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Chapter 58 An Accident

In term of skills, Li Yundong could not match Huang Yifei who had been an expert.

However, even though Li Yundong only knew a little of taekwondo’s showy tricks, he had the gold pill. He could make the simple “Black tiger drawing out heart” powerful.

He blew Huang Yifei away with a fist. All the people in the auditorium at that time were all shocked.

“How was that possible?” All the people had this idea in mind.

Had he been sent flying? This was not a movie!

After a brief silence, Huang Yifei stumbled up from the stage. He looked at Li Yundong in shock and fear, as if he couldn’t believe what had just happened. His lips trembled and then he bowed to Li Yundong before he jumped off the stage and turned away.

Zhou Yu caught up with a shocked face, lowered his voice, and asked, “Senior brother, what are you doing?”

“Shut up!” Huang Yifei’s voice revealed his fear. The expert, who was accustomed to fighting in the underground ring, said tremblingly, “We have met a master practitioner! Don’t look back, hurry, we are not his rivals! ”

Zhou Yu followed Huang Yifei out of the auditorium in bewilderment. He took Huang Yifei’s arm and asked, “Senior brother, what master? What are you talking about? I don’t understand. Did you just get countered?”

Huang Yifei turned around fiercely and grabbed Zhou Yu by the collar. His eyes were sharp and fierce. “Shut up, I told you not to ask anymore. Let’s go!”

Huang Yifei dragged Zhou Yu out of the university. It was not until they got in the car that Huang Yifei finally felt relief. He turned his head and stared at his junior brother grimly. “How did you get into trouble with a cultivator? And how dare you to drag me into it!”

Zhou Yu was stunned and did not know what was going on. He argued in a loud voice, “I told you, I don’t know any cultivator! Senior brother, what’s the matter with you?”

Huang Yifei watched Zhou Yu carefully for a while. Seeing that he didn’t seem to be lying, he turned around and started the car. He said coldly, “Don’t ask about it. He is one you can not provoke. You should keep away from him in the future!”

While speaking, Huang Yifei took off the iron ring from his forearm. Zhou Yu found that after Huang Yifei blocked the attack with it a moment ago, his forearm was blue and purple!

Zhou Yu gasped. He knew how hard the iron ring was. He also knew how hard his elder brother’s hands were. They were as strong as steel. With the iron ring, his arms should not be injured like this even if they were beaten with a hammer.

Huang Yifei glanced at the injury on his arm and shook his head at Zhou Yu. “You drive.”

The two men changed positions. Zhou Yu drove the car and said stubbornly, “Senior brother, are you going to just let it go? Did we shame our master? ”

Huang Yifei said coldly, “Stop talking and drive the car! I’ll get revenge sooner or later, but we can’t do it. We have to ask the master to go to Guangdong to invite someone! ”

“Who? Who can get revenge for us?” Zhou Yu asked, and then he saw his senior brother turn his head to look out of the window. He received no answer, so he could not ask any more questions.

He didn’t know the one in Huang Yifei’s words didn’t refer to martial arts experts, but a cultivator who specialized in the “divine skill”.

Huang Yifei and Zhou Yu left in a hurry like lost dogs, but the school hall was a mess. After a brief silence, the audience suddenly burst into a frenzy of boos, “Fake! It’s fake fighting!”

How could they not boo? There was only one meter between them, and Huang Yifei was blasted away?

If they didn’t cheat on it, there would be no fake matches in Chinese football!

Tom, the foreigner in the audience, shouted loudly, “Too ridiculous, the Chinese always practice fraud!”

Fortunately, he said it in English. Otherwise, he would have to be beaten.

Kris frowned and stretched out her hand to pull Tom. “Hey, this is China. Be polite!”

Tom disdained and said, “I thought I could see a real kung fu show. This was a disgustingly fake show! It was gross.”

After that, Tom suddenly became excited and jumped onto the stage swiftly.

Kris covered her eyes with her hand and looked like she could not bear to watch. The teacher beside her shouted at Tom loudly, but Tom turned a deaf ear.

Kris moaned, “God, who agreed that this idiot could come to China with us?”

Hearing the boos from the audience, Li Yundong was confused. At this time, a foreigner who was blond and 1.85 meters tall showed up. His action looked skillful, and Li Yundong knew that he was an expert.

“Another one?” Li Yundong frowned.

The hostess on the stage who wanted to mediate the dispute was dumbfounded. She looked at the bruiser taking off his coat, revealing a muscular and robust body and didn’t know how to go on.

Tom hooked his hand toward the beautiful woman nearby. When she came over, he took over the microphone and spoke a big speech to Li Yundong in English.

Li Yundong’s English was terrible, so he could not understand what he said at such a fast speed. He stared at the hostess who turned to the nervous teachers under the stage. However, these teachers could not rush to drag Tom down.

Therefore, when these teachers saw the hostess’s eyes, they all turned around and pretended not to look at her.

The hostess had no choice, but to take over the microphone and translated to Li Yundong, “He said his name is Tom Schelter, he loves fighting and wants to make friends with you by a fight.”

“He wants to fight with me?” Li Yundong didn’t know what to say because this was not in the plan!

Li Yundong’s hesitation confirmed to Tom that he was cheating in the show. Tom could not help, but provoke him, “Chinese, you are not capable when you cheated in the show. If you are really that powerful, beat me! I think your Chinese kung fu is all showy! ”

Li Yundong didn’t understand what he said, but the beautiful hostess did. She suddenly sympathized and whispered to Li Yundong, “He said he looked down upon you and our Chinese kung fu. Hey, it was a civil war just now, and it was not honorable to win. Now he is foreign. You have to win honor for our country.”

Before Li Yundong could say yes, the beautiful hostess had gone to the edge of the stage and bent down to the teacher who waved to her. They were saying something.

After a while, the beautiful hostess came over and said in a low voice with a smile, “Your political mission has come. The teacher said you could take up the challenge, but you could not hurt him for our foreign friends’ sake.”

Hearing this, Li Yundong was furious. “Can these officials only see the foreigners in their eyes? He can hurt me, but I can’t hurt him?”

Li Yundong remembered the performances of worshipping foreign things and fawning on foreign countries in the school. He felt sick. He inwardly sneered and made up his mind to teach this daredevil foreigner a lesson and embarrass the school leaders.

Li Yundong nodded to the hostess beside him and replied, “I know.”

The hostess whispered to Li Yundong, “Come on! I support you!”

Li Yundong smiled at her and then turned to Tom, who had been eager to try.

Tom whispered to the hostess, nodded his head, then approached Li Yundong. He extended his fist as a token of respect.

Li Yundong looked up at the foreigner in front of him and saw a defiant and disdainful face as if Tom could not wait to knock him down.

The teachers in the audience regretted very much for putting a fighting contest at the end. It would be a bad result to have either of them hurt!

The teachers were worried, but the students didn’t care about this. They cried out one by one mindlessly. Those with strong patriotic feelings supported Li Yundong loudly while those who believed Li Yundong had cheated in the show supported Tom to reveal Li Yundong’s true colors.

Tom jumped in situ for a moment and looked at Li Yundong’s standing position briefly. Li Yundong stood in situ with his eyes lowered. There was no stability in his legs which were like trees without roots. His hands were placed vertically in front of him, and his body was full of flaws.

Tom sneered and muttered, “Chinese, I will show you what real fighting is!”

Then he roared loudly and pressed down with his feet, rushing toward Li Yundong like a tiger!

When Li Yundong saw Tom move, he suddenly opened his eyes. The sharpness in his eyes flashed like lightning. He pushed his punch, and his fist flew at Tom.

Tom had left the ground with both his feet and he was swooping down in the direction of Li Yundong. The distance from him to Li Yundong was farther than when Huang Yifei fought. Li Yundong’s blow hit him violently in the chest and he flew sideways to the background.


The audience immediately fell in an uproar!

This time, everyone saw clearly that Tom was running toward Li Yundong, with his body in the air and his feet off the ground. It was impossible for him to change his direction, but he still flew sideways!

What did this mean?

Did this mean that Li Yundong practiced Qigong?!

“Isn’t that exaggerated?” Everyone on and off the stage was aghast except for Su Chan who laughed. She came to Tom, who fell to the ground, and looked curiously at the green-eyed foreigner.

However, after she observed him for a while, her face suddenly changed. She immediately turned Tom over and felt his pulse with her hand and then she looked as white as paper!

This guy’s heart had stopped beating!

He was killed by Li Yundong with one punch!

Su Chan was shocked and frightened. She did not dare to imagine what their life would be like after Li Yundong killed him.

“Will he be arrested? What should I do?”

Su Chan felt cold in her heart. After a little panic, she calmed down and was about to use magic to save the man when she saw a blond woman suddenly rush over backstage.

Kris rushed to the background and saw Tom lying motionless on the ground with his eyes closed. Her heart thumped and rushed to feel his pulse. Then she suddenly turned pale. She looked up and shouted at Li Yundong who was coming, “You killed him!”

She said it in authentic Chinese, but her accent was a little strange.

Li Yundong was also surprised. He quickly walked over to Tom and put his hand under Tom’s nose. He was indeed not breathing!

“Did I kill him?” Li Yundong’s mind exploded.

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