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Liu Gan frowned. Then, he followed Yin He silently up the stairs as they both proceeded toward the source of the noise.

When Liu Gan was looking at the PDA scan right before the battery ran out, he wasn’t able to see past the 89th floor. So he wasn’t sure if there was any danger beyond this floor. Even though Liu Gan was a level 5 player, he had to be especially careful when venturing deep into darkness. Under Yin He’s protection, he would proceed. These three players dared to rush that far into darkness. They must have had a deathwish.

Surprisingly, the 93rd floor was illuminated, but from the stairs it could only been seen originating from the end of the hallway where a laboratory was located. The noise of loud screaming could be continuously heard from the laboratory.

Right when Liu Gan drew closer, he could see there was a panicky shadow hurriedly leaving the laboratory. Liu Gan was able to recognize the person as Zhang ShengLi, and a shadow with short stature was following him closely. He soon saw that It was a young girl covered in blood. She was very nimble as she moved, and she leapt from the floor to the walls and ceiling like a spring. She opened up her claws and readied her fangs as she pounced closer to Zhang ShengLi.

Zhang ShengLi kept turning his head back to look at where the young girl was as he ran. It was as if he wanted to lure her away from the laboratory.

The young girl’s age seemed to be relatively close to the age of the boy that Liu Gan had drowned. As he drew closer to the laboratory, he was able to recognize the noise as Zhang ShengNan’s screaming. After seeing that Zhang ShengLi was being chased, he could guess what had happened… Zhang ShengNan must have released the little girl, and then the girl took a bite out of ShengNan before she started to chase Zhang ShengLi.

Hu Rong didn’t appear, so Liu Gan guessed that he must have suffered a major injury or died in the process of rescuing Zhang ShengNan.

Liu Gan guessed that this young girl was like the young boy, a parasitic variant zombie. In Liu Gan’s eyes, this was an opportunity to obtain a lot of experience, so he wouldn’t let it pass by.

Liu Gan readied his fire axe as he saw the direction of where the young girl was heading. Then, he swung at the location where they were supposed to collide, but the young girl was able to easily dodge the attack. After retreating two steps backward, she had an evil look in her eyes toward Liu Gan. It seemed like all of her attention and anger was focused on him.

The young girl prepared herself as she crouched and built up energy from wobbling left and right, and then she rushed forward at Liu Gan with her claws extended. Liu Gan was unable to block with the fire axe, so he was only able to punch the little girl. His punch was able to send her flying to the wall behind her. The young girl screamed and then very quickly retreated far away.

It was evident that she was able to recognize the difference in combat power between the person in front of her and the previous players. Since she couldn’t win, she chose to retreat.

“Capture her!” Liu Gan knew that he couldn’t keep up with her speed, so he ordered Yin He to do it.

Yin He revealed her shining sleeve blades, and she rushed over to the young girl like an arrow. Once the young girl had reached the stairs at the end of the hallway, a loud ‘bang!’ noise was heard as shattered glass fell onto the floor. She broke through the glass window and was scaling the exterior of the building to escape. Yin He continued to chase after her on the outside of the window. Liu Gan reached the end of the hallway where the glass had broken. He could only hear sounds of battling and more glass breaking, but they quickly disappeared out of his line of sight.

Ten minutes later, Yin He climbed up from the window, just to report that she lost her target.

“I was able to injure her critically. If I had continued chasing, I would’ve caught up. However, my set program designates that I can’t leave my owner by more than 800 meters, so I had to return.” Yin He explained with a face full of regret.

“Okay, what you did is right.” Liu Gan nodded to her as he looked down from the window.

His level of intimacy with Yin He was still very low. If it were not for the preset 800-meter program in her, she might have left him if they were too far apart since her emotional growth development was very open for interpretation. That would have been terrible if she ran off with someone else.

Yin He’s speed was exceptional, but she wasn’t able to catch up to the young girl. It seemed like this young girl had a top speed that was equally fast if not faster. The young girl’s speed and her penetrating attack power made her a deadly foe for Zhang ShengLi and the others who still hadn’t reached level 5. After Liu Gan sent her flying with his punch, she wasn’t as much of a threat anymore to Yin He and Liu Gan.

The little girl absorbed the full force of Liu Gan’s punch, and she was severely wounded by Yin He. It should be safe to assume that the young girl wouldn’t return to the building to ambush them. Liu Gan felt regret that he wasn’t able to obtain experience points from killing it. It seemed like he had lost his chance to advance to level 6.

The PDA detected the young boy. It would have also detected the young girl, but Liu Gan hadn’t had time to check before the PDA turned off from low battery. Since the young boy was still trapped, Liu Gan was able to obtain easy experience from it. However, the young girl was released by idiots.

Clearly, the little girl didn’t feel deeply grateful that it was released; otherwise, they wouldn’t have fallen as prey. It was ruthless in its attack. Previously, when the young boy had died, the zombie released a black orb. It seemed like the black orb was its source of power making it no different from the variant zombies.

In Liu Gan’s current state, his combat strength was enough for him to face off against a colossal zombie, especially with his bonus skill, Mist Armor, that protected him from the tentacle attack. However, to protect against ambushes from these parasitic variant zombies, his strength had to be superior.

Right now, Liu Gan had very many unanswered questions, and this young boy and girl were a product of San Xing Corporation’s laboratory experiments. Even if they were normal young kids, the moment their brains became infected by the parasite, they were transformed into zombies. This type of parasite’s body had a metallic glow, and it was able to transform the young kid’s bodies.

If these parasites were considered variant zombies, then they could possibly be carriers of the virus. Once again, this pointed to San Xing Corporation as responsible for the catastrophe.

By the time Liu Gan had walked back to the brightly lit room in the laboratory, there were splashes of blood everywhere.

Hu Rong was in his own pool of blood, and he was long gone, beyond saving. Zhang ShengNan was sitting beside him, holding his body and crying. She had lost an eye, and her face and body were covered in blood. Her clothes and flesh were torn apart; she was just too bloody.

Zhang ShengLi wasn’t injured, but his facial expression said it all. He only kneeled beside his sister and cried. He tried to open his mouth to comfort her, but he didn’t know what to say.

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