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Chapter 144 - To Liberate

“Thank you, Elder Liu.” Zhang Hua receiving the praise very happily. When the local survivors were within the hospital, they had limited resources like grassroots, tree barks, and unpleasant smelling, medicine-treated zombie meat. So to have canned meat from the supermarket was a very attractive offer.

“I heard the Carapace Variant Zombie died?” asked the players and local survivors from afar as they greeted the three people with gratitude.

“Right now was not the time to celebrate. This half of the bridge will collapse any time, even though the Carapace Variant Zombie is dead. The exploded spread of black substances are still very dangerous and active. We must push a car over to cover that area, then cop across on the car tops off of this bridge. If you want to celebrate then wait until we are off this bridge.” Liu Gan told them. Then, Liu Gan picked up his backpack as he started to lead the rest of the group over to the end of the bridge.

The Carapace Variant Zombie imploded. It was definitely possible that before the bamboo spear had closed, Zhang ShengLi was able to pull off the grenade ring from afar. Then, the grenade had exploded from within the enclosed shell. This had maximized the power of the explosion. That explained why the site of explosion was covered in liquid black substance. The air around it also smelled terribly.

“Seems like this carapace is very sturdy. Even though the explosion killed it, it wasn’t able to destroy the shell, being able to withstand the corrosive nature of the black substance. If it were to be used as a shield, it’s defensive property must be really good.” A player said as he examined the dead Carapace Variant Zombie.

“I agree that it is good, but whoever gets close to it will die.” replied another player.

Liu Gan stared at the carapace, also having similar thoughts. However, the extremely corrosive, black substances on it were the major problem. Now that the carapace was covered with the black substance, even an accidental touch would be detrimental. It burns even through gloves and into the bones.

Unless there was a hose with large amount of water to wash it off cleanly, then you could reconsider taking it along.

At the same time, the suspension cables from behind them started producing more terrifying sounds of wire snapping. The bridge shook as if it was about to collapse. Liu Gan vanquished his thoughts of obtaining the carapace. He immediately took action and told the others to start pushing a large van over the explosion site and immediately bypass the site.

The rest of the scattered regular zombies no longer posed a threat to the players. The problem was that the bridge exit had a large gathering of zombies, a number surpassing a hundred. These zombies might have wandered to this point due to the loud sound.

After seeing the players rush off the bridge, nearly a hundred zombies at the bridge exit started rushing at them. They completely blocking off the exit, making it risky for the players to fight.

“Let these zombies charge at me.” Zhang ShengLi told the players. Then, he wielded the fire axe and charged forward.

“Are you crazy?” Lee Miao seeing that Zhang ShengLi acedt so courageous against a hundred oncoming zombies, she got so frightened.

Zhang ShengLi wasn’t looking to die. It was because he had awakened his other ability after reaching level 5. It was [Tornado Slash]. However, he had never tried it out so he didn’t know what the ability did. As a veteran game player, he could judge that it was an offensive type of ability based on the name.

Right now, as more zombies were piling up, it was the perfect moment to use [Tornado Slash]. He was emotionally excited, so he told everyone to step back while he charged forward.

Liu Gan heard Zhang ShengLi shout and could guess the situation. He realized that he could witness Zhang ShengLi’s ability firsthand. Thus, he told Yin He to follow Zhang ShengLi, just in case his ability was too terrible. That way, she could respond and rescue him.

He ran up to the front of the zombie pack so he could activate his ability. His ability was an active ability, while Liu Gan’s ability was passive. Therefore figuring out how to trigger the activation, even Liu Gan wasn’t too sure of. In fact it was quite easy to Zhang ShengLi. If he had wanted to activate his ability, his body would naturally stimulate itself and be restless. It was as if a large amount of energy was stored within his body.

Afterwards, he felt as if all he needed to do was use the fire axe and swing outward. That would release all the stored energy at once. As such, he has such a strong urge to release the energy at once. What a good feeling it would be to release the pent up energy.

As Zhang ShengLi slashed his fire axe toward the crowd of zombie, his whole body started revolving. You could see the limbs and body parts of destroyed zombies flying all over the place, and none of those zombies had gotten close enough to do any harm. He put a rotating spin on the axe, which severed numerous parts of their bodies.

After a few seconds, Zhang ShengLi used up all his energy within the body and stopped spinning. From the crowd of over a hundred zombies, there was half left, close to forty zombies. From the force of zombies getting pushed outward, the ones alive were scattered everywhere. It wasn’t packed like it was before.

The moment Zhang ShengLi stopped [Tornado Slash], he had killed sixty zombies but was surrounded by the rest of them, making it hard for him to escape.

It was evident that his active ability couldn’t be used again after he stopped revolving. Zhang ShengLi was exhausted and drained of power., so even if he wanted to do something, it was quite difficult.

Liu Gan and Yin He lead other players over to quickly kill the remaining forty zombies that were scattered around. Originally, this battle should have been quite difficult, since they would have been surrounded, but Zhang ShengLi was able to kill a majority of it due to his ability.

“Brother Zhang, you reached level 5?” Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing were shocked. Only when they saw his [Tornado Slash] did they understand the situation.

“Yes, Elder Liu helped me level up. If you guys follow Elder Liu’s instructions obediently, then you will get a chance to gain more achievements and have a chance to level up to 5.” Zhang ShengLi said, putting a good word out.

“I envy you! I want to level up to 5 too so I can activate my ability”

“Yes, if my ability awakens, I wonder what ability it would be?


As other players started chatting, they all began to view Zhang ShengLi with endless envy. This was unavoidable, as he was the Elder Liu’s first follower. Thus, from now on, they must do their best to gain achievements so they could reach level 5 and awaken their ability.

The difference between level 5 and level 4 was a really big divide. It could be said that for ar player, reaching level 5 was the ticket to truly entering into [The Trembling World].

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