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TL: Mikan

Chapter 001: Transmigration

“Senior Martial Brother, what’s happened with you?” He heard a crisp but completely unfamiliar voice beside his ear. Once Qin Mo was startled, he suddenly opened both of his eyes.

A girl wearing a green gown just stood in front of him attractively. Under slender eyebrows that were pointed on both ends, there was a pair of limpid and large eyes. At this moment, her red lips were tightly pursed and both of her hands tightly grabbed his arm; she looked at him with a face full of concern.

Seeing that Qin Mo only looked at her blankly, the girl seemed rather dissatisfied. Her eyebrows slightly furrowed as she prompted somewhat angrily, “Senior Martial Brother, I’m talking to you. Why are you suddenly ignoring me?”

He cast a glance towards the vermilion hairpin on top of the girl’s head that was emitting a radiance the color of green jade and immediately dropped his gaze to rest on her intricately arranged skirt. Qin Mo’s voice couldn’t help but be somewhat hoarse as he slowly opened his mouth to say, “Martial Sister.” However, at this moment, he was completely internally shocked. Where was this? Wasn’t he just in the operating theater and performing surgery on a patient? How had he suddenly come to this place? Only, his expression was always indifferent; even if his heart had already started to be in turmoil, he still kept a somewhat calm and collected face.

Seeing that Qin Mo was like this, the girl curled her lip. Clearly, she had already completely adapted to this kind of indifferent and terse behavior from “Senior Martial Brother”. Paying attention to this expression of hers, Qin Mo proceeded to inwardly exhale.

Immediately seeming like she had thought of something, the girl craftily turned her gaze, and she pulled Qin Mo’s hand self-importantly, revealing a lively smiling expression on her face. Like a spoiled child, she whined, “Senior Martial Brother, how have we not reached that Linjia Village yet? We have already flown for a few two-hour periods, and I’m tired to death, so how about we return!” Saying this, she couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose, looking distressed.

“Ling-er, you must not speak recklessly! This time, we are following the Sect Leader’s orders to go forwards to Linjia Village in order to recruit new disciples, so how can we tolerate you making trouble like this!” The girl’s voice just died out when a solemn voice came from ahead, ringing out from beside Qin Mo’s ears and the girl’s ears.

Qin Mo’s pupils slightly shrunk, and his gaze also shifted to rest on the other person in the front. He only saw his roughly around thirty years old appearance, the dark teal daopao he was wearing, and the jade hairpin that was hardly remarkable at all that was used to neatly bind the bun on top of his head together. At this moment, his upright complexion solemnly stared at the girl beside him. When Qin Mo’s gaze interlocked with his, he couldn’t help but reveal a kindly smiling expression on his face.

“Got it! Uncle Master Yue!” Ling-er stuck out her tongue and didn’t say anything more after she quieted down. Only then did Qin Mo had an opportunity to size up his surroundings.

Once he looked around like this, both of his hands couldn’t help but tremble. Immediately sensing that Uncle Master Yue’s gaze was still on his body, he couldn’t help but hold both of his hands behind his back, calm and collected. His gaze only slightly dropped; it seemed like he was staring at his tiptoes, but he was actually motionlessly looking at the huge sword underneath his feet.

Yes, at this moment, the three of them were just standing above a huge sword; this huge sword was just flying above in a blue sky. Occasionally, the top of the sword blade floated past a few white clouds that seemed to be faintly discernible as uncommon. Under the luminescence of the sunshine, it occasionally reflected a bit of golden radiance.

On top of the sleek sword blade, Qin Mo’s current appearance was clearly highlighted; “his” appearance was roughly only fourteen to fifteen years old. Although his face was still somewhat childish, his appearance actually developed excellently. He wore a white changpao on his body, a white belt was fastened tightly around his waist, and he also used a jade hairpin to neatly comb his long and ink-colored hair to the back of his head. At this moment, both of his eyes were slightly rounded and open wide, and his eyebrows were also slightly furrowed. Even though he was only standing there, he still seemed extremely calm and indifferent.

Even though he had already guessed what his situation was, Qin Mo was still as exceptionally internally shocked as before. The term “transmigration” was currently extremely popular; even though he was this kind of person who was always called a “workaholic” by others, he still knew about this idea. Before, he always turned up his nose at transmigration, but this current situation made him unable to not believe in it. He transmigrated. Otherwise, how could he explain how he had still been in the operating theater holding a surgical knife in order to perform a heart transplant operation for another person a second ago but was already just standing on top of a huge sword right now, wearing a skin he had never seen before that was “Senior Martial Brother”‘s skin as he soared through the sky? Thinking up to here, Qin Mo’s thoughts couldn’t help but be completely scathing. Although he already didn’t have a close relative who survived in that world, he still completely missed it; after all, that place still had all of his friends as well as his familiar acquaintances.

“Little Mo, are you thinking of controlling the flying sword yourself?” Seeing that Qin Mo’s gaze was always fixed on the flying sword underneath his feet, Uncle Master Yue who was off to the side revealed a smiling expression full of understanding on his face. Patting Qin Mo’s shoulder, he smiled as he assured, “Don’t be impatient. You have Lightning Variation Spiritual Roots. Your aptitude is out of the ordinary, so you will just quickly cultivate into the Foundation Establishment stage. When that time comes, you can just control flying swords yourself!”

Being patted by him, Qin Mo snapped out of his disappointed mood from just a moment ago. Looking around at his surroundings and the blue skies and white clouds that stuck extremely close to him, both of his eyes slightly narrowed, and after a short period of time, he lightly made a “mm” sound.

“We have arrived!” Hearing Uncle Master Yue’s steady voice, Qin Mo and Ling-er couldn’t help but follow his gaze and look down.

“Not good, the situation has changed!” Without even waiting until they clearly saw the situation below, Uncle Master Yue just tightly furrowed his eyebrows and also commanded the flying sword to speed up by a lot, very quickly bringing them along as they just landed on the ground.

The Linjia Village that originally should have had a charming environment had buildings that were completely destroyed at this moment. On the ground, a few corpses randomly lay around in disarray, and even the trees off of the side fell down one after the another. Some areas had unexpectedly combusted into flames. Everything here had just been cleanly wiped out.

Seeing the scene before his eyes, Qin Mo couldn’t help but tightly furrow his eyebrows. He didn’t know if it was because he had switched bodies, but Qin Mo could clearly see that there was a great amount of dark qi that continuously sprung up from the ground at present, pervasive in the air, and the scent of blood was substantially mixed into it.

“There’s actually the aura of demonic cultivation here!” Uncle Master Yue clearly sensed the abnormal areas here too. Compared to the confused Qin Mo who still didn’t know how to use his spiritual power at present, he saw the situation even more clearly. At this moment, his complexion couldn’t help but become incomparably ugly. Linjia Village wasn’t far from their Yueqing Sect. Every few years, Yueqing Sect would just send people over to recruit new disciples. This time, this matter was Yue Zhongling’s responsibility. As one of the three major sects in the Blue Sky Realm, Yueqing Sect’s matters had always been carried out very smoothly. However, this time, these demonic cultivators dared to be this insolent over here; they simply didn’t attach any importance to Yueqing Sect.

Coldly making a “hmph” sound, a floating piece of fluorescent paper appeared in Yue Zhongling’s hand. Slightly moving his fingertips, he just watched that piece of paper turn into a delicate paper crane. Uncle Master Yue faced the paper crane and slightly nodded his head, just seeing the paper crane lightly flap its tiny wings, circling around him for a few loops before it just left this place, flying towards a distant place.

The flying sword from before and the Spiritual Roots that Yue Zhongling had actually talked about caused Qin Mo to know that he had already arrived in a magical cultivation □□. However, looking at this magical scene again with his own eyes, even though Qin Mo seemed impassive, his eyes still slightly shone with emotion.

Seeing Qin Mo’s expression, Yue Zhongling felt his indignant mood from just a moment ago unexpectedly and strangely fade away. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help but slightly lift up by a bit as he said, “This is a paper summoning seal. Just a moment ago, I already reported this situation to the Sect Leader, so I believe that it won’t be long before people will just come and resolve this!”

Qin Mo’s gaze flashed as he indifferently nodded his head.

“Eeek, there are sounds coming from over there!” Jin Ling-er’s voice rang out, and she immediately and quickly ran in the direction that produced the sounds.

Seeing her actions, Yue Zhongling’s complexion became solemn, and he loudly bellowed, “Ling-er, the situation here is unknown, so you have to be careful! Don’t be this impulsive!” Saying this, he just tightly followed after her and ran towards the interior.

Qin Mo stopped moving as he thought of this bizarre and diverse world that he had just arrived in. Without the slightest ability to defend himself, and unclear about whether he would currently find disaster or prosperity over here, he couldn’t help but lift his feet and follow behind Yue Zhongling.

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