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“From my experience, although the force of the wind is fierce and powerful, and is extremely terrifying it isn’t too bad yet” Zhou MingLiang said, and comforted everyone after having observed the situation for some time, “It should not overturn or blow this five story building into the air. Everyone need not be overly worried.”

But after they experienced the broken bridge incident, everyone was seemingly not convinced by this expert’s words. Plastered on everyone’s face was dread and despair.

Even Elder Liu had said that they could only submit to the will of heaven. Was there anything that was as foul as this?

“Previously, did any of you live on the coast and experience going into a shelter to survive hurricanes? Right now, what is the proper procedure?” Zhang ShengLi asked everyone. It was obvious that he also did not take Zhou MingLiang’s words seriously.

All the players looked at one another. It seemed like none of the players had any real life experience on this front. As a result, Zhang ShengLi looked towards the couple of local survivors. They had lived here. Surely they must have come across this kind of weather before.

“In my memories there were indeed several typhoons that came in from the sea. However, before the catastrophe, none of those instances were as violent as today’s,” said Zhou MingLiang, who took the initiative to respond after he saw Zhang ShengLi look towards him, “During those typhoons, one only needed to close the doors, seek shelter, and reduce their trips outside.”

“Elder Liu, should we go downstairs? It’s possible that it would be better to seek shelter in the lower floors,” suggested Zhang ShengLi to Liu Gan.

“It is best if we don’t open the doors. The force of the wind should already be extremely strong in the stairwell. It may even be possible to blow a person away,” said Zhou MingLiang before solemnly vowing, “Listen to me and take shelter here. We should be fine as long as we ensure that the doors and windows are tightly closed. After a few minutes or a dozen or more minutes, after the wind has stopped, we should be all right.”

Unexpectedly the tornado really gave Zhou MingLiang a lot of face. After he finished speaking, suddenly the wind really stopped. The building ceased to shake and the windows ceased to produce the depressing droning sound. There was also no longer anything smashing into the building. Everything seemed to be incomparably quiet, so quiet as to make everyone feel that it was abnormal so much that one suspected that they were within a dream.

“Quickly come take a look! What is this situation?” called out a player, who had furtively snuck over to a window and looked out, involuntarily.

Everyone else carefully moved towards the windows and looked out. At this moment, what was outside once again shocked the eyes and spirits of Liu Gan and the other players. About a hundred meters from the building they were in, countless numbers of zombies, the wrecked remains of cars, and other junk items had taken the shape of an enormous blockade surrounding tornado.

This rubble curtain around the tornado moved in the direction of the building.

It enveloped the entire horizon outside the window. Earth-shattering, from the skies to the ground with a backdrop of a somewhat dim and dusky light, almost as if night had fallen.

“It is extremely likely that this curtain wall was formed from our surroundings,” speculated Zhou MingLiang with the tone of an expert, “Now, it has truly taken shape. At this moment, we are in the eye of the twister, therefore, we can’t feel the force of the wind. However, the eye will soon pass, and the building will once again experience immense blows and will sway once more. If we are able to withstand that, then we will definitely be able to survive after the tornado has passed through.”

Whether Zhou MingLiang’s hypothesis was reliable was set aside for the moment. One couldn’t but say that the quality of this person’s psychological mindset was transcendent, or maybe there was just something missing in his brain. Under these circumstances, the feeling of nervousness and fear did not exist.

Liu Gan looked at the approaching curtain wall made of zombies and wrecked cars that became increasingly thick and heavy. His heartbeat once again accelerated to more than two hundred beats per minute. Just a moment ago, they had only merely experienced the initial force of the tornado. As a result, during the period when the building was enveloped by the enormous winds, the building only experienced small-scale blows and shook little.

However, this tornado had now taken complete shape, and also had enormous power and destructive ability. The moment the wall of the tornado closed on the building, the curtain wall formed by those wrecked cars and zombies would definitely slam into the building. When that moment came, everything would definitely not be as uncomplicated and effortless as Zhou MingLiang said.

Under the current circumstances, if they did nothing and continued to submit to the will of heaven, then it was really likely that they would be buried here today.

“Everyone, depart from the window and enter that room!” bellowed Liu Gan at everyone. Afterwards, he called upon Yin He to take the lead and rush into the room that he had indicated. It should be this household’s junk storeroom. It seemed to be over twenty square meters. It only had one wooden door and no windows.

At present, all of the players and survivors had been conditioned to reflexively listen to Liu Gan’s commands. After the command was issued, there was no misgivings or doubts engendered. Immediately, everyone followed him and charged into the room.

After all of the more than a dozen players and survivors entered the junk storeroom, Liu Gan abruptly pushed against the door with a cabinet by the wall, and firmly braced it against the door. Afterwards, he called on everyone to physically brace against the cabinet.

A moment after he completed these tasks, the building once again began to shake violently. Compared to the last time, the shaking this time was more severe. Everywhere were echos and frightening sounds.

From the shelter of the junk storeroom, everyone could clearly hear the terrifying sounds of the living room and other room windows exploding one by one. Afterwards, there were various objects that smashed in, and dropped heavily onto the living room floor and produced terrible ear-piercing sounds. From time to time, the building would produce fierce smashing sounds. Accompanying these terrible sounds, the building also began to shake more violently.

From the ceiling fell large quantities of dust and particulate matter. The room’s walls produced a frightening sound before several dozen cracks appeared, almost as if the building would collapse at any moment and bury everyone inside.

After the windows outside had exploded, the door to the junk storeroom also began to produce strange noises, almost as if there were people outside using tremendous strength to push on the door. Because there was no electricity, there was no light in the junk storeroom. Everyone stayed in this closed door room that was pitch black, almost as if they were in the dark depths of night.

Everyone crowded together and shivered with cold. They could only instinctively obey Liu Gan’s commands and desperately braced against the cabinet in order to prevent the door from being suddenly smashed open by some foreign matter. Doing this probably had no fundamental significance and only served as nothing more than psychological comfort. However, everyone could only do this at present.

Whether they could survive or not, all of it was up to the will of heaven.

The heart stopping shaking and sounds of strikes against the building persisted for more than a dozen minutes before slowly weakening. In the darkness, someone lit a cigarette lighter. Under the light of the weak flame, one could see that everyone’s heads were covered by dust and particulate matter. One could also see incomparably frightened and desperate faces. After that, there was also the ceiling, and the completely torn off wallpaper, and the innumerable cracks on the wall.

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