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Chapter 148 - Breaking and Entering

TL: xdh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: NoriPixel

“I will lead the first group. Yin He, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, you will each lead your own group. Each pick two members in your group and split up to enter different household. Gather all the clean food and drink! After you are finished, gather on the 5th floor!” Liu Gan ordered out loud. As he appointed two players to follow him and rush to the floors above.

This building had seven floors, so Liu Gan chose the highest floor to clear out first. As he rushed up the stairs, the zombies in between the floors were all killed off by Liu Gan and his lackeys. With an effortless swing of the axe, the zombies died one by one.

Upon arriving onto the seventh floor, they noticed that both sides had anti-theft door installed. As the two lackeys were wondering how to break through the doorway, Liu Gan ferociously kicked onto the wall attached with the hinge. Several cracks immediately appeared on the wall.

The two lackeys were shocked at how powerful Liu Gan was. What they didn't know was that Liu Gan didn't use his full strength because he was afraid that the wall might collapse on him. 

After the the wall had been cracked, Liu Gan waited for a bit just to be sure that the crack wasn't too much for the structural integrity. That was when Liu Gan used his full force in several kicks and created a large hole in the foam brick wall. From that, they were able to enter into apartment. 

The household didn't have any zombies and the balcony door was wide open with dried bloody footprints leading to it. It looked like there was a zombie in this place, and it had jumped off. 

As the them three broke into the place, they spread out to different, significant areas for searches. The fridge, kitchen, cabinets held the highest possibility for containing food products. As long as people had lived here, there should be food. And so, they found half a bag of rice, cans of beer, and yogurt. It was possible this household had a child, since there were still two large cans of baby powdered milk.

After searching through the first household, Liu Gan created another hole in the anti-theft door on the household of the opposite side. They resumed their looting work there. After the catastrophe, it didn't take long before it was filled with zombies near the downtown city center. Players and survivors like Liu Gan were few in number., which made it easier to gather resources in the city center than here in the suburbs. 

Floors below, the other squads also found separate ways to break into the anti-theft doorways, although they weren't as efficient as Liu Gan's group. By the time Liu Gan finished the sixth and seventh floor, the other groups were almost done with one floor of searching and ready to meet up. 

As they reach the fifth floor, Liu Gan was about to continue his routine kick. Right as Liu Gan was just about to create another hole on the hinge wall, a player walked over to stop him. This player was using a self-made strange metal tool that he shoved into the anti-theft door lock. Then with a few light twists and turns, he easily opened up the door lock. 

“I'm not a thief. I was a locksmith… Elder Liu don't look at me like that. It's true, my family have been generations of being locksmiths. Even though locksmiths here are almost as skilled as I was back when I was younger, and locksmiths do play video games…” said the player as he quickly explained himself to Liu Gan.

This player didn't lie. His name was Zhao Meng, and he was definitely from a family of locksmiths. In addition, he was a fanatic in finding different methods of unlocking anti-theft locks. Amongst his self created tools, there was no lock in the market that he couldn't unlock. 

After entering into the game, to stand out amongst his fellow players, Zhao Meng used his spare time to create this tool. Seeing that players and enhanced survivors alike were judged based on their ability, it was possible that Zhao Meng could have a chance to reach level 5 too. Thus, he quickly used this chance to demonstrate himself. 

The doors to the several floors also had a few that installed anti-theft door locks that were opened by him.

“Our group definitely has some skilled individuals!” Liu Gan surprisingly looked at Zhao Meng with new sight. They quickly entered the household and closed the door behind them. 

Zhang ShengLi rushed in to check, quickly clearing out the two husband and wife zombies and reporting back to Liu Gan that it was safe. 

“Close every window!” Liu Gan ordered everyone as he closed the small window in the living room. 

Other players quickly went to check every room within this household. They checked to make sure the balcony door was shut tight. Even though this balcony door wasn't a perfect fit, it was suitable for avoiding the wind. 

After closing the window in the living room, everything in the apartment was quiet. From time to time, it was possible to hear the doors from certain households resonate with a ‘bang bang’ as it swung open and closed. They could also hear the sounds of windows breaking as the glass fell onto the floor. 

This residential district was located for rich and superior people, so the materials used for the doors and windows were all superior quality. Under normal conditions, the windows wouldn't break easily. So the object that broke the window must have struck it at immense force. After closing the doors and window, the wind couldn’t penetrate the cracks, so everyone felt safe within this space. 

The household on this floor was the largest, with four bedrooms and two living rooms. Two players took the initiative to remove the husband and wife zombies from the master bedroom to another bedroom, then closed the bedroom door. The other people wiped down the dust on the sofa and tea tables. Afterwards, Liu Gan, Yin He, and Zhang ShengLi sat on the sofa to discuss the next step. 

Only searching through one household had provided everyone with plentiful rewards. They had gathered many types of food, drinks, beer, yogurts, and many more. There were some fruits that hadn’t spoiled yet, so everyone could enjoy their meal. There were some packets of food and powdered milk that couldn’t be eaten directly and had to be eaten with rice or noodles.

“Should we ration the food?” Wang DeCheng asked Liu Gan.

“No need, eat as much as you can. We can’t afford to stay here for too long. If you can’t finish eating and can’t carry it with you, it wouldn’t be a problem since the city center won’t have a shortage of food for awhile. We can pillage and eat as we go.” Liu Gan replied to Wang DeCheng. 

“Okay! Everyone you heard the boss! Let’s prepare for a feast! Enjoy your food!” Wang DeCheng told everyone. From Wang DeCheng’s way of speech, his status upgraded from a security guard to high-ranking spokesperson. 

[TL: Update]

Player list : Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi, Han GuangMing, Wang DeCheng, Martial Thunder, Zhao Meng & 13 other unnamed players.

Survivor list update: Lee Miao, Zhou MingLiang, HuJun, Zhou JingJing, Zhang Hua, Xu ChangHui. 

Android: Yin He.

19 players, 6 survivors, 1 android.

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