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Chaper 235 - Satellite Dish

At the end of the day, because he was the sole leader, it was difficult to not turn his group into his own cult. It also helped that Liu Gan had handsome looks, was cool-headed and competent. With such a thoughtful boss, it would be difficult to not be worshipped by people.

After the task of assimilating the slaves into the group was gradually accomplished, and everything had calmed down; all of the tasks assigned to each task force were carried out in an orderly fashion under the leader of each group. Collective wisdom was always better than just an individual’s wisdom. After they had pooled their wisdom together, various matters no longer needed to be brought to Liu Gan’s attention. Now he was free to leave and handle some of his own matters.

During the several days after Liu Gan and Yin He left to continue their search of Green Station Mountain, they had a convenient chance to inspect the reserve depot as they passed by the foot of the mountains.

All along the way no strange situations occurred within the vicinity of the reserve depot. Just as the forty newly recruited members had gradually fit in with the original group, a temporary stronghold had also been established here at the reserve depot. They also utilized the newly installed communication equipment to keep in touch with the prison compound.

Naturally they used an encrypted channel to prevent the messages from being eavesdropped by people with ulterior motives. Otherwise, if anyone discovered the secret reserve depot, then they would try to fight over it.

The prison group would send a small team every day to go and take turns guarding the reserve depot. This way they could immediately notify the prison side if any mishaps were to occur. These few days following the battle with the corpse tide, the prison camp had a rare period of tranquility. It finally gave the group an opportunity to rest and recuperate.

Xue Jian, who had previously lost consciousness from his severe injuries, and was rescued by Zhang ShengLi, had already completely recovered over the course of these peaceful days. All of his friends had died in the gas station explosion incident, which caused him a great psychological shock, and left him appearing very disheartened. His whole mentality became somewhat depressed.

Liu Gan had arranged a new group of subordinates for him. With Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng and the others consoling him, Xue Jian gradually pulled himself together again. He even took the initiative to undertake the task of patrolling the vicinity of the prison camp.

More complex communication equipment was found in the underground secret depot by the transport group led by Zhang Hua. They were transported over to the prison, and a huge satellite dish was erected on top of the tallest building in the prison. Below it they built a highly functional and complete communications room.

The communications group’s operations were left to Martial Thunder to be in charge of, and he brought in several of the members that understood the hardware and technology that went with it. Every day they were kept incessantly busy recording, adjusting the equipment, and decoding within the communications room.

After they managed to successfully decode the transmissions, the prison received all kinds of information from all around it, and even received information from orbiting satellites. All kinds of jumbled information was received. It seemed that this world hadn’t completely died after the catastrophe. Across various parts of the planet, there was an enormous amount of players and survivors that were still alive, and they were broadcasting via different methods.

Unfortunately the vast majority of these broadcasts were transmitted one-way, as well as being aimlessly transmitted. This was because, for some reason, the majority of the radio signals were basically unintelligible. Only a few of these radio signals could be made out clearly. Unfortunately, most of them had no value. In particular, the signals from outside NinJing City’s continent could only be temporarily recorded down, even if they possibly had some useful information. They had to wait until they had a chance to cross the ocean and arrive in those regions before they could check again and see whether or not they had some use.

In order to prevent the prison camp from being revealed to others and become a coveted target, Zhang ShengLi received strict instructions from Liu Gan that prohibited the communications personnel from transmitting any information outside. They could only incessantly receive and collect all kinds of jumbled information that the outside world sent out, continuously filtering and understanding the external world’s current circumstances. They would then compile the information deemed to be useful in order to report it to Liu Gan.

These days that Liu Gan and Yin He spent exploring in Green Station Mountain were still clueless. However, Liu Gan had actually encountered several Variant Zombies within the Green Station Mountain. He easily beheaded them with Yin He’s help, yet he still hadn’t advanced to level 7. According to his estimates, he should advance from level 6 to level 7 after at least killing ten Variant Zombies.

After repeatedly coming up empty-handed in Green Station Mountain, Liu Gan decided to temporarily cease the search of Green Station Mountain. Without a clear-cut clue to guide him, continuing to search would not hold great meaning.

He had two options for his next course of action. One option was to head for Green Pao Bay’s southwestern coast, and see if he could find the airship, a boat or a similar form of transportation there. With either an air or sea form of transportation, it wouldn’t matter if they returned to NinJing City’s northern outskirts to search for the spatial transfer gate from Mr. Sheng’s map, or went to Central City, it would become much more convenient either way.

Central City was dozens of times larger than NinJing City’s island. San Xing Corporation’s general headquarters in the [Trembling World] was located there. The scale and quality of the laboratories was also certain to much higher, and even possessed more advanced technologies. If Liu Gan wanted to quickly increase his strength, and transform Yin He to be more formidable, then he would have to think of ways to get to Central City as soon as possible.

Liu Gan currently had another option, and it was to naturally go and have a look at the coast camp of the slaves they had grabbed. The coast camp was in the southeast coast direction. Green Pao Bay was split into two directions and the distance between the two places was dozens of kilometers apart.

Liu Gan’s reason to have a look at the coast camp was simple, it was because there was an Advanced Zombie there. A gigantic Kingler zombie. If Liu Gan wished to directly jump from level 6 to level 8, or maybe even level 9, then killing the Advanced Zombie to skip levels was a good option.

Of course, it was not that difficult to imagine that it had a high probability of being life-threateningly dangerous.

In the battle between the prison and coast camps, even though the prison camp had used up a lot of resources, and some of the members had even sustained serious injuries, they had also captured forty slaves. There were six level 5 players among the slaves. After they had assimilated them, they had enormously replenished their manpower, and had even increased the group’s battle power from its previous level.

Over the course of these uneventful days spent together with the original members, interacting and communicating with them, they had practically already developed a sense of belonging with the group. Excluding the three ATV riders from before, the other three level 5 people also truthfully reported and revealed their awakened abilities to the group.

Among them was a chubby guy named Liu Hao. His awakened ability was called [Quake]. When it was activated he would use his legs to stamp onto the ground with all of his might. Within a several meter radius around his body, the ground would shake and sway, and persist for several seconds.

The power of his skill was currently limited by his level. If he were to go against another level 5 player, it seemed that it would not have much of an effect on the other player. In actual combat if there were teammates by his side then it would be a hindrance. The skill did not distinguish between friend and foe, and it would even cause teammates to become unsteady on their feet.

However this skill was very useful against a group of zombies. If Liu Hao were to be surrounded by a group of zombies and use his skill, then the ground all around him would shake after stomping his foot on the ground, and the zombies would lose their balance and be temporarily unable to attack. He could then use that opportunity to escape.

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