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"People inside, come out. Don't let me force you."

  A cold voice sounded outside. Xiao Chen was stunned. This voice was... Gongye Zi who came to the Three Pure Sect to take Senior Sister Luo and Xian'er away!

  The driver said in tremor, "Is there some misunderstanding? There are just some family members inside..." His voice stopped suddenly, and then came a sound of falling to the ground. Apparently, he lost his life.

  Xiao Chen rushed out of the carriage and saw the driver lying in blood. He looked coldly at Gongye Zi, wanting to say: "Why you won't even spare an ordinary man?" But he thought of those blood ponds in the Skygale Sect. They have killed so many lives, and how would they care about one or two ordinary people?

  Gongye Zi said coldly, "It's really you. If you understand things, come with me. Or..." He then punched at the carriage. "Pow!" The carriage broke into pieces as Xiao Han and others flew out in an instant.

  Li Muxue exclaimed upon seeing the driver in blood. She then tightly covered her mouth. Xiao Chen quickly made up his mind. He pulled her and rushed into the woods. Xiao Han and Shangguan Yan also followed. It was impossible for them to fight Gongye Zi.

  "Master, shall we go after them?" A disciple asked.

  Gongye Zi raised his hand and said, "Two of you go back and tell the sect leader to take men to ravage the Xiao Family and then refine all of them into blood souls."

  "Yes, Master." Two disciples immediately headed for Sang City, while the other four stayed.

  "You follow me into the woods to arrest them. Don't mind the others, but you have to take that Xiao Chen alive. Don't let them escape this time!" After saying so, Gongye Zi played Sky Treader Technique and rushed into the woods.

  The ancient trees in the forest were towering. The further into the woods, the more twisted the path became, and steep mountains stood far ahead of them. Xiao Chen and the others had rushed for about 30 minutes, and they had no idea where they were. Xiao Chen said, "You go back to the Xiao Family. You go to the Three Pure Sect to inform the two seniors."

  "What about you?"

  "I'll distract that old Daoist." He then looked at Li Muxue beside him. "Muxue, you go too!"

  "You can't handle them alone. I'll stay."

  While speaking, the sound of the enemies came close. Xiao Han and Shangguan Yan said no more and rushed to Cloud Province. Li Muxue did not want to part, so she went into the deep woods with Xiao Chen.

  As they went further, the air became weirder and weirder. There seemed to be unusual turbulence came from the depth of the woods. "Rumble!" With a thunder, Gongye Zi and the four disciples had caught up.

  Xiao Chen hurriedly chanted a spell as several rows of Qi blades moved backward, bringing up the grasses and woods. Gongye Zi ran his Qi to block, only to find that there seemed to be some unseen restraint that made him unable to wield half of his strength.

  Xiao Chen also had noticed this. Without hesitation, he pulled Li Muxue and ran to the deep woods. Both sides had run for an hour, and their speed gradually became slower now.

  They saw evil Qi surging into the sky ahead of them, and it looked extremely weird. Xiao Chen decisively pulled Li Muxue and ran forth, but Gongye Zi and the others stopped.

  "Master, it's the border of Falling-jade Glow ahead. Shall we keep pursuing?"

  Gongye Zi frowned and looked solemn. "Go. But remember not to damage a single flower or tree in there. Don't startle the host here."

  One hour later, Xiao Chen and Li Muxue ran into a quiet valley. The grasses and woods around were prosperous, the birds were singing, and the flowers were fragrant. It was completely different from the sullen forest before. Li Muxue suddenly exclaimed, "Brother Xiao, what's that!"

  Xiao Chen followed her eyes and saw a figure standing 30 meters away. To be exact, it was not a human being but a zombie. The skin of that zombie was dark all over as evil Qi suffused from it. Its face also looked extremely scary.

  In such a beautiful place with abundant Spiritual Qi, how could such an evil being exist here? There was definitely something wrong, and there must be some sorts of demons in here. Xiao Chen whispered, "Don't startle this thing. Get around."

  The two people were just about to make a detour when they heard thunder behind them. Gongye Zi and the others had caught up with them. The zombie was also startled and then charged to them in a flash.

  The zombie was as fast as lightning and rushed to them. Xiao Chen shouted, "Watch out!" He carried Li Muxue to parry aside. But Gongye Zi did not know that there was an evil thing. He punched out. "Pow!" The grasses and woods were brought about.

  Gongye Zi took two steps back. He was shocked. He didn't expect this monster to be so indestructible. Before he could run his energy, the zombie roared and charged to them. A middle Foundation Building Realm disciple could not parry, and the zombie directly cut open his chest with two claw attacks. He died instantly as his eyes turned black.

  Seeing this thing so formidable, Xiao Chen thought it was definitely not a normal zombie. He was so scared about what happened just now. If he reacted a little bit slower, Li Muxue would die. Thinking of this, he pulled her and rushed forth.

  After running for one hour, they had met many zombies similar to the one they met before. But Xiao Chen left them to Gongye Zi. With a wind noise, Gongye Zi caught up again.

  He was in terrible condition all over and looked incensed. Obviously, he was extremely mad about Xiao Chen. If he did not plan to catch Xiao Chen alive, he already killed Xiao Chen. He had four men at the beginning, but now there was only one left. Apparently, the other three people were killed by the zombies.

  "Now where can you run!"

  Gongye Zi thundered and attacked in a flash. Xiao Chen ran all his energy and cast out the Cyan Dragon Roar. Suddenly, the dragon roar shook the sky, spreading five kilometers away.

  "Pow!" The two palm strength met as their bodies shook. They both took several steps back. Gongye Zi had dealt with many zombies before, so he now seemed to be insufficient of True Energy. That was the reason why Xiao Chen could evenly trade the blow with him.

  "Brother Xiao, watch out!" At this point, Li Muxue suddenly exclaimed.

  Xiao Chen had yet to react, only to see a black shadow flashed in front of him. At the next moment, he was in the air, and the sharp pain in his left rib almost made him faint.

  After falling on the ground, Xiao Chen spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at the black shadow nearby in horror. It was a zombie with surging evil Qi and was much stronger than the zombies before. His body was invulnerable against swords and spears, but this zombie directly broke three or four of his ribs with only one punch.

  "Brother Xiao!" Li Muxue was panicked and hurriedly pushed True Energy into his body to heal the injury.

  "Go... Go..." Xiao Chen looked pale as cold sweat burst out. He struggled to mutter, regardless of the pain.

  The zombie's eyes were all red, and its face looked extremely horrifying. It suddenly turned its head and shot out two beams of red radiance. Gongye Zi trembled and immediately dodged aside. But the disciple beside him failed to move. He was directly cut into three pieces by the red radiance before he could even scream.

  Gongye Zi looked horrified. He hurriedly took out a seal from his chest, immediately bit the tip of his tongue and spat the blood essence to the seal. The seal burst out dazzling golden light and instantly made him disappeared into the ground to escape.


  The zombie roared, turned around, and walked to Xiao Chen. Li Muxue trembled and almost cried in horror. She stood in front of Xiao Chen, saying, "You... Don't come here!"

  "Go... Now..." Xiao Chen was as feeble as ever. Obviously, his internal organs were all broken under the blow. This zombie might be as formidable as a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

  When the zombie's eyes were about to shoot out another two beams of red radiance, a woman in white descended from the sky. She gathered her True Energy at her fingertip and instantly cast out a barrier that blocked the red radiance.

  She then chanted a spell as a white light hit the zombie. "Boom!" The zombie's body burned in a golden fire and was instantly burnt into a pile of black ash.

  Xiao Chen was too heavily injured as his consciousness gradually became vague. In a blurred vision, he saw two people walking to him. They seemed to be the man and a woman in the tavern of Lingtai Town when he, Xiao Wan'er, and Xiao Han sneaked down the mountain.

  Xiao Chen wanted to make a sound, but he just blacked out completely. When he woke up, he found himself lying in a small room with Li Muxue beside him, her eyes red.


  Li Muxue heard the noise and looked up. "Brother Xiao, you're awake!"

  Xiao Chen was still pale at the moment, but his pain had eased a lot. The broken bones seemed to have been re-connected by some magic. He struggled to sit up on the bed. "Where is this?"

  "This is Falling-jade Glow. Sister Bai saved us. Don't move. I'll pour you a glass of water."

  A moment later, a clear voice sounded outside the house. "Brother Xiao. Are you awake?"

  It sounded familiar. Li Muxue went to open the door and saw a man in a purple and white gown standing outside. The man was handsome. His pupils were like fire, and his skin was white as if it was make-up. A purple-gold gourd was hung at his waist.

  "We've met before, remember?" The man smiled gently.

  Xiao Chen recalled for a moment and remembered that it was the man called Yi Tong they met in the tavern in Lingtai Town when he, Xiao Han, and Xiao Wan'er sneaked down the mountain. He smiled and said, "Brother Yi."

  Yi Tong smiled and entered the room, saying, "Your injury is fine. Sister Bai said it would take two days to recover. So, in these days, you might need to stay in this shabby room."

  "Sister Bai? Is she the white woman he saw before he fainted? Casually destroying a zombie with the strength equals to that of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, this kind of strength is so remarkable. It seems that my injury was also healed by her."

  "I haven't thanked her yet. Where is she now?" Xiao Chen felt a little strange. They had never met before, so why did she save him?

  Yi Tong smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. Sister Bai said that she would come to you when are recovered. As for the monster that attacked you, it's a Corpse Puppet with more than 100 years' hatred."

  "100 years Corpse Puppet?"

  "Correct. The Corpse Puppet is the cruelest one in the Puppet-refining Technique, and it must be refined by a living human. A Corpse Puppet with 10 years' hatred was basically invincible in the Human World, not to mention one with 100-year-hatred. We also don't know why they appeared in our Falling-jade Glow recently."

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