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The young girl’s claws were extraordinarily sharp, and after a few downward swipes onto Zhang ShengNan’s clothes, they were shredded into pieces. Her mutilated body had wounds causing her to bleed out onto her body.

Hu Rong quickly threw away the tranquilizer gun and grabbed the young girl’s shoulder. He attempted to pull her from Zhang ShengNan’s body. However, the young girl turned her head and viciously took a bite out of his hand. The iron-like gums and steel-like teeth bit off two of his fingers. Hu Rong could only produce a painfully miserable shriek.

However, Hu Rong didn’t let go of his grip. He used his remaining strength to pull LingLing off of Zhang ShengNan. This caused the young girl to become even angrier, and as a result, she grabbed onto Hu Rong’s body like a beast, clawing and biting.

“ShengNan, get the fire axe! Cut her down!” Hu Rong felt that this young girl’s strength was abnormally strong. After he was caught, he had no chance to escape from her grip and jaw, so he could only beg Zhang ShengNan.

Zhang ShengNan was blind in one of her eyes, and her body was left with deep scars. The pain was unbearable, yet she struggled and charged over to the wallside where the fire axe was. She grabbed the fire axe, rushed over to the young girl, and started hacking away.

It was as if the girl had eyes growing on the back of her head. She dodged Zhang ShengNan’s fire axe swings with extreme swiftness. Zhang ShengNan swung with all her might. After LingLing dodged it, the fire axe landed onto Hu Rong’s shoulder. In a flash, Hu Rong’s arm and half the shoulder was chopped off. Hu Rong could only scream when struck and ultimately collapsed.

LingLing took advantage of this timing while she was on Hu Rong’s body. She feasted on his neck and snapped his carotid artery. Fresh blood continued to stream out of Hu Rong’s bite wound.

Hu Rong only had one hand remaining to hold onto LingLing’s neck. Yelling loudly, Zhang ShengNan once again tried to slash at LingLing. However, LingLing was able to escape from Hu Rong’s grasp, so she naturally dodged it.

This time, Zhang ShengNan’s axe directly landed onto Hu Rong’s skull and split apart Hu Rong’s skull. It only took one swing, and he fell completely lifeless.

Zhang ShengNan was in a state of shock. She screamed as she pulled out the fire axe stuck to his body. Dropping the axe onto the floor, she kept trying to shake him awake, but it was futile.

“Don’t you leave me…” Zhang ShengNan cried as she placed her hand on Hu Rong’s face. Now she really knew Liu Gan wasn’t lying to them, and he was truly warning them of the dangers.

This was all because she wouldn’t believe Liu Gan’s words and only insisted on her own views. She thought Liu Gan was inhumane. It was her fault for releasing the young girl who would then claw out her eyeball, which wounded her and led Hu Rong’s death.

Now that the young girl had ripped out her eyeball, she understood what Liu Gan meant when he said she couldn’t look past her own flaws. This was just too ironic!

Zhang ShengNan realized it now that the evil deed had been performed, but it was all meaningless to her.

The young girl rubbed the neck region that Hu Rong had grasped to ease the pain. Then with a shrieking voice, she charged towards Zhang ShengNan. Right at that moment, the laboratory door swung open. Zhang ShengLi appeared. Seeing all the blood on the floor and the stench of flesh, Zhang ShengLi couldn’t control himself.

He hadn’t found Liu Gan yet. Right when he was downstairs, he suddenly heard a scream and sensed something was wrong. He ran back upstairs, but he came in too late to save Hu Rong.

“Brother! Quickly run! Don’t worry about me, just escape!” Zhang ShengNan yelled to her brother. She knew her brother’s combat power. He couldn’t possibly win against the young girl. If he ran over to try to save her, the only result would be him…dying like her boyfriend under the young girl’s claws.

After Liu Gan had killed the young boy, he tried to dissect the body and open the brain. He wanted to find the mystery behind his body and to see what was lying within. However, Liu Gan was unable to open up the alloy metal cage and retrieve the body, so he had to give up on that idea.

After leaving the laboratory on the 89th floor, all was quiet. The other three players were nowhere to be seen, so Liu Gan guessed they had gone downstairs to rest up for the night. As to where specifically, he had no interest in them anymore.

In the apocalyptic world, trying to find compatible teammates was really hard. Compared to the peaceful real world, there were too many people who were blindly stubborn, greedy, dumb, easily frustrated, narrow minded, and impulsive. They couldn’t handle criticism, but most importantly they were egotistical. These weak points in the real world wouldn’t lead to their demise, but times were different now. They could really harm themselves or others around them.

These types of zombie games generally weren’t played by females, so girls were particularly spoiled and pampered by the male players. Once they encountered hardship or scolding, they would throw a tantrum. They would only think about their own pride and nothing else would matter. Liu Gan felt pity for Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong since they had to withstand her temper. When they weren’t in danger, then it was still manageable, but if they encountered a deadly foe, then both of them would be dragged down by her actions.

As long as they were human, they would have their own personality. As a team member, in life and death situation, it was hard to completely entrust your blind spots to your teammates to cover.

Perhaps, only androids like Yin He wouldn’t have tantrums and completely obey their owner’s orders. This was the most preferable teammate. Especially in life and death situations, it was hard to completely rely on your partner to cover your back. This was just simply too hard to do.

Liu Gan still wasn’t tired yet, so he didn’t need to rest up. When he went to the fire escape stairs, he kept going up the floors to investigate. The 90th floor didn’t have zombies wandering; however, there were piles of dead zombies on the floor. Liu Gan was easily able to guess that those three hadn’t rested up for the night yet, and they were on the floors above him.

They were really in the mood, and they were bold, too. Those three dared to go up and explore the area in the dark. Liu Gan shook his head in disbelief. Yin He’s role was to guard the floor by the stairs and then run through every floor in search of valuable items for her. After her thorough search of the floor, they continued onto the next floor.

The 91st floor and 92nd floor were also cleared out. It seemed like these three’s combat abilities weren’t that bad. Even without Liu Gan, they were able to clear out the three floors. Even with their current strength, it was unfathomable to Liu Gan that they were scouting and hunting down zombies. Unless it was Zhang ShengNan being impulsive, but why would Zhang ShengLi then follow her lead?

Perhaps, he wasn’t able to convince her.

Trashy teammates! That would be the death of them.

Just as Liu Gan reached the 93rd floor, a faint yelling noise was heard from the floors above, and it seemed like Zhang ShengNan’s voice. There was another set of sounds on the staircase like footsteps that were increasing with speed the further they traveled as if someone was running upstairs.

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