of a level 2 or 3 player. Zhou Jingjing had capabilities to match that of a level 4 player, but that was still no match for Lee Miao’s boyfriend who had reached level 5, and had awakened his ability. So whoever disrespected Lee Miao meant they disrespected Zhang Shengli as well; no one dared to try anything funny with Lee Miao. 

“As long as you follow Elder Liu, you will have an opportunity to kill a Variant Zombie to awaken your ability. There's no need to worry about not having face. It is very hard to survive in the apocalyptic world, so being together right now is already lucky. When you go back, don't start arguing again with Zhang Hua. This will only make it hard for your boyfriend.” Lee Miao said to Zhou Jingjing.

“Okay thank you Sister Lee Miao. I will try to take your advice and not get angry at him. I will just think of it as a dog nipping at me.” Zhou Jingjing said that she would let go of some of the anger from before, but deep down the grudge was still there. 

“That's good. If you two continue to argue, Elder Liu will not be happy. Even though he didn't say it, he didn't look too happy. If Zhang Shengli didn't stop you guys, Elder Liu might have gotten angry enough to kill you both. Remember that warning he said earlier?” Lee Miao continued. 

“Ah… it could be that my reaction earlier was too emotional. I hope it didn't negatively influence Elder Liu’s impression on my Hu Jun,” Zhou Jingjing said listening up to this point, her expression disappointed.

“That won't happen. Elder Liu isn't the type to be emotional about this sort of stuff. The two of you just need to behave. He will treat you the same as everyone,” Lee Miao replied to Zhou Jingjing. 

As the conversation died down, the bathroom became quiet. 

“Sister Lee Miao, do you smell something strange?” Zhou Jingjing covered her nose as she asked Lee Miao, who was in the next stall over. Zhou Jingjing was questioning whether her sense of smell was accurate so she asked Lee Miao to confirm it.

However, in the next stall over, Lee Miao didn’t reply to Zhou Jingjing.

“Sister Lee?” Zhou Jingjing asked again, feeling something was off, and this time she knocked on the wooden stall.

Still no response.

“Sister Lee! Are you still there?” Zhou Jingjing felt as if something was wrong. So she screamed out and bent over to look through the bottom gap between the stalls...

What she saw was an empty space where the feet were supposed to be. There was no one squatting inside there!

Lee Miao wasn't there. Then who was there talking to her before?

“Sister Lee Miao! Where did you go?” Zhou Jingjing felt that something was very wrong and suddenly shouted loudly. At the same time, she stood up quickly and zipped up her pants and pushed open the door.

She obviously didn’t hear Lee Miao get up and leave, so where did she go? Isn't this too strange? Could it be possible that she got taken away by something?

As she left her own stall. Zhou Jingjing immediately pulled open the stall door adjacent, but there was definitely no one inside! Lee Miao, who had entered that stall, suddenly disappeared! 

Zhou Jingjing looked at the bathroom tiles above. The overhead was hollowed out, but she didn’t see signs of Lee Miao getting taken away. There were no noises coming from the men’s bathroom so she was standing alone in complete silence.

“Is anyone there? Anyone?” Zhou Jingjing quickly pulled open other stalls. All empty. Even as she shouted, no one replied, not even the male players from the men’s bathroom, and so she felt a shiver go down her spine.

Trembling for a moment, Zhou Jingjing quickly turned and ran over to the bathroom door. She pulled hard on the door handle to open it, only to find that there was resistance preventing her. It seemed like there was someone outside pulling against the door. 

“Brother Shengli! Sister Lee Miao! Don’t play this kind of joke! You can scare someone to death! Hu Jun! Darling, save me!” Zhou Jingjing ferociously kicked and smacked the bathroom door and yelled for help.

At this moment, Zhou Jingjing seemed to hear some indistinct voice from behind, like someone was calling for her. Zhou Jingjing thought it was Lee Miao and she quickly turned around to say something. But when she looked back, it wasn’t Lee Miao, but a little girl! 

This little girl stood with her back facing Zhou Jingjing, her hair quite messy.

“Whose child are you? Why did you appear here all of a sudden?” Zhou Jingjing questioned the little girl and simultaneously reached for the dagger hanging by her waist. 

With the sudden disappearing act from Lee Miao and this little girl’s appearance in the bathroom, it was all too strange and suspicious, so Zhou Jingjing had no choice but to up her guard. 

Slowly the little girl turned to face Zhou Jingjing. Seeing her face, Zhou Jingjing froze up. She started trembling furiously. 

“How can it be you!?” Zhou Jingjing trembled as she asked the young girl. Unconsciously, she retreated, pressing up tightly against the bathroom door. 

“Is it strange to see me?” the young girl asked, step by step slowly advancing towards Zhou Jingjing. 

“WHY ARE YOU HERE? DON’T COME CLOSER! DON’T COME!” Zhou Jingjing started shouting as she lost control of her emotions.

“Are you scared? Why are you scared? Is it because of your guilty conscience?” the little girl continued to pressure Zhou Jingjing. 

“THIS CAN’T BE REAL! DEFINITELY NOT REAL! GO TO HELL!” Zhou Jingjing had a  pained expression and suddenly charged at the little girl with the dagger.

Zhang Shengli was standing a distance away from the bathroom, but when he heard Lee Miao scream loudly, he quickly rushed over to open the women’s bathroom door. Zhang Shengli saw Zhou Jingjing stab her dagger into Lee Miao’s shoulder. As Zhou Jingjing tried to pull out the dagger to stab Lee Miao again, Zhang Shengli ran up to suppress Zhou Jingjing from doing any more damage, forcing the dagger out of her hand. 

Other male players that were outside the bathroom also rushed over, shocked to see that Zhang Shengli was suppressing Zhou Jingjing. Especially Zhou Jingjing’s change of attitude, since she was resisting with all her might. HuJun saw the condition she was in and started cursing frantically. 

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