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Dragon, an unknown ancient creature, carried a suffocating aura which made countless people fear from the very depth of their hearts. People even wanted to kneel in front of the dragon.

  Ling Yingfeng looked shocked, and he looked at the dragon head at the low altitude. Suddenly, the dragon kept roaring. Xiao Chen pushed out with both arms as several golden dragon shadows flew toward Ling Yingfeng while switching their positions. Ling Yingfeng hurriedly ran away, but it seemed that the dragon shadows had spiritual wisdom and instantly caught him up, flying through his body.

  Ling Yingfeng suddenly turned pale and shook intensely as blood kept rushing out of his mouth. A few moments later, several dragon shadows dispersed, and he was still standing. The dragon head in the air finally roared and showed expression of extreme anger, bringing itself down to the arena. It was even about a hundred meter long.

  "Gosh! Is this the long-lost ancient dragon-taming divine method?"

  Everyone held their breath, and many people even lay prone on the ground and did not dare to look up. Su Wan was already scared to death. Chu Biefu finally came to his senses, shouting, "Han Chen! Stop! You can't kill him!" He knew that Ling Yingfeng was the young master of the Ling Family. If Ling Yingfeng was killed here, there would be infinite troubles to the Skygale Sect.

  The dragon was still roaring, and Xiao Chen did not plan to stop at all. However, when the dragon was 15 meters away from the arena, it finally dispersed. Xiao Chen staggered and fell to the ground. He had used the last stroke of his True Qi, yet he still could not finish casting the Dragon's Wrath.

  Ling Yingfeng's body did not stop shaking. Just now, he was so close to death. When he saw Xiao Chen falling to the ground, a murderous intent flashed through his eyes. However, he also fell down as soon as he took a step. He was seriously damaged by the Dragon's Wrath, and the side-effect of the Blood Yin Incantation was coming too.

  Xiao Chen was pale and covered in blood. He struggled to get up from the ground. Then, he coldly looked at Ling Yingfeng who could not stand up and said, "You lose."

  Several figures on the high platform flew over quickly. Su Wan and some others helped Ling Yingfeng to leave quickly. Huangfu Xin'er landed beside Xiao Chen, held him, and asked, "How are you?"

  Xiao Chen smiled gently and saw a few glistening tears hanging from her long eyelashes. He said, "Don't worry, I'm fine. I'll just need to rest for two days." Before his voice fell, her face suddenly changed before she murmured, "It's you..."

  Before, Xiao Chen had been holding his throat with True Qi. At the moment, his True Qi ran out, so his voice was restored. However, before he noticed it, she had recognized him.

  "It's me..." The two people met again in such a scene. Although they had countless words to say, they did not know where to start.

  Huangfu Xin'er had a mixed feeling and could not speak. Xiao Chen wanted to say something, but he suddenly blacked out.

  Two days later, Xiao Chen woke up leisurely and did not know how he had gotten over the past two days. His abdomen had been in great pain, and his consciousness was sometimes vague and sometimes lucid. While sleeping, nightmares kept coming at him. He had dreamt of his identity being discovered which led to the death of Huangfu Xin'er. He also had dreamt of him becoming a demon and killing everyone...

  "You're awake." Huangfu Xin'er heard something from the room, gently opened the door, and walked in. Xiao Chen looked at her pale face, he did not know what to say.

  "Why on earth did you come to the Skygale Sect?" Huangfu Xin'er gently moved her lips and asked.

  Xiao Chen kept silent. He came for Senior Sister Luo and Xian'er. But why did he hesitate now? Was it true that their distance had become so far? Or, did he subconsciously come here for Huangfu Xin'er?

  "There's nothing going on these two days. You should have a good rest. It's safe to have two friends outside guarding for you." Huangfu Xin'er said while turning around to leave.

  "Wait! Will you stay with me for a while?" Xiao Chen stopped her.

  "Um." Huangfu Xin'er nodded, turned, and sat in front of him.

  The two were silent. Were it before, they would be very happy to see each other and would have endless topics. But now, after the engagement was canceled, there were misunderstandings, and everything had changed.

  At this moment, in another room.

  "Cousin, are you really going back?"

  "It is a matter of great importance. I must go back as soon as possible and inform the elders of the family."

  Su Wan looked upset. She looked at Ling Yuxuan and kept his head down and asked, "What about your brother?"

  Ling Yingfeng snorted coldly and swung his sleeve. "I've already told him to concentrate on training. He earned this! His training is failed, and he will be punished after getting back. There's no one to blame!"

  Ling Yuxuan looked up and said, "Brother, sorry..."

  "What about that boy? Do you just let him go?" Su Wan was very unhappy.

  Ling Yingfeng turned a straight face and said, "That kid has an unusual background. The skills he played that day were very strange. He might come from the Ancient Immortal Clan. I'll report the matter to the family master. You two, remember, don't provoke him again!"

  Su Wan snorted coldly. "So what? He hasn't even reached the Foundation Building Realm. Can't you just kill him? Besides, how can the Su Family be afraid of him?"

  "You know nothing! If he really is a member of the Ancient Immortal Clan, do you know how horrible a force is behind him? You'd better not offend him again!"

  "Humph!" Su Wan raised her head and said no more. Ling Yingfeng looked at Ling Yuxuan and said, "I'm leaving. You take care of yourself!" He then swung his sleeve and went out.

  For a few moments, Ling Yuxuan raised his head and looked at Su Wan, saying, "What should I do, cousin? I don't want to get punished when I get back..."

  Su Wan pondered for a moment, and her eyes narrowed and gave off two beams of cold lights. "Don't be afraid. I have another plan. In recent days, I found that the two people who came with him were very unusual. They often went to the forbidden are on the back mountain at midnight."

  In the room, Xiao Chen and Huangfu Xin'er sat quietly. He did not mention a word about his purpose here or his history. They just talked about what had happened to them within a year.

  A moment later, Xiao Han came in. Huangfu Xin'er stood up and said, "You have a good rest, I'm going back..."

  Xiao Han shook his head, sighed, closed the door and window, turned around and said, "You have made too much noise this time. We have been suspected."

  Xiao Chen frowned, "Still no news?"

  Xiao Han shook his head. "There's a sword grave in the forbidden area at the back mountain, but there are also many restraining formations. Shangguan Yan and I couldn't get through them. If she hadn't put sleeping poison on the two guards last night, we would have been found."

  "Time is running out. I'll go with you tonight."

  At night, a curved moon was in the sky and the air was cold on the mountain. The shadows of the wood branches looked scary. The three people had gathered at the appointed place, and Shangguan Yan had already cast a sleeping poison to the guards of the back mountain.

  "What took you two so long to come here! This place is spooky and scared me to death!"

  "Shh." Xiao Chen immediately made a gesture of silence.

  After walking for a mile, they saw two ghost fire dancing ahead. The two ghost fire precisely revolved around a central point. Xiao Chen settled down and immediately recognized that this was the Two-Yi Formation. He said, "I'll break the formation. You stay here."

  Two ghost fire had sensed that there was a stranger coming and revolved faster while the fire became stronger and shone brighter around. Xiao Chen concentrated and chanted spells as two beams of white light moved from his fingertips to the two fire. The fire was immediately put out.

  "All right, let's go."

  He was very good at formations back then. Such an easy formation was nothing in front of him. The three people proceeded for a while, and a figure suddenly stopped their way. Shangguan Yan was immediately startled, saying, "I've used the sleeping poison. What happened?!"

  "Those who trespass on the forbidden area will be killed without exception!"

  That man was a foot above the ground, his eyes and voice were empty. Obviously, he was not a real person but a formation spirit.

  The formation spirit was a spiritual build derived from a formation. If the one who made the formation did not have profound cultivation, he could not produce a formation spirit by his own energy. This formation spirit right here did not have its own consciousness and relied on the formation to work. It should be some kind of low-leveled formation spirit.

  Xiao Chen shook his hand, gesturing the other two not to approach.

  "I repeat. Those who trespass on the forbidden area will be killed without exception!" The formation spirit was about to attack seeing the three comers did not want to retreat.

  "Warning is invalid! Kill!" A beam of white light suddenly dashed to them. Xiao Chen stood the frontmost and immediately hold up a defense barrier to block the white light.

  The light was dazzling and reflected all around like it was daytime. Xiao Chen worried this might caught the others' attention and said in a deep voice, "It's a formation spirit. You hold it. I'll go break the formation."

  Xiao Han and Shangguan Yan immediately stepped forth and block the attack together. Xiao Chen used his Divine Sense to scan around and found four hidden formation points. It turned out to be a four-square vertical and horizontal formation. He immediately injected a spiritual force to the north formation point and then drew a virtual seal to the west formation point. Two formation points were broken instantly, so the other two left also broke themselves. The formation spirit also disappeared.

  Shangguan Yan was sweating all over. She finally relieved, but she also wanted to quit. "Such a formation spirit is already so hard to deal with. I don't know what lies ahead. Why don't we come back tomorrow?"

  "No. Two formations were already broken. The others will definitely suspect with time being." Xiao Chen said decisively.

  The three people walked west for a while and were stopped again. After they broke the formation, they went on a secret path. Xiao Chen noticed that there was a strong evil air ahead that was filled with a demonic aura. The further they went, the heavier the evil air became. He said seriously, "This place is unusual. Strange things are everywhere. Be careful."

  Xiao Han looked dignified, and Shangguan Yan was also afraid to say more. They carefully looked around. While proceeding, they felt a coldness attacking them.

  It was early spring, a season when the flowers and trees were the most prosperous. However, the nearby grass and woods were withering with a faint smell of death in this place.

  After another 30 minutes, the view in front of them became clear. It was a cave, in front of which hung eight Tai Ji-printed huge swords. They kept switching locations. Xiao Chen immediately stopped and put the other two people behind him.

  "Be careful! It's the Universal Mystic-Yin Formation!"

  The Universal Mystic-Yin Formation was a high-end formation. Qian, Kun, Li, Kan, and the other four locations switched constantly. It was useless even broke one or two formation points.

  Xiao Chen concentrated and sensed the continuous flow of evil Qi from inside the cave. How could such a strange place locate in an Immortals' sect? It seemed that the Skygale Sect was indeed unnormal. He said, "I'm afraid I can't break it through with my current capability. What now?"

  Xiao Han's eyebrows furrowed tightly. He stared at the eight huge swords in the air. He and Shangguan Yan had not gone this far before, so he did not know that there was such a high-end formation here. He did not know what to do either.

  After thinking for a moment, Xiao Chen said, "Xiao Han, you and I will work together to restrain three locations: Qian, Kun, and Xun. Shangguan Yan, you rush into the cave as fast as you can." He then looked at Shangguan Yan behind him.

  "Me?" Shangguan Yan pointed to her nose and shook her hand, saying, "No, no, no. I'm not going. It's so dark and creepy in there." Xiao Chen said, "What if I tell you maybe there is some kind of extraordinary Ancient Chinese Cauldron of refining poison in there?"

  Upon hearing the cauldron, her eyes burst out keen light. But looking at the dark cave, she was still a bit scared. Xiao Han said, "Forget it, don't force her. Why don't we go back and think about the countermeasures first and come back tomorrow night?"

  Xiao Chen nodded and said, "Alright. I'll go back to study the Universal Mystic-Yin Formation."

  When they got back, Xiao Chen found some yellow paper, drew a dozen seals on them, and began to practice the Universal Mystic-Yin Formation. Xiao Han was not proficient in formations and he could not understand what Xiao Chen was doing, so he just stood by and watch. After a long time, Xiao Chen still could not figure out a way to break it. It was too late at the moment, so they cleaned themselves and went to bed.

  The next morning, Xiao Han already went out. When Xiao Chen was about to go out, Huangfu Xin'er came to him.

  Xiao Chen saw her face abnormal and he was stunned. "What's wrong?"

  "Have you been to the forbidden area last night?"

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