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After a certain time, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and felt he was at the bottom of the water. He ran his energy, stamped his feet, and went out of the water. All of a sudden, infinite Spiritual Qi came to him—he was in a river.

  He saw luxuriant woods on both shores and countless strange flowers. In the distance, there were numerous towering mountains, and one in the north-west was even piercing through the clouds and looked shiny under the sunset...

  So, this was the Violet Manor...

  The Spiritual Qi here was countless times more abundant than that of the Human World. He could not help feeling hot-blooded as if he returned to thousands of years ago.

  The Spiritual Qi here was so abundant that it was almost the same as that in the continent of the Immortal Century, and it could fully support his Mystic Cyan Cultivation Method. Before long, he would make the legend back then happen again.

  "Master, wait for me. I will definitely find you..." Xiao Chen lay on the river, looking up at the clear sky and flowing down the river.

  Suddenly, a faint voice sounded in his mind. "Kid, I might be in sleep in this period of time..." He then stopped talking.

  "Evernight! Evernight!" Xiao Chen shouted for a few times, and there was no response. He recalled that the teleporting channel seemed to have something wrong. If Evernight did not protect him with Soul power, he might not have survived from the tearing power of the space.

  Now, the Fuxi Zither was lost in nowhere, and the Soul of Evernight was weakened every day. Every time it spent its Soul power, it would fall into a short sleep. The Fuxi Zither had to be found as soon as possible, or Evernight would disappear one day.

  Xiao Chen was lying on the surface of the river, flowing down the river. Suddenly, a cold voice came from the downstream. "Remember to keep your mouth shut about this matter. Please help me wash the blood off my clothes first."

  Judging from the voice, it was a young woman. Xiao Chen gradually floated down the river. He vaguely saw a beautiful woman with long hair was washing off the blood stains on her shoulder. The river just covered her chest, and this scene was so beautiful.

  On the shore, a dozen young women in uniform were on guard, each with exquisite figure and a sword hanging at the waist.

  "Who!" The woman in the river suddenly thundered. Obviously, she had noticed Xiao Chen's aura. She said no more, put her two fingers together, and sent out a sword Qi to Xiao Chen.

  The surface of the river instantly stirred up two sprays with 30 meters high, as if someone cut at the river with a sword. Xiao Chen rapidly parried away. He was almost cut into two pieces by this sharp sword Qi. He said, "Miss, calm down, I just happened to drift by. I didn't mean to peep at you."

  "Don't let him live. Kill him!" The woman shouted as a dozen swords in silver light whistled to him. Xiao Chen hurriedly dived into the river to dodge them. But before he came to his senses, he felt a huge power came from under the water. Before he could swim away, he was sent into the air and felt dizzy.

  Xiao Chen was shocked. Foundation Building Realm! But they could almost match those Core Forming Realm cultivators in the Human World! Unlike the Human World, there was no forbiddance in the Violet Manor. If the water had not removed half of its power, his internal organs might have already been torn apart. He just glanced at her unintendedly, and he had not seen too much of her. Was that woman too ruthless?

  Xiao Chen knew perfectly well that it was useless to explain at the moment. He stepped on the water in the air and immediately used the Immortal-override Steps. When he landed on the shore, he instantly punched out two Cyan Dragon Roars to send the women in front of him. Then, he rushed into the woods.

  "Kill him!"

  A dozen women on the shore had mediocre cultivation, so they could not catch up with Xiao Chen who was using the Immortal-override Steps. As for the woman in the river, when she put on her clothes, Xiao Chen had already disappeared.

  After running for 17 kilometers, Xiao Chen finally dared to stop and take a break. Fortunately, the woods were towering and covered the sunlight. Even if they rode on swords, it would be hard for them to find him.

  He had not expected that he would be hunted down by women on the first day he got here. Evernight was indeed right. The Violet Manor was where the experts lived. Without the forbiddance in the Human World, he could not underestimate the power of a Foundation Building Realm cultivator.

  Thinking about this, he fell down powerlessly into the grass. Suddenly, his hand seemed to have touched something.

  When he got up, it was the head of a man, and its wound had a smooth cut-out. Obviously, that man was beheaded by a flying sword. Looking around, there were no less than 20 dead bodies of men and women. The clothes on seven or eight women's bodies were the same as the ones he met before.

  "Damn! Zi Mo, that old man, where the hell he send me to? Didn't he say the Jade Qing Sect in Qing Province?!" Xiao Chen cursed inwardly, chose a direction, and ran away.

  However, the jungle seemed to have no end. No matter how far he ran, he could not see the end of it. The sun fell, and the jungle became creepy. Xiao Chen could only pray that he would not meet another group of Foundation Building Realm cultivators.

  While thinking of this, a cold conversation rose ahead. Xiao Chen immediately stopped moving. According to his previous experience, he should immediately leave in this situation. However, when he was about to turn around, two cold voices from a man and a woman came to his ears at the same time.

  "Stop! One more step and I'll cut off your leg!"

  After all, he was not in the Human World now, and he had to believe the words of two Foundation Building Realm cultivators. He slowly turned around and saw two groups of people were confronting each other. The leaders of the two groups were a man and a woman. The woman was about 18 years old and dressed in a red skirt which was embroidered with phoenix totem. The man was clad in teal and about 24 years old. The distance between the two people was about 15 meters, and the people behind the leaders dared not to move.

  Xiao Chen complained inwardly. Why did he meet this kind of issue soon after he came here?

  "You can continue. I'm just passing by..."

  "Fool, shut up! Come pick up the thing for me!" The girl in the red skirt said.

  Xiao Chen saw a round golden bead lying on the ground between them. When he walked closer, he immediately felt the strong fluctuation of spiritual force from that bead. There was vaguely a dragon's image inside the bead. This was an Internal Elixir of a dragon!

  It turned out that they were fighting for this bead. The two groups were close in strength, so whoever got close to that bead would be killed. Therefore, none of them dared to move first.

  At present, he was in a dilemma. It was better to risk some chances than die! Xiao Chen stretched out his hand as the dragon pill moved and flew to his hand quickly.

  The people on both sides were shocked. They did not expect that this man seemed to have mediocre cultivation but could skillfully use the psychokinesis. If one of them could use this skill so adeptly, they did not need to confront each other here for such a long time.

  Seeing that the dragon pill went to Xiao Chen's hands, the man's eyes became cold. He said coldly, "If you know the situation, give me the dragon pill quickly!"

  Xiao Chen especially disliked the tone and manner of this man's speech. For him, this dragon pill was not even a treasure. The abundant Spiritual Qi in Violet Manor was enough, and there was no need to cultivate through external things. He swung his sleeve and said coldly, "So, are you asking for me or threatening me?"

  "You!" Seeing a Qi Refining Realm cultivator talking to him like this, the man was so angry and wanted to immediately go kill this kid and snatch the dragon pill. But under the eyes of the group of people in front of him, he dared not to move.

  The girl with a red skirt said, "Fool, don't listen to him. If you give it to them, they will kill you first!"

  Xiao Chen said, "This man is too tough. If I will give it to someone, I will give it to a beauty." He then put the dragon pill into his chest and went closer to the girl.

  The girl was so happy to hear that, while the man's eyes became colder. "If you give the pill to her, we the Skygale Sect will hunt you down to the end of the world!"

  Xiao Chen was shocked. The Skygale Sect! It turned out that they were members of the Skygale Sect in Violet Manor. On account of the Skygale Sect, he would never give it to them. The girl said, "Don't be afraid. The Teal Jade Sect will protect you, and they will not harm you! Come quickly and give me the dragon pill!"

  Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. "Give it to you? If I give it to you, you run away, and I will become a lonesome soul in this mountain? Do you really think of me as a fool?"

  The Skygale Sect member saw that things were going south and suddenly sent out a finger force. Xiao Chen parried away. The girl unleashed her flying sword which then left a wound on the man's shoulder.

  "Die-trying! Kill them!"

  The man yelled as the men behind him quickly rushed forth, and the two groups of people started a melee. The sword radiance flashed all over. Xiao Chen quickly decided to run away while they engaged. When he was about to use the Immortal-override Steps, he suddenly felt an extremely familiar aura behind him. It was a sense of long-lost intimacy...

  The Fuxi Zither!

  Xiao Chen suddenly turned around and saw that the girl had a jade zither in her arms. The zither body had complicated carvings, and the seven strings had seven colors. It was really the Fuxi Zither...

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