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"How dare you do this?"

"Exactly, how are we going to work together for duo interviews in the future, if everyone is going to fight for credit?"

"Such actions are seriously immoral!"

The amount of criticism caused Su Meimei's face to turn grim, "Heh, if all of you have so many complaints, go ahead and complain to the chief editor then!"

At that moment, the chief editor walked out, "What are all of you arguing about? Isn't it chaotic enough?"

Someone voiced their opinion, "Chief Editor, why is the article like this? Why did Qiao Lian not get any credit for it?"

The chief editor eyed the person and let out a cold laugh, "Why must it include her name?"

"She went for the interview together with Su Meimei!"

"Exactly, Chief Editor, according to the rules, Qiao Lian should be credited too."

The chief editor made a disapproving sound, "According to the rules? Which rule in our news agency states that she must be credited?"

No one expected the chief editor to be so unreasonable. They were at a loss for words.

Qiao Lian looked at her colleague, who had first told her about it. As the colleague was about to continue speaking up for her, she hurriedly stuck out her hand and stopped her.

Then, she curved her lips into a smile and said, "Chief Editor, according to what you've said, does it mean that I don't need to give her credit for my articles either?"

Su Meimei mocked her, "Why? Have you gotten your hands on another piece of first-hand news? Let's see what you are capable of then!"

She narrowed her eyes as she ended her sentence.

They all knew that for an article to be popular, it must contain new information.

Although Qiao Lian had successfully entered the filming set that day, if she had gotten a hot piece of news, she would have jumped at the chance to send it out yesterday already.

The chief editor also gave out a laugh and replied, "Yes, if you had gotten your hands on any first-hand news that day, you could have also omitted Su Meimei's name."

The chief editor didn't believe that Qiao Lian would have been so lucky as to uncover something.

However, they didn't expect that after the chief editor and Su Meimei said that, Qiao Lian would immediately reply smiling, "Ok then, sure! Chief Editor, I will sort out the information and send it to you later."

She then sat down happily.

Originally, she didn't want to share the hard-earned piece of news she had gotten about Yang Lingsi which she had even exchanged a slap for anyway. So Su Meimei's separation from her was just as she wished.

It was a godsend!

Qiao Lian was astute, so she quickly sent the article together with the edited voice recording. Then, she sorted out the information on what she had seen on the filming set and added it to the email.

Su Meimei was standing in the chief editor's office and looking at Qiao Lian through the window. Seeing Qiao Lian busily working, she couldn't help but frown, "Auntie, could it be that she has really uncovered a hot piece of news? If she has, allow me to add her name to the article, then I can have mine on hers too."

The chief editor laughed coldly, "This woman is really cunning, don't panic. I think Qiao Lian is just trying to scare you with a facade. Furthermore, if Best Actor Shen's news were so easy to obtain, it would mean we have been wasting our time in this industry."

Su Meimei felt that what the chief editor said made sense, but she couldn't help but feel uneasy.

After a while, they heard the notification sound of the chief editor's email.

She quickly rushed over and as both of them looked at the screen, they read the title of the article that had just arrived, "Actress Yang Confesses Willingness to be Mistress for sake of Headlines!"

The explosive title made Su Meimei's irises narrow in shock. She commented with slight sarcasm in her voice, "Confess? She actually dares to use such a word! Even if Yang Lingsi did admit to something like that, she wouldn't have been so stupid as to leave evidence."

As she ended her sentence, she watched the chief editor open the voice recording with a solemn expression.

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