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Chapter 141 - Spray Hole

TL: xdh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: NoriPixel

The players obediently threw the gloves over and a draft of pungent smell followed. It was such a toxic fume that it caused Liu Gan to be dizzy. Liu Gan quickly retreated several meters back, then signaled for Yin He to investigate. It was to see whether she had any information in her database to find out the composition in the substance.

Yin He carefully walked over, and after a quick sniff, she stretched out her hand toward the glove to gently graze it. She immediately retracted her hand after a brief moment of contact. It was enough to burn her fingerprint even though she came into contact with minute amounts of the black substance!

“Not sure what this substance is. My skin was created to withstand degradation from strong acids and bases, but this substance was able to easily erode through.” Yin He whispered into Liu Gan’s ear.

“Will your hand have any problems?” Liu Gan looked at the acid-burned scar that was left behind.

“No, the nanobots within my body will slowly repair the damaged parts.” Yin He answered Liu Gan.

“Is there anyone here that learned chemistry? Does anyone know what this strong, pungent smell is and its chemical property? Is it acidic or basic? Or does anyone know what this material might be?” Liu Gan loudly asked everyone around him.

“Even though I'm not a chemist, I do know that even the strongest acid or base wouldn't have such a fast corrosive property. Seems like anything it touches will deteriorate! It is really hard to believe!” Said a player after he surveyed the situation.

Without asking any more questions, Liu Gan climbed up the suspension cables all the way to the top and proceeded towards the source of the black substance...

After climbing high up, his enhanced vision detected something strange in the distance.

Right at the adjoining land near the edge of the bridge appeared a creature that was at least two or three meters tall. Its whole body was covered in a gray color. It looked like a gigantic toad, but it only had two legs. Protecting its body was a dark-gray, bony outer shell. The way its legs were separated didn't resemble a toad at all! It looked more like a clam shell, since it wasn't moving at all and its color was gray. It looked like it was trying to camouflage itself as a large rock. If people weren't looking carefully, they wouldn't suspect it.

The corrosive substance was found from that general direction, so it was highly suspicious. Aside from that, there were only regular zombies in the area by the end of the bridge. so there were no other suspects!

That nineteen-year-old player that had panicked and ran off alone clearly couldn't see what was ahead of him because of the cars that blocked his field of vision. Aside from that, he ran really fast and wasn't paying attention.

Even if it were to attack, the distance was absurd. From where they stood, the path to getting off the bridge led down towards the junction, but the distance was at least fifty meters away from where the players had been hurt! This creature’s attack range was so far away and the black substance was able to overcome the strongest of obstacles. This creature was blocking the path that everyone needed to cross. What a troublesome problem.

Was this another form of variant zombie?

Or was this an advanced zombie?

According to Liu Gan’s guess, this would still be categorized as a variant zombie due to the cumbersome body and undeveloped legs. It seemed to be very limited in mobility, which limited its abilities. It has the capability to oppose the gods with its attacking power. If there were more variant zombies running around with this much fire power, then Liu Gan and everyone else would’ve been long dead on the bridge.

In the short time that Liu Gan stayed to observe, this peculiar creature stretched out one leg to take a small step. It dragged its heavy body forward half a meter, then laid motionless on the ground.

It seemed like its mobility was definitely limited and poor.

Now what must be done to dismantle the terrifying cannon? Liu Gan decided to move closer just to confirm that the black substance had been sprayed out from this creature. Another thing that he needed to verify was the method with which it attacked, even though this was possibly the riskiest thing he had ever done.

If he didn’t attempt the risk, then there was no way to confirm the method of attack, and he wouldn’t know how to get rid of it. Aside from that, the bridge deck and suspension cables were generating some strange sounds time to time. According to Zhou MingLiang, this half of the bridge could collapse at any moment. There was no time left for Liu Gan to hesitate.

Liu Gan took one of the larger shields from a player and locked his sight on this new breed of variant zombie. Liu Gan walked on cartop of the vehicles and carefully hopped from one vehicle to another, as he moved closer.

The new variant zombie had an exceptionally acute vision. It became more alert the moment Liu Gan had gotten closer to the location where the player was last injured by jumping from car top to car top. Originally, it was laying on the ground with its head on the floor, but it lifted its head up. It even stood upright and straight, increasing its previous height of 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters.

At the same time, the giant shell started to crack open. Perhaps it was the head ot the body. It revealed disgusting and ugly pores that resembled spray holes. Now it was undeniable that the corrosive black substance was spat out from the pores. From the looks of this half-body of the bony spherical shell, it seemed to contain large quantities of the black substance!

Liu Gan didn’t attempt to continue forward. He only used his enhanced vision to carefully observe the creature from afar. Since Liu Gan didn’t enter the attack range of the variant zombie, it didn’t attempt to launch its attack. After ten seconds or so, it retracted its head back inside the giant shell due to the lack of a threat and closed off the shell.

However, the moment Liu Gan edged slightly closer, it opened up its large clam shell again to reveal the multiple spray pores. The variant zombie readied itself, arching backwards as if it were going to launch any moment. Once again, after ten seconds, it retracted within the shell when it discovered that Liu Gan wasn’t within the firing range. This time, the variant zombie moved closer another half a meter.

After confirming that it was very slow-moving, Liu Gan was able to calm down. With such a powerful cannon-like attack, they wouldn’t have come out unscathed if it was able to run around. It would’ve definitely been impossible to continue playing the game.

Liu Gan had to think for awhile about what to do next. Then, he jumped onto another rooftop of the car. Closing in on the location where the players had been injured, Liu Gan was now within the attack zone of the variant zombie. As expected, this variant zombie opened up the shell and shot at Liu Gan with large amounts of black, liquid substances from ten or more spray pores.

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