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There were only two hours of rest time, and all the Alchemist s had consumed some medicinal pellets to replenish their energy. Two hours was very little for them, but this was the limit of challenging Alchemist.

Many Dan Immortal knew that the following rules would definitely benefit them, unlike last time, which caused them to lack all their abilities, but they were unable to completely display it, allowing a nameless junior to step on their heads.

In their eyes, Chen Xiang was someone whose strength had not even reached the Immortal Monarch. Without the Immortal Monarch's strength, it meant that the pills being refined would not be of a high level, and if he were to push himself to death, it would only be a high-grade Heaven level pill. It would not be easy for him to concoct the immortal pills, it was not enough to have talent, he still needed a certain amount of strength.

Previously, Chen Xiang had asked around, that there would not be any competition that would produce elixirs, and even high grade Heaven level pills were very rare, because these were all relatively valuable medicinal ingredients, and not just anyone could produce them. Of course, if the organizers of the competition were to produce them for the Alchemist s to refine, that would be fair.

Chen Xiang was a little nervous, but he firmly believed that as long as there was a suitable pill for him to refine in the competition, he would not lose.

He Peiqing walked onto the stage, his gaze sweeping across the Alchemist below and said slowly: "The second round is about to begin, let me first talk about the rules."

"There are many Dan Immortal present here, and the previous match more or less caused them to feel aggrieved. Furthermore, everyone will definitely feel unsatisfied, because they are all just Ground level Pills."

"This competition still uses the method of ranking the points, but it is very different from last time. As long as you can concoct a high quality Ground level Pellet, one pellet can be exchanged for one point, while the low quality Heaven level Pellet is worth fifty pellets. The middle quality Heaven level is 300 pellets, and the high quality Heaven level is worth one thousand pellets."

"However, the ingredients for the Heaven level Pill are limited. If everyone wishes to obtain a limited number of Heaven level Pill ingredients, everyone can first use their own ingredients to refine a batch of low-grade Heaven level pills. According to the price of one pill with fifty points, the highest score will be able to obtain a certain amount of ingredients."

"If you are unable to obtain the ingredients for the Heaven level Pill, you can also use your own ingredients to participate in the competition. The points are exactly the same as before. Furthermore, the pills refined are also yours."

He Peiqing saw that many of the Alchemist's expression were slightly ugly, and said: "Right now, we can give everyone two hours to gather the medicinal ingredients. If we choose to refine the Ground level Pill, we can provide a large number of medicinal ingredients."

The Ground level pills were only worth one point each, but the high grade Heaven level pills were worth one thousand points each. If he could refine two of them in one furnace, that would be 2000 points, which was equivalent to 2000 Ground level pills.

If a fool chose to refine a Ground level Pill, then refining a Ground level Pill would be impossible. If refining a low grade Heaven level Pill, one pill would have 50 points each, but with a bit of speed, it would still be comparable to refining high grade Heaven level pills, or choose to refine a middle grade Heaven level Pill with 300 points each.

Although he had prepared in his heart, he was still angered by this rule. This had already made the Ground level Pill completely lose its status, it was obvious that this was all aimed at him, other than him, the other Alchemist s here probably did not have any complaints, especially now that they could gather more ingredients.

Alchemist s who were able to participate in the competition all had their own backgrounds. There were definitely some medicinal ingredients as well.

Almost all of the Alchemist s had left the venue, and only Chen Xiang was sitting there. He did not have much to collect, he did not have many Spiritual crystal, and there was not a single powerful force supporting him from behind. His creation divine liquid could not create a large number of Heaven level Pills in a short time either, so copying the Heaven level Pills would require a lot of creation divine liquid s, and it was too late now.

"Aren't you going to gather the herbs?" He Peiqing saw that Chen Xiang was sitting there unmoving, and asked.

"I don't have a Spiritual crystal." Chen Xiang lightly replied, and then asked. "If I can enter the top three, I can take away those pills, right?"

"If you refine it using your own medicine, you can take away any ranking. If you enter the top three and use the medicine from our Myriad Dan Immortal Country, then you can take it away."

He Peiqing could tell that Chen Xiang did not have much of a foundation, or else he would have gone to gather medicinal ingredients a long time ago. He was very clear that as long as it was the Alchemist, they would not bring a large amount of medicinal ingredients with them.

"Then how many Ground level ingredients do you have? What if it's not enough for me to refine? What should I do?" Chen Xiang asked again, hearing his question, he knew that he was going to risk his life to refine the Ground level Pill.

Previously, he said that he did not have any Spiritual crystal and it could be seen that he was the only one participating in the competition.

If you are able to refine all of our Ground level Pills within twelve hours, and your points are not enough to enter the top ten, I will give you a special exception, so that you can break into the final round. Furthermore, those pills are all yours. He Peiqing said solemnly.

He Peiqing was extremely confident in his own Ground level's medicinal ingredients, and there was even a large amount that he had not finished refining. That was something that they had accumulated for many years, and there were many that were rotten medicinal ingredients.

Previously, when Chen Xiang refined the High Rank Ground level pills, he was able to refine more than four thousand in twenty hours. However, the Five Elements Profound Dan had used up a lot of its medicinal ingredients, so there wasn't much left.

If he chose other Ground level Pills, the number he would produce would probably decrease, but for those who refined high quality Heaven level pills, he would get 1000 points for each pill, which could be said to be very easy to obtain very high points. To those Dan Immortal s, high quality Heaven level Pills were simply nothing.

Everyone felt that it would be difficult for Chen Xiang to enter the top ten even if he was given two days time, because the speed at which these Dan Immortal refined high grade Heaven level pills was also very savage. In addition to the great progress made in the current Time Formation, it was even faster to refine high grade pills.

"Brat, do you want me to steal some Heaven level Pills for you? Even a fool can calculate that I will lose in refining the Ground level Pills." Huang Jintian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang. This kind of thing could be seen at a glance, there was no need to count it.

"Master, if I can enter the top ten, how about you give me back that bird's leg? If I lose, I'll give you another bird's leg." Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"I won't do it." Huang Jintian was not stupid. With Chen Xiang's confidence, there must be some other way to win.

When He Peiqing had just mentioned that he could gather ingredients, many people in the VIP box had already left. Using their fastest speed to gather a large amount of Heaven level medicinal ingredients, many powers had stored up a lot of them.

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