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TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Amaranth

Chapter 133 - Daydream

 By the way, this is a cable-stayed bridge 

Liu Gan quickly scanned the circle of people who were still alive. Level four players who he had trained personally, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing were still alive. As for the other level 4 players, only two of them got surrounded by zombies in the corpse tide. The rest of the group were level 3 players.


Every time players level up, their strength would increase substantially level 4 players compared to level 3 players were a lot of tougher, with more speed and power. Which was a great advantage. To be able to keep up with Liu Gan meant that they had a higher chance of staying alive.


What Liu Gan did not expect was the fact that Lee Miao was actually still alive, perhaps it was because she was tightly affixed to Zhang ShengLi. Even that wasn't enough to calm her nerves, her body kept trembling.


Only five people remained from side of local survivors. Four men and one woman, and one of these young men and the woman was obviously a couple. Although not egotistical, they looked like they were capable fighters. Without a doubt out of the hundreds of local survivors at the camp, these five were the strongest.


"Everyone, follow the Little He and start crossing the bridge while killing wandering zombies! Let me handle the corpse tide!” Liu Gan commanded the remaining people in the group. The ‘Little He’ that he mentioned was Yin He.


"Roger!" Zhang ShengLi and others, didn't know what tactics Liu Gan was going to use, but still they were very obedient as they followed Yin He to cross  the bridge while cleaning up the wandering zombies.


After everyone left the blockade, Liu Gan pulled out the ring for the hand grenade, then threw it  at crawling with zombies which were climbing the stacked vehicles. The power of the grenade explosion sent those zombies flying and at the same time it ignited the fuel tank of the overturned vehicles. Fuel tanks were ignited and once they detonated, it caused a great surge of fire.

Liu Gan was roaring as he pushed the nearby vehicles one by one into the flame and soon the vehicles were on fire. The surface of the bridge looked like a sea of flames. As more and more cars were pushed into the fire, the surface area of the flames increased. As large amount of zombies rushed fearlessly into the sea of flames, they got burned. The zombies were contributing to fueling the flames. This was a temporary solution to block the corpse tide from overrunning the bridge.


[TL: that's lit.]


As zombies at the frontlines were burning, the zombies that were following them also started burning since they were on top the zombie ladder. The fire continued to spread from top of the ladder to bottom. Even though zombies were burning, they still crawled over the sea of flames. Until they dropped dead before they could reach Liu Gan.


"Hello, my name is Zhou, I am named Zhou MingLiang." A survivor came back to greet Liu Gan.


"I do not care what you are called but you'd better stay with others. Otherwise I can't guarantee your safety while I'm busy!" Said Liu Gan as he pushed another car into the sea of flames, he also threw the burning zombie back into the fire.


“Leader, you are really strong! How many more hand grenades do you have? I have a way that can permanently end the corpse tide if it works.” Said Zhou MingLiang in place without departing.



Zhou MingLiang looked about thirty years old. His hobby was to physically exercise whenever he could. After the disaster, he had to kill a lot of zombies before his mutation occurred. He was one of the several Enhanced Survivors from the local survivors side. His current strength was almost equivalent to a level 4 players. The other few survivors also the strength was almost equivalent to level 4 players.

"I have seven or eight left." Liu Gan replied, he was somewhat intrigued. He had ten hand grenades which he accumulated along the way. There were some laying in the storage of the supermarket, and now they belonged to him.

“This roadblock can not stop them for a long time, crossing this bridge will take a long time since it is also full of zombies. We can’t kill all of them fast enough, so it is likely that we will get surrounded on the bridge. We have to blow up the bridge to completely block stop the corpse tide. Or even if somehow we successfully clear the zombies on the bridge, this corpse tide will endlessly chase us as we escape.” Said Zhou MingLiang.


 "You want to blow up the bridge with only several hand grenades? Are you daydreaming?" Liu Gan shook his head, even if he used all of his hand grenades it would be impossible to blow up the bridge, right?


"I am not speaking nonsense, because I used to work in the vicinity of the bridge, I participated in the original design of the cable-stayed bridge so no one knows the weakness of this bridge better than I do. Plus, we don't have to destroy the bridge completely, we only need to pinpoint the key cable wires and destroy them. The other suspension cable wires will snap from tension and they will fall like dominos. Then half of the bridge surface will collapse into the large river.” explained Zhou MingLiang to Liu Gan.


 "Are you sure that your idea is feasible?" Liu Gan stopped what he was doing and confirmed what Zhou MingLiang said.

 "It should be feasible if not, we can always jump into the river to survive." Zhou MingLiang take a look at the rapid river below.

“Jumping into the river? Don't even think about it! In the water below there are very strong variant type zombies, and there are at least a few of them in there.” Liu Gan shook his head. Previously together with Yin he when he was searching for a boat around the riverside, they couldn't find one. So they planned to enter into the river, but after they entered they saw several ferocious monsters which they never saw before chasing each other. 


Sometimes they would surface, sometimes they would dive back into the water. These variant monsters had a huge ugly strange structures with frighteningly sharp fangs and they could swim nimbly through the waters. Liu Gan even had a deep suspicion that those were no longer simple variant zombies, but these could be classified as zombies which were mutated and reached advanced levels. 

 "Ah?" Zhou MingLiang listened to Liu Gan and he was shocked silly. His swimming skills were quite good and he could swim for long periods of time. He chose jumping into the river as his last escape choice. Now that he heard Liu Gans encounter with the Advanced Variant Zombies which could survive underwater, he felt as if there was was no way out of this situation. 

   "Tell me more about your plan about blowing up the bridge.” Liu Gan ushered Zhou MingLiang. At this point, only blowing up the bridge looked like it was the best solution to stop the zombie tide. 

Even though vehicles on fire caused a sea of flame, but it wouldn’t be able to stop the corpse tide for a long time. The zombies would march over the sea of flames since they were unafraid of death. The moment the oil from the oil tank was exhausted, the fiery blockade would also lose power sooner or later and it would be overrunned. 

 "You come with me." Liu Gan said to Zhou MingLiang. As they pried opened the iron covers to get inside of the bridges maintenance layer. Within the maintenance layer there were a few zombies which were wearing uniforms and wandering round, but soon they were all killed by Liu Gan.

As Zhou MingLiang told Liu Gan his idea, about how blowing up the whole bridge would require knocking out at least several important nodes. Essentially, he was explaining the principles of structural mechanics and how to determine which crucial points were the nodes that Liu Gan must target.

[TL: 30 people alive including Liu Gan. New Variant zombie that swims in the river. Enhanced survivors are possible. By the way, sorry for the late post!]

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