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Chapter 135 - After the Calamity

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The Giant Colossal Variant Zombie seeped out a dense black orb. It was able to catch up to Liu Gan, who was trying to escape. It soaked all through his body.


Meanwhile Liu Gan ran like a madman at his top speed, and suddenly felt a nice warm burst within his body. It was a familiar warmth that was similar to when he leveled up. His body ran faster as if his top speed had a new limit, and his sight and hearing became even more clear. Liu Gan had been frantically running so he didn't witness the scene of the suspension cable whiplash cut the Giant Colossal Variant Zombie in half. So in his mind, it was indeed a strange phenomenon as he didn't kill a Variant Zombie yet, so how could it be possible for him to level up without killing one?


It was like the type of sensation that you got from leveling up though, but as Liu Gan was wondering what is going on, he didn't have time to look at his wrist watch. The most important task is for him was to reach the safety on the other side of the bridge or to run out of the range of the suspension cable. Otherwise, if he got struck by the suspension cables, even his alloy limbs would not withstand the force and he would be smashed into mushes of meat.


The suspension cables recoiled back into midair, and soon whipped back onto the surface of the bridge deck. Another dozen ordinary zombies also got struck and were sent flying off. Even with the suspension cable danger, these fearless zombies marched head on into it. They were no match for the massive cables though, and upon contact the zombies were obliterated.


Liu Gan and Zhou MingLiang forced themselves into a sprint for the other half of the bridge deck. Only after they joined up with the group did they stop running. Then they both took deep breaths to regain their composure and at the same time turned back to look at the scene of the suspension cables snapping around due to recoil.

Compared to the scene where the suspension cables whipped back and forth, this was an even more attractive scene. It was a single Giant Colossal Variant Zombie leading hundreds of regular zombies behind him. It completely disregarded the suspension cables in midair, and with such a menacing aura, it continued to march.

“How come the bridge didn't collapse?” Liu Gan asked, since he felt the situation didn't seem right. If that half of the bridge doesn't collapse, and the corpse tide bypasses the fiery blockade then he didn't have any other way to stop them.


What was different with this corpse tide from the last corpse tide was that besides the front of the pack was being led by a Giant Colossal Variant Zombie, there were a few other Colossal Variant Zombies mixed within the corpse tide further in the back. Even Liu Gan didn't have the confidence that he could kill the Colossal Variant zombies and come out unscathed.


Right now, he judged that with his troops current ability if they decided to fight the Giant Colossal Variant Zombies mixed within the corpse tide then they would surely die.

"Rest assured, the suspension cables broke off so it is bound to collapse. It will soon collapse, and according to my calculations, it should be in these few seconds. If you don't believe me, watch me countdown… Five… four… three… two… one…” Zhou MingLiang started his countdown.


The moment Zhou MingLiang said “one”. The entire bridge body shook. Numerous slanted suspension cables on one side of the bridge broke off at once. The cables couldn't bear the tension and the massive weight and the whole thing made a terrible sound as it collapsed downward into the river.


There were already thousands of zombies up on the bridge deck and they all charged past the leading Giant Colossal Variant Zombie. All of them screeched as they fell with the collapsed bridge straight into the river below. The broken bridge produced a loud sound and water splashed up. Upon impact, it produced a spiralling whirlpool that sucked all the zombies under. The Giant Colossal Variant Zombie and the regular zombies were all submerged into the water and then resurfaced, only to be carried downstream by the current of the river.


As the whole bridge shook with tremendous force, the whole troop except Yin He, fell to the ground from the shockwave. They slowly got up, but didn't dare to stand upright. They crouched on the floor nervously as they surveyed the surroundings just in case there was an aftershock from the bridge that shook and knocked them down again.


When the bridge shaking finally settled down, everyone finally found their nerves to stand back up. Without the worry of the corpse tide, everyone looked at the other end of the bridge.


As they looked across, everyone’s heart skipped a beat..

Due to partial bridge collapse, it generated very loud noises that attracted all the nearby zombies to the side of the bank they were headed. After they gathered, they charged up towards them onto the bridge. Although the sheer number of these zombies wasn’t as much as the large scale corpse tide from before,  it could still be described as terrifying.


Seems as if it was escaping out of a wolf’s den and into a tiger’s mouth! There wasn’t a moment to relax at all.

"Elder Liu, what should we do?" Everyone looked at Liu Gan.


“Let’s use the old method. First let’s use fire to burn them then we can plan our next step!” Liu Gan instructed everyone to push the cars to form another blockade, that was similar to the blockade earlier on the collapsed side of the bridge, before these zombies rushed at them. Only around a dozen cars were stacked up to form the blockade this time, and the caps for the oil tanks were intentionally left open so it would spill out when pushed over. Now they just had to wait for the oil to spread out onto the surface of the road.


[TL: Only one half of the bridge deck collapsed. Liu Gan and them are still stuck on the other half trying to escape, but their path is blocked. Remember to read on GravityTales . com]


As the zombies rushed up, Liu Gan took the opportunity to pull out a hand grenade and threw it at the area where the gasoline seemed to have accumulated the most, and instantaneously these dozens of cars lit up.


Afterwards, they pushed even more cars nearby onto the already burning cars. Between the zombies and the troop there was an around 20 meter sea of burning cars. A large number of these regular zombies climbed onto the cars only to be burned to death. Occasionally a few zombies would get pass the blockade, but it lost most of its’ ability to fight from being burnt thoroughly.


On this side of the bridge, it didn’t seem like it was able to form a large-scale corpse tide, and there weren’t any signs of Variant Zombies. However, these 20 meters of burning fire, was enough to stop the thousands of zombies that had rushed up to it and burnt to death.   


Everyone was finally able to release a sigh, while some sat or stood on the road of the bridge as they watched the cars burn. For a brief moment, they felt relief like the type of happy feeling you get after you survived a calamity.


Liu Gan finally took this chance to look at his alloy watch. What he didn’t expect was that his level indicator really said ‘6’! While he was escaping on the bridge, it leveled up him! Thinking back on it, wasn’t there a suspension cable that severed the Giant Colossal Variant Zombie’s body in half. Liu Gan couldn’t help but wonder why. Could it be that the suspension cable killing the Variant Zombie also factored into his experience points?


Could it be… since it was due to him blowing off the suspension cables that caused the Giant Colossal Variant Zombie to die, so indirectly it was him that caused the death of the variant zombie. So then, the experience points all went to him? If  this was a type of rule, then he would have to make sure to use this method effectively in the future!


For example, if there was a group of variant zombies standing by a gas station. If he threw a hand grenade at the gas station then after the variant zombies all died from being burned and blown up, then would the experience all go to him? What an awesome indirect method to earn experience!


Having said that, to find variant zombies was very hard. The chances of finding a group of variant zombies standing by a gas station was nearly equivalent to zero.


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