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Seeing that Han GuangMing had brought a few strangers over, three males stepped out from the nearby building to block Liu Gan and Han GuangMing from proceeding any further.


“Brother Wang, they are also players. We fought together and they were the ones who killed the local survivors that had ambushed us.” Han GuangMing reported to the head supervisor.


“Oh? Good good! How are you? Thank you for helping us,” thanked Wang, who stepped forward without a weapon in hand. He took the opportunity to introduce himself to Liu Gan and smiled; his manner was quite modest.

“I'm good,” Liu Gan replied politely, since the other person seemed friendly. Internally, he was in turmoil. He wanted to take over the store, but who would've thought that these people were so friendly. Now it would be hard to justify those actions.


“You want to take him into the supermarket?” The male player named Wang whispered gently to Han GuangMing.


“Yes, he wants to take a look. His moves are quite good. I want to bring them into our group,” Han GuangMing whispered into the Wang's ear.


“Hey little brother, do you know who the main character of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is?” Wang asked  Liu Gan suddenly, after he heard Han GuangMing’s response.



[TL: they aren't ‘brothers’ it's a kind of term you call someone out of respect. ]



“What do you want to do?” Liu Gan raising his eyebrow. This person’s question was too peculiar and weird.


“Brother Liu, don't get angry. We are fighting with the local survivors, I only asked to confirm your identity. As a mere formality, it is also a requirement set by our Camp Boss, Tiger Lord. This is to prevent local survivors from mixing into our camp.” The male player politely explained to Liu Gan.

“Brother Wong, there's really no need…” Han GuangMing replied instead.


The male player was embarrassed, in the real world, he was a certain company's team leader in charge of security. He always went by the book; so long as the rule had been declared, it will be followed and upheld undoubtedly. Therefore, to others, he might seem inflexible.


“Resident Evil: Revelations 2 main characters are Claire, Moira, Barry and Natalia,” Liu Gan answered after thinking for awhile. Liu Gan also knew that player Wang didn’t mean any harm.


“Who is the main character in Resident evil 7?” Player Wang asked Liu Gan.


“Prior to entering [The Trembling World], Resident Evil 7 haven’t come out yet. The latest release was only up to 6. To examine if they are a player or a survivor isn't that complicated. Every player has an alloy wrist watch.” Liu Gan stared at the player Wang. It's weird no matter how you look at it that he asked such weird questions.


“You definitely are from the same world as us! In this world, they don't have the Resident Evil games so even if the questioned was asked, the local survivors wouldn't be able to answer. Sorry… you see, yesterday, the local survivors tried to imitate the alloy wrist watch and mix with us. We dealt with them in no time, however, they were able to injure one of our members and had also stolen resources from us. So our Camp Boss wanted us to be strict with confirming every player's identity.” The male player was blushing from embarrassment as he explained to Liu Gan in detail.


“It’s okay, I understand now,” Liu Gan replied indifferently.


“Brother, nice to meet you. My surname is Wang, my name is Wang DeCheng, what is your surname?” Player Wang politely asked Liu Gan.


“My surname is Liu, full name Liu Gan.” Liu Gan was very open about it, as there isn’t anything to hide.


“Hello, Brother Liu, at Fortune and Youth supermarket, there is an established camp. I am the Team Leader of my small squad that guards this camp. Han GuangMing is the Vice-Team Leader, we are currently recruiting people. Do you have any interest in joining us?” Wang DeCheng brazenly asked Liu Gan, hoping to take him in.


“No, thank you.” Liu Gan politely rejected Wang DeChang’s invite. Reason was that Liu Gan was lacking in the personnel department. He wanted to recruit more people for his cause of taking over the aircraft, but since this camp already had a Boss. He wasn’t interested in following others for survival.


Unless… Unless Liu Gan kills their boss, then recruits these people under his command. The only way he can take action is if the boss isn’t passionate and friendly like these two.


Upon hearing Liu Gan’s reply, Wang DeChang and Han GuangMing both revealed disappointment. Within the camp, they were only a small group, so their boss had ordered them to recruit as many players as possible.


“Your current companion is heavily injured, why not temporarily stay in our campgrounds, the decision to join could be finalized later,” Han GuangMing offered after looking at Zhang ShengLi on the stretcher.


“Okay, but if I still decide not to join then please don’t take offense to that,” Liu Gan agreed to Han GuangMing’s offer.


“No problem, we are both players that had entered the game. Just between us players, no matter if you join or not, we will still be brothers. So what do you have in mind, like where are you thinking of heading to?” Wang DeCheng felt dejected that he had been rejected, but he wasn’t angry.


Even though Wang DeCheng’s attitude had been quite friendly, the same couldn’t be said for the two other male players that were in his team. While Wang DeChang and Liu Gan were exchanging words, they kept eyeing Yin He, who stood right next to Liu Gan.


Firstly, Yin He had a beautiful, smooth and silky face, with an attractive body… Secondly, although she was a beautiful woman, she carried a large backpack on her back while also holding onto another. To outsiders it would seem as if Liu Gan didn’t have the protective feelings for the other sex since Liu Gan stood empty-handed.


If they were like the other players from before, who had witnessed Yin He’s abilities, then they definitely knew she was a force to be reckoned with; in fact they would be avoiding her.


“I originally wanted to come to Fortune and Youth supermarket to find something to eat, but since it is being occupied by your group, then once my companion has healed, we will try our luck elsewhere,” Liu Gan replied to Wang DeCheng.


Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing were too polite, so now Liu Gan’s original plan to rob the supermarket had been foiled before it even started. Wang DeCheng’s two other male players were still sizing up Yin He, but they weren’t at the point of taking action. That made Liu Gan feel gloomy because he couldn’t find a reason to steal from them.


“Brother, if you join us, you can take whatever you want from the camp; if you aren’t willing to join us, you can also enter our camp to shop around and exchange materials. You should temporarily stay here, since we players are very nice and open-minded.” Wang DeCheng continued to talk with Liu Gan.


“Supply exchanges? Like bartering? That would work for me.” Liu Gan was excited from the news. Since robbing from them won’t work, exchanging supplies work too.


He had some medicine, biscuits, instant noodles, as well as a large bag of water caltrops. Since this was a supermarket, the variety of food must be abundant. So if possible, he preferred to get some bags or canned meat.

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