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Chapter 143 - Specialty

The players were ashamed. After climbing down from the steel ladder, they were caught off guard from the noise produced by the bridge nodes. In a moment of confusion, they couldn’t recall Liu Gan’s warnings, which resulted in one player dead and two players injured.

Liu Gan lead Zhang Hua and Zhang ShengLi headed towards the junction at the end of the bridge. Along the way, Liu Gan was explaining the particular parts of the Carapace Variant Zombie and his strategy.

The tactics were simple. Liu Gan would attach the hand grenade to the front of the bamboo spear, then distract the variant zombie’s attention and cause it to open up its shell. At that moment, Zhang Hua will take the opportunity to throw in the grenade-attached spear into the carapace.

“Elder Liu, you said the shell opens up at least three meters wide, at over fifty meters away. You want me to throw the grenade-spear into the shell. I guarantee that there won’t be any problems and it will definitely hit the target a hundred percent of the time. Except, the ring needs to pulled from the grenade to explode, right?” Zhang Hua asked Liu Gan.

“I will have a method so the grenade explodes at the right time.” Liu Gan replied to Zhang Hua. At this moment, the three have already reached the target destination. Liu Gan hopped onto the car top to look around. As usual, the Carapace Variant Zombie was edging closer to them at the lightning speed of a turtle. From the time since he had last seen the zombie, it moved around two meters. It seemed like it moved very slow.

Zhang ShengLi was curious as to what his duty was the moment Liu Gan whispered it into his ears. Zhang ShengLi was shocked. His body started trembling out of excitement. In Liu Gan’s eyes, he had high expectations of Zhang ShengLi.

Liu Gan’s three man group stacked the vehicles that were connected to each other. This formed a long runway of at least a dozen meters. Then, Liu Gan tied down the hand grenade onto the front of the bamboo spear with cloth. From there, he pulled out the extraordinary lightweight coiled rope developed from the San Xing Corporation Laboratory and unfold it seven or eight times on the ground.

Liu Gan tied one end of the rope onto the hand grenade ring and with the grenade already fastened to the spear head. Next, Liu Gan would jump from car top to car top just to cause the Carapace Variant Zombie to open up its shell. At the same time Zhang Hua jumped onto the car runway with the grenade-spear in hand as he got ready. His job was to launch the grenade-spear into the opening of the shell.

Once the grenade-spear successfully landed within the shell, he would then signal Zhang ShengLi to do his task. His job was to quickly tug onto the rope after it struck the Carapace Variant Zombie and detonate the grenade from afar!

What Zhang ShengLi had heard from Liu Gan was that, he was allowed to kill a variant zombie so he could level up to 5! The opportunity to level up from 4 to 5 was a good opportunity to better defend themselves with their own ability!

Liu Gan was already at level 6, so judging from his previous experiences, to raise to level 7, he would need at least a dozen variant zombies. Perhaps, he would find a chance where he could assassinate a variant zombie so he can jump levels from 6 to 8, like that time when he had first entered into the game.

Zhang ShengLi had been devastated from his sister, Zhang ShengNan’s, issue. Then, he had nearly died. He had given up on life. It was Liu Gan who pulled him out of death’s hand. So he was completely dedicated and loyal to Liu Gan. If he couldn’t level up from 4 to 5, then he wouldn’t be much use to Liu Gan. And so, giving this Variant Zombie to Zhang ShengLi will allow him to level up to 5. This way, there would be responsibilities that Liu Gan didn’t have to personally carry out himself. He could allocate it to Zhang ShengLi.

After everyone were informed of their tasks, Liu Gan shouted for everyone to get into position. He got onto the car top to divert the Carapace Variant Zombie’s attention away. At the same time, Zhang Hua readied and aligned himself on the runway of cars. Gripping onto the bamboo spear, he waited for Liu Gan’s signal. Liu Gan waited for the Carapace Variant Zombie to open up the shell, then shouted ‘throw’ to Zhang Hua.

Zhang Hua threw the grenade-spear into the opening of the shell. Together with the lightweight rope, it flew into the opening of shell. Zhang Hua has the physical prowess of a level 4 player, so with his full strength, the bamboo spear was launched very quickly. In less than 4 seconds, it had reached over fifty meters in front of the Carapace Variant Zombie.

The Carapace Variant Zombie felt as if there was something wrong, so it immediately sprayed out large quantity of black substance at the incoming grenade-spear. The black substance covered Liu Gan’s line of sight, so he wasn’t even sure if the grenade-spear was able to land on the target within the shell. However, judging solely on the flight pattern of the spear, he shouted to Zhang ShengLi to ‘pull’!

Already readied, Zhang ShengLi tugged hard onto the rope, then ran back.

Like the calm before a storm, everything was quiet. Since the black substance was sprayed out in a form of a mist for wide-area effect, Liu Gan wasn’t able to see if it had landed. He wasn’t sure whether it had even landed within the shell or simply dissolved before it even got close to the shell. There was also the question of whether or not Zhang ShengLi was able to get the ring off of the grenade.

After three long seconds, ‘Bang!’ A muffled sound echoed from afar.

Standing on the car top, Liu Gan was able to see large amount of destroyed mush and carapace with black substances spread out. There was a dense, dark-black orb that only Zhang ShengLi could see with his own eyes. It move at a high speed all into his body.

“Did it die?” Liu Gan jumped off and asked Zhang ShengLi. Every time it was a confirmed kill on the zombie, a black orb that signified experience will only be visible to the person who had killed it. Other people couldn’t see it with the naked eye.

“It died!” Zhang ShengLi confirmed with Liu Gan. He felt his body burning, the same feeling as when had had leveled up before. This time, it was several times hotter, and it showed on his wristwatch that he had leveled up from 4 to 5.

Liu Gan patted Zhang ShengLi’s shoulder as a gesture of congratulation. All this was through gesture and not words. Zhang ShengLi looked at Liu Gan with gratefulness and lifted up his fist for a chest bump.

“Are we successful?” Zhang Hua asked from the roadway. He still didn’t understand what Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi were celebrating about.

“Successful!” Zhang ShengLi happily replied to Zhang Hua. To Zhang ShengLi, this wasn’t simply an obstacle, it was his chance of guaranteeing survival in this world.

“What you did here was a major achievement. You saved everyone here. When we return to eat, I will give you a can of meat as a reward.” Liu Gan praised Zhang Hua. To have a specialty skill of throwing spears, he was worth the effort to rope in and nurture.

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