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Chapter 103: Large Supermarket

Yin He stood guard for the night, but Liu Gan didn’t let Zhang ShengLi stand guard.

After waking up from their night’s rest, Zhang ShengLi’s mental state was still not quite whole. He was still grieving, but he kept his emotional state in check. He didn’t reveal too many of his emotions. He only had to organize the backpacks, so he could demonstrate to Liu Gan that he still had some use.

Yin He had some free time to create a few strange contraptions while standing guard. According to her explanation, she completed a miniature lunch box for her plasma converter and a miniature collecting box for her nanomites.

The only question that remained was where to find the nanomites that she needed. The new nanomites had to have much better capabilities than her current ones. Even she didn’t know where to find it.

“This is the earpiece I modified. You can use this to communicate with me within 800 meters.” Yin He placed the earpiece into Liu Gan’s hand while explaining its uses.

“Oh, this will be quite useful. You are very capable.” Liu Gan complemented Yin He.

“As long as I have the blueprint and parts, I can replicate it.” Yin He declared as she felt happy from the compliment.

“Okay, then in the future we will pay more attention.” Liu Gan nodded.

After Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi ate their simple morning meal, they began their descent down the building. A hundred flight of stairs wasn’t an easy task for normal people. However, Liu Gan was level 5, and Zhang ShengLi was level 4. Both of their bodies had improved qualities, so they could travel faster.

Yin He appeared and disappeared like a ghost. Zhang ShengLi understood the things he should and shouldn’t ask very well. This was the latter in this case where he shouldn’t ask Liu Gan even though he was very curious.

During last night’s events, he knew that his sister’s stupidity caused an unfortunate end, which led to Liu Gan’s disappointment. So right now, he had to work hard to not be useless nor intolerable.

Now that the building had almost been entirely cleared of zombies, they didn’t hear much moaning the whole way down. That was until they reached the 93rd floor. A moaning sound was transmitted from the room. After hearing the sound, Zhang ShengLi stopped moving, and his face changed into a pained expression.

The moaning sound was indistinguishable from another zombie’s, but to Zhang ShengLi, it was no different from when they were alive. Zhang ShengLi recognized the voice as his sister’s and Hu Rong’s.

They had definitely become zombies.

“I’ll accompany you to check it out.” Liu Gan noticed something different with the moans. It seemed like the young boy and girl were both carriers of the virus. So, being bitten by them would lead to an infection. Perhaps, this was one of the reasons why this whole building became infected.

“Thank you.” Zhang ShengLi nodded and walked up to push open the fire escape doors. He entered the laboratory on the 93rd floor.

After passing through a hallway, they turned the corner. Then, they walked forward another ten meters, which was the location of the tragedy. The zombie moaning sounds were coming from that place.

By the time Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi drew close enough, the reanimated Zhang ShengNan had wobbled over. The clothes on her body were shredded, but she didn’t mind. After noticing Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi’s entrance, she charged over

Zhang ShengLi’s body was shaking. Liu Gan readied his axe and stepped forward. Then, he felt Zhang ShengLi hold him back.

“Let me do it.” Zhang ShengLi whispered and charged up. With his axe, he swiftly chopped off Zhang ShengNan’s head. Then he kneeled onto the floor and picked up the severed head. He embraced her zombie-bitten head and cried loudly.

After hearing all of the commotion, another zombie exited from the laboratory. This one was Hu Rong. Who would have thought that even after the open wound in his skull, he would still become a zombie. Liu Gan walked over and sighed as he shook his head. In a swift slash, he ended its life. Gently, Liu Gan placed his body back onto the floor.

If only Zhang ShengNan wasn’t so dumb, Liu Gan would have had three more useful bodies that were compatible with each other as teammates. Now, all he was left with was a single person.

Zhang ShengLi placed Zhang ShengNan and Hu Rong’s bodies back into the laboratory and covered it with white sheets again. Once again, they departed from the laboratory.

Since Yin He was leading from the front while scouting a path, Liu Gan’s journey was a lot safer. After leaving the building, Liu Gan wanted to find a secluded dwelling. Yin He could keep guard while he sketched out a rough drawing of the map from memory.

Liu Gan remembered when he was holding the PDA to find his way that he had marked several crucial points along the route. From his current location, he could walk forward and head straight to Green Pao Bay. The first definite rest stop would be a large supermarket called Fortune and Youth.

[TL: the supermarket is called ‘Fu Man Chun’, which means Full of fortune and Youthful.]

These large supermarkets contained large quantities of food, which would include rice and noodles. Perishable food like pork, goat, or beef would all become spoiled, so he didn’t even bother hoping for such luxurious items. However, there was still a good chance that there were canned and vacuum sealed meat products like ham sausages.

After two days of eating biscuits and instant noodles, the food had become so bland that everything seemed tasteless. He didn’t want to eat any of those things again. If they could find rice, noodles, or any packaged meat that was suitable for cooking, he would love to enjoy a cooked meal.

However, Liu Gan was also ready for a different scenario… If the large supermarket had a corpse tide, then it would be impossible to draw close. Also, if other players that spawned nearby had reached that location first, then they would declare it their territory.

Today was the Trembling World’s 4th day since the server release and the catastrophe’s 7th day, so anything was possible.

With his fully regenerated Mist Armor, the PDA’s assistance, and the scouting android, Liu Gan felt confident in being able to overcome any unexpected events. After he redrew a simpler map, he headed toward Fortune and Youth supermarket without any hesitation.

Whether there was a corpse tide or whether local survivors or players had occupied it, Liu Gan was very confident that he would be able to venture into the supermarket. He would seize food from the tiger’s mouth in order to procure fresh ingredients, and so he would change the eating pattern of biscuits and instant noodles all the time.

Even though there were countless wandering zombies on the street, it was no longer a challenge to Liu Gan. As long as it didn’t clog up the street and turn into a corpse tide, then nothing would block his path forward.

As for the variant zombies that players wanted to avoid? Liu Gan wished he could encounter a few.

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