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Upon hearing this, Shangguan Yan's face suddenly became bitter. "It turns out to be a trap. What should we do? When the sun rose, they will surely come and kill us."

  Xiao Chen smiled coldly. "I want them to come here." Xiao Han's face froze, and he said, "It's not time to act on impulse. We can't underestimate the Skygale Sect. If Tiangu Zi comes, we won't survive."

  Xiao Chen smiled coldly, sat on the ground, and started to run the Mystic Cyan Cultivation Method. The other two looked anxious and tried countless times to break through the formation, yet they failed. Even if nobody came and they were stuck here for two or three months, they would starve to death.

  "Can you break through the barrier?"

  Xiao Chen opened his eyes and said slowly, "The formation is set outside. Unless there's someone out there to cooperate, I don't know how."

  The moon gradually moved and two hours passed. Shangguan Yan sat on the ground, saying, "Boo-hoo... I don't wanna die here."

  Four hours passed, the sky became blue and it was almost dawn. Shangguan Yan stood up and ran to Xiao Chen, shaking his shoulders, saying, "Stop meditating. It's almost dawn, do something!"

  Xiao Chen got up and walked to the entrance of the cave. He sent some finger strength to the eight swords outside. However, with the barrier, the finger strength could not penetrate at all. Suddenly, there was a rustling sound. A figure was rushing here. Shangguan Yan hurriedly hid behind him.

  The figure wore a green dress, came to the cave, and looked anxious. It was Huangfu Xin'er.

  "Why are you here? Get out of here!" Xiao Chen said nervously. If someone found her here, she would be regarded as an accomplice.

  Shangguan Yan stretched out her head, saying, "Martial Uncle, don't go! I and your disciple are stuck in here. Please help us out."

  Huangfu Xin'er looked at the eight huge swords in the air and sent out a white radiance through her fingertip to one of them. The radiance hit the sword, but the seal Xiao Chen left on the sword stayed still, and she was even bounced back for a few steps.

  "Don't mess around!" Xiao Chen shouted. He thought for a moment and then said, "Hit the Li position."

  Huangfu Xin'er then sent a finger strength to Li position. This time, she was not bounced back, and the seal on the sword moved a bit.

  "Then hit the Dui position."

  Huangfu Xin'er nodded and sent a white radiance to Dui position. "Poom!" Her body shook as her blood and qi boiled. The seal did not move, and the seal on Li position stuck to the sword tighter.

  "What's wrong? Aren't you very proficient in formations?" Shangguan Yan asked in a hurry.

  Xiao Chen gave her a grumpily look and said, "Do you think it's easy to break through a formation? Unless you can stop the flow of time, otherwise, the eight formation points are constantly switching, if you make one mistake, the other hits are all wasted! Get aside and don't disturb me!" He then used his fingers to calculate, saying, "Hit Kan position."

  One hour passed, and the day was bright. A ray of morning sun shone into the cave. Huangfu Xin'er was pale and soaked in sweat.

  After many failures, there were only Qian position and Zhen position left to deal with. If he made a mistake, they would have to start over again. Xiao Chen's forehead was covered in cold sweat. He had simulated the switching patterns countless times and then said, "Zhen position!"

  Shangguan Yan said hurriedly, "Wait! Are you sure?" Before her voice fell, Huangfu Xin'er had already sent a finger strength to Zhen position. With a sound, the seal on it fell, so did the other seals on seven swords.

  "Rumble!" The eight swords started to run again. Huangfu Xin'er looked happy and was relieved. The three people went out of the cave as Shangguan Yan looked at the swords with hatred, saying, "I will break you down!" She then bent over to pick up the stones on the ground.

  "Stop playing and go!" Xiao Chen immediately grabbed her wrist and was about to turn around when Xiao Han said, "It's too late. Prepare for a fight."

  Dozens of figures flew over. The leading one was Chu Biefu, and Su Wan and Ling Yuxuan followed him.

  "Junior Sister, how are you going to explain?"

  When Huangfu Xin'er was about to say something, Xiao Chen pulled her to his back and looked at Chu Biefu, saying, "I'm taking her away today."

  Chu Biefu snorted coldly. "You sneaked into my Skygale Sect. What are you after? I happen to want to know." As his voice fell, he moved his fingers as rows of golden sword Qi appeared suddenly.

  Xiao Chen propped up a piece of defense barrier to cover them up. Dozens of people charged to them upon seeing this, and Xiao Han unleashed his Immortal's Sword to block them.

  Shangguan Yan shook her bell as poisonous insects and fierce ants gathered from all directions. Xiao Chen held up the barrier to block the falling sword Qi while engaging with Chu Biefu.

  The battle became more and more intense, and True Energy was turbulent around everyone. The quiet mountain had an unpeaceful morning. From afar, many Skygale Sect disciples heard the noise and rushed over. Xiao Chen kept Chu Biefu busy while the others were breaking through the tight encirclement under the lead of Xiao Han.

  The four retreated while fighting all the way to the big square of the mountain gate. More than a thousand people had surrounded the square, and every one of them held a sword. Some of them formed up a sword formation, while some others were concentrating on chanting spells. Obviously, they've prepared everything.

  Under the rising sun, the swords were dazzling. Numerous swords dashed to Xiao Chen like golden snakes in unison. Xiao Chen unleashed his Unsullied which then instantly cut off the incoming swords. He was not a killing machine and did not want to kill the disciples. The real arch-criminal was Tiangu Zi and the Skygale Sect in Violet Manor.

  The four people retreated to the center of the square as numerous people surrounded them. Some of them were even high-leveled. It seemed that the four people had nowhere to go now.

  All of a sudden, from the skyline in the west, several rows of golden sword radiance whistled here. It was Chu Biefu and some others in a sword formation, and Su Wan was also there. Underneath, countless disciples also formed some huge sword formations and moved toward the four people in the center.

  At this point, the overwhelming sword Qi made Xiao Chen feel great pressure. These people could share their True Qi after they formed sword formations, but there would be some point that they ran out of True Qi. He then cast out another defensive barrier to block the incoming sword Qi and shouted, "I'll hold them off. Xiao Han, you take them down the mountain!"

  "Cut the crap! You will die if you stay!"

  All of a sudden, a row of sword radiance flashed from the mountain top to the ground, turning into an old man in a teal robe. Chu Biefu and everyone else in the square bowed down and said, "Greetings, master! Congratulations on your seclusion!"

  Xiao Chen cursed inwardly. "Sh*t. Is this Tiangu Zi? Judging from his aura, he seems to be at late Core Forming Realm."

  Tiangu Zi looked at Huangfu Xin'er coldly and said, "Xin'er, what's going on?"

  Huangfu Xin'er lowered her head. She knew that she could not explain whatever she said.

  Su Wan smiled coldly and walked to Tiangu Zi, saying, "Master, she betrayed our sect and worked with those people."

  Tiangu Zi looked more terrible. "Xin'er, is that true?" "When your grandfather sent you here, he expected you to cultivate well..." Before his voice fell, Huangfu Xin'er raised her head as two lines of tears fell from her cheeks. "I'm sorry, master."

  "Humph!" Tiangu Zi swung his sleeve and said, "I'll talk to you later about this matter!" He then coldly looked at Xiao Chen and the others, saying, "How should I call you?"

  "There's no need. I'm taking her away today." Xiao Chen pulled Huangfu Xin'er behind his back and said calmly.

  "Then you can try!" Tiangu Zi suddenly swung his sleeve as gusts of wind blew on them. Xiao Chen ran his True Energy to block, but he just felt like his internal organs were about to break. "Slash!" The face mask was shattered into pieces.

  Fortunately, no one here had seen Xiao Chen before, so Tiangu Zi did not know who he was. Tiangu Zi asked in a deep voice, "I'm going to ask again. Who are you!" He then punched out again. This punch was incredibly ferocious. Before the palm strength arrived, Xiao Chen already could not bear it.

  Huangfu Xin'er rushed in front of Xiao Chen and stretched out her arms, saying, "Master, no!"

  Tiangu Zi was shocked as he took back his palm strength, saying "Are you really going to turn against your master?" He then swung his sleeve as a soft force rolled her aside.

  Not far, a murderous intent flashed in Su Wan's eyes. Before Huangfu Xin'er landed, she thrust out her sword. Xiao Chen's eyes were sharp. He sent his palm strength to the ground to make him rose into the air, and he moved to Su Wan, trying to catch her.

  When Su Wan saw Xiao Chen coming, she leaped back in the air, retreating backward. Chu Biefu shouted hurriedly, "Junior Sister, watch out!" He leaped forth and flew over.

  It looked like Chu Biefu was trying to help her, but in fact, he blocked her way back. He wanted her to die. Su Wan did not know what to do when Xiao Chen had caught her wrist. She felt her body numb all over and could not run a slight amount of True Qi.

  "Get out of the way, all of you! Or I'll kill her!"

  Chu Biefu said hastily as a keen light flashed through his eyes, "Don't hurt my junior sister!"

  Xiao Chen held Su Wan hostage and returned to Xiao Han and the others. Su Wan could not use her strength, so she could only shout, "I'm the big miss of the Su Family in Violet Manor! If you don't let me go, I'll let all of you die!"

  "You shut up!" Xiao Chen pushed some strength to her and then looked at Tiangu Zi, saying, "Everybody back off!"

  "Young friend, we can still talk. Let her go!"

  If anyone else was being held hostage at the moment, Tiangu Zi would not be this nervous. But this Su Wan was really something, and he could not let anything happen to her in the Skygale Sect.

  Seeing Tiangu Zi moving, Xiao Chen quickly said to Shangguan Yan, "Cast the most dangerous poison on her!"

  Shangguan Yan said nothing, hurriedly cast some poisons on Su Wan, and then hid behind Xiao Chen.

  Tiangu Zi went closer but he dared not to save the person. Xiao Chen shouted, "One more step and I'll immediately kill her!"

  Su Was now had poisons on her and saw the one who held her hostage became mad, she was extremely pale and dared not to speak.

  "Go down the mountain!"

  They then went to the foot of the mountain. When they heard a horn from the sea far away. They immediately rushed to the shore. Xiao Han flew to the ship a killed two Skygale Sect disciples on the ship with one stroke, scaring the sh*t out of the sailors.

  "I'll let you go! Release my disciple, now!" Tiangu Zi and the others followed. Su Wan saw that she would be brought to the ship, she looked terrified and her eyes turned red. She cried, saying, "Master, save me!"

  "When we are safe, we will naturally let her go!" Xiao Chen said and then carried Su Wan to the freighter. Huangfu Xin'er and Shangguan Yan also flew to the head of the ship.

  "Xin'er! Are you going with them?" Tiangu Zi followed but dared not to board.

  Tears almost flowed out of Huangfu Xin'er's eyes. She kneeled on the ship and kowtowed to him, saying, "Master, I'm not a good disciple!"

  "Sail! Anyone defies, die!" Xiao Han turned to the cabin and thundered. A dozen sailors were scared out of their wits. They dared not say much and drove the ship away from the shore.

  Tiangu Zi followed but he suddenly paused and covered his chest, his face looked terrible. It seemed that he was still in seclusion, and his original qi was damaged when he hurriedly came out from seclusion.

  "Master, are you all right?!" Chu Biefu hurriedly held him.

  Tiangu Zi shook his hand and looked at the departing freighter. His eyes froze. "Xin'er is willing to go with them. I think I know one of them now. I'm afraid it's about the matter one year ago. A child in the Human World even dares to make troubles in our Skygale Sect. After these days when I recover..."

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