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Chapter 149 - To submit to the will of Heaven

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Allenwa

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In a certain household, someone found a bag of charcoal used for BBQ, and another brought over a large wok. With a little water to clean it, they put in a large bag of rice and cooked it with some bottled water. To ignite the charcoal, they used books and scrap paper to heat it up. 

Good thing this household had another large wok, which made it easy to cook on the makeshift stove. After the water heated up, they also added noodles into the boiling water. With the makeshift stove set up, the rich fragrance of rice and noodles seeped out from the kitchen. Now everyone in the living room couldn’t resist drooling. 

“This is for you.” Liu Gan pulled out canned meat and passed it onto Zhang Hua as everyone pulled out food from their bags to share with each other.

Prior to when the rice and noodles finished cooking, there were some people that started eating the snacks or even powdered milk. Even though the powdered milk was just mixed with water, they stuffed their mouth full and forced it down with water just enough to temporarily fill their stomachs. They couldn’t chew it like it was real food, so this was the only way to eat it.

After the noodles and rice were done cooking in one of the woks, there were at least 20 people so each person could only get one bowl for now. Of course in the other wok, they were cooking up another batch of rice and noodles. 

Someone found mustard and other such sauces to accompany the rice and noodles, as the players crowded around the tea table with their bowls of food.

“Thank you Elder Liu! If it wasn’t for you, we would’ve all died. Now we have a chance to eat hot food and drink beer. This is a fortune that we would’ve never thought of  having ever!” toasted Zhang ShengLi as he held up a can of beer and thanked Liu Gan.

“From henceforth, we are brother and sisters of the same race, after we experienced life and death together, and Elder Liu is our leader. So let’s salute Elder Liu!” Wang DeCheng loudly said. 

“No need to be like that, let’s take this chance to quietly eat the hot food! You shouldn’t worship me.” Liu Gan motioned his hand back and forth. He wasn’t the type to get happy and hubris from all these praises. In fact, he didn’t particularly like these types of people, especially if they said it all the time. 

As long as their performance was acceptable, they didn’t need to say too much. It was impossible to gain a favorable impression from verbal praise since Liu Gan judged only from their experience and how they reacted when they operate. The most important factor was if their unique ability could help in the crucial moment.  

Even though Liu Gan said that, everyone felt sincerely grateful. If it wasn’t for his bravery and calm collected judgement, then they really wouldn’t have survived to this point. 

Now that everyone had eaten their share, they were tired and laid on the floor, sofa, and chair to sleep. As the player who was on guard duty shouted in a loud call and woke everyone up. 

Liu Gan quickly went over to look over at the window. As he looked at the far horizon, his heart dropped and expression went gloomy. 

Zhang ShengLi and others came over to the window to see what was wrong. Their gloomy expressions also revealed the severity in the situation. 

Even if this was a game, this type of difficulty was too hard. Was there no time to rest even for a short minute? 

Within the city, while Liu Gan ate for twenty minutes, the tornado had dissipated, but a new series of tornados had developed. So the player on guard duty, alerted everyone of the development of the new tornado. This new tornado was still in its infancy but it was quite close by to these few blocks. As it was heading towards them and gaining in strength.

Seems like it was impossible to escape. It would be more dangerous outside of this room, so for now they had to rely on the reinforced concrete for shelter. If they decided to run around in the complicated pathway of these streets, they might get swept up by the high velocity tornado and meet their end.

“Elder Liu, now what should we do?” asked one of the players as they watched the growing tornado gain in speed towards them.

“Stay far away from the window, and then it is in the hands of the heaven.” Liu Gan replied to them.

Faced off with nature, even if one had wisdom, bravery, faith, and determination, it was not enough. Everything was weak and fragile, and unable to take a hit. Even for Liu Gan who was capable mentally and physically. For now, they were at the mercy of nature. 

Everyone was speechless, they were silently praying to heaven for mercy and to pity them. It was hard to differentiate this type of fear, whether it was the hopelessness or it was the bone chilling feeling that it was the end.

Soon the tornado blew closer to the blocks nearby, and it swept up the zombies in the plaza that Liu Gan hadn’t killed into mid air. Instantly under the high speed velocity of the wind, it banged on the building and produced horrifying sounds. Thankfully, it didn’t break into the room that the people were in. 

The sky darkened and many more zombies flew into the vortex of the tornado. Other junk covered up the sky. So it looked as if it was from a nightmare. As the windspeed finally reached their building, it shook the foundation and started to tremble. Under immense wind pressure, the closed windows were ready to break open.

With the building shaking, everyone were scared and their faces were bloodless . They didn’t know if this structure would be able to withstand the abuse from the objects in the vortex. Just incase, this building couldn’t withstand the pressure of the tornado or it collapsed under the bashing of objects. Then, they would be crushed under the ruins of the building. 

To survive in the post apocalyptic world was a seriously hard task, but to top it off with mother nature’s torment, this was one harsh test of survival.

According to what the local survivors had said, prior to [The Trembling World]’s server starting date, this city’s weather wasn’t so extreme. It wasn’t like today where it was cloudy. There used to be sunlight that illuminated every corner of the city for all four seasons. Now, everything was subjected to cloudy and extremely harsh weather conditions.

Compared to the other players who lost to their fear, Liu Gan was still calm. At this crucial time, he recalled his 20 years of experience. Especially a year ago when he had his limbs amputated. Even the most harsh days here were nothing compared to those days back then. He didn’t believe he would die here, at least not without putting up a fight. 

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