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TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Allenwa


Chapter 136 - Collapse

Ever since Liu Gan left the San Xing Corporation’s building, he had been searching for Variant Zombies to kill so he could level up. It was just disappointing that aside from the corpse tide, he wasn't able to locate any of them.


Right when Liu Gan pondered upon how to abuse the system’s game rules to earn experience, the remaining part of the cable-stayed bridge that was still connected, suddenly shook. Around them, appeared a huge crack. After that a large section of the bridge deck with the maintenance layer started to deteriorate.


Amongst the survivors in his group, the couple, and that male survivor were right on top of the collapsed part of the bridge and he couldn't react fast enough. So they fell along with the collapsed road.


His partner quickly reached out to grab his hand. The two of them interlocked their hands familiarly, but the female survivor didn't have the strength to counteract the force of her boyfriend falling. In the confusion, she didn't grab onto something sturdy and she ended up getting dragged down with her boyfriend.


While this happened, right below them in the river a few meters within the range of falling debris of the collapsed bridge appeared two faces of an extremely ugly monster. It's body was rather large, and as it opened up its mouth, sharpened fangs were revealed. After the commotion above, it faced the bridge deck and roared.


Liu Gan didn't let it slip by him. He quickly grabbed onto the exposed steel wire  that stuck out in one hand and in his other hand he dangerously held onto the female survivor's ankle.


“Quickly pull me up” cried the male survivor who hung right above the two ugly monsters with their mouths wide open. He was so frightened by what he saw that he didn't need to know the consequences if he fell into the water.


“I fell too…” cried the female survivor desperately. She could only feel someone holding onto her ankle, but she was doubtful that they could hold on for long. In this condition, it was hopeless to expect both of them to get pulled up.

Once Liu Gan took his stance firmly on the ground, he used his strength to pull the couple up. It would've been impossible for normal people to pull them up without using both hands, but Liu Gan only needed one of his hands.


Others started to rush over and quickly helped. Together, they were able to pull the couple back onto the bridge deck quickly.


When the couple got back on their feet, they followed everyone back to the area where Zhou MingLiang designated as safe. Only when they looked back at the broken bridge, did they realize how close to dying they were. They quickly thanked Liu Gan for saving their lives. 3 other survivors also walked over to thank Liu Gan, since the couple were their important companions.


“Now that we are together, we are a team. I would hope for you guys to be like us and unconditionally accept Elder Liu’s commands. Only this way, can he be able to guarantee your safety and help you guys escape from here.” Wang DeCheng walked over to lobby the few survivors into joining their squad.


Previously on the bridge, while they were still on the bridge fighting off the corpse tide, the player’s side lost a good half of their players. Since these 5 Survivors seemed quite capable, Wang DeCheng quickly went to be the lobbyist for their group.


“Elder Liu has a good personality. Originally, I was captured by Tiger Lord. It was Elder Liu who killed Tiger Lord and saved me. He also treated me with respect.” Lee Miao said as she walked over.


“Then, Brother Wang, how do we join you guys?” asked Zhou MingLiang. Zhou MingLiang loved to talk. He was an expert when it came to interpersonal communications. After hearing the other players interact with Wang DeCheng, by calling him Brother Wang, Zhou MingLiang followed suite. It was to close the distance between the two of them so they could become more friendly, even though he was older than Wang DeCheng.


“Are you representing them?” Wang DeCheng confirmed with Zhou MingLiang.


“We have no other choice, and if we follow them we could survive longer. What do you guys think?” Zhou MingLiang asked his other 4 companion.


The other four quickly nodded. They didn’t object to the suggestion. Liu Gan and Yin He’s abilities were top-notch. In addition, Liu Gan seemed to be able to think calmly even in dangerous situations. This was evident throughout the whole time when Liu Gan guided them away from the corpse tide. Within this post-apocalyptic world, they could survive only if they followed strong individuals.


“Well this would still depend on Elder Liu’s wishes.” after Wang DeCheng confirmed that these Survivors wanted to join, he looked at Liu Gan as it wasn’t his own call to make.


“Elder… Liu?” Zhou MingLiang asked Liu Gan. Even though it was the first time he said it out loud,  it sounded reluctant. In due time, it would come out more smoothly because that was Zhou MingLiang’s personality.


“If you are obedient, and your actions match my commands, then I will consider it. However, if I have to question your actions, then for my survival I can't accept you. It would be better for both parties since it might cause disruptions within the ranks” answered Liu Gan. His answer was not a solid yes or no, and it was just that he would observe them since these people were strangers to him.


“Yes! It’s especially important that no matter what Elder Liu instructs you, you have to follow strictly and don't do things on your own. Especially don't do things that you feel are out of kindness from your standards. Not only will you kill yourself, but you will bring harm to your teammates.” Zhang ShengLi added. He brought that up because it reminded him of his sister, Zhang ShengNan’s situation so this aspect still pained him.


“We will… do our best.” Zhou MingLiang expressed his interest as he looked at his fellow companions.


“Our lives were rescued by Elder Liu, so we are willing to follow Elder Liu and follow his rules.” Declared the male and female couple. If it weren't for Liu Gan, they would both be in the stomach of the water monsters.



The other remaining two male survivors looked at each other and displayed their willingness to follow the rules and join the player's group. Since the survivor's camp no longer existed, and only 5 of them remained, and with 3 of the 5 of them willing to follow Liu Gan, these two were left with no other choice.


“Welcome to our group!” Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, Zhang ShengLi and Lee Miao happily congratulated the five Survivors and each of them introduced themselves to each other.


[TL: oh please no, more names.]


The couple amongst the Survivors, the male was HuJun and the female was Zhou JingJing. Their day job was being a package courier. The other two male survivors were called Zhang Hua and Xu ChangHui. Zhang Hua was a shop owner across the street nearby the Hospital. Xu ChangHui was a patient caretaker in the hospital.


While everyone was introducing each other, the originally quiet bridge started shaking again. The slanted suspension cables at the connecting nodes with the bridge produced a horrible ‘kaka’ sound. Especially the center of the bridge, the part, that was rooted deeply into the river; it also was the highest point of the bridge. As the heart of the bridge started leaning in the direction to the side that had collapsed, it slightly tilted in that direction.


“Expert Zhou, would this be considered as within your predictions?” asked Liu Gan watching the bridge center start to rock with all its suspension cables attached. Even though, Liu Gan didn't understand Structural Mechanics, he understood that if the steel infrastructure at the bridge center toppled over, then it might bring down the whole bridge.


[TL: Liu Gan is making fun of Zhou MingLiang when he is talking to him in this last paragraph. By the way, follow my playlist? :)]

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