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Ling Yuxuan had also felt Xiao Chen's surging aura and wondered if Xiao Chen had also taken some pills. He then charged toward Xiao Chen like a gust of wind.

He had moved rapidly before, but he was nothing now since Xiao Chen stopped hiding his strength. Xiao Chen chanted some spells as numerous illusions appeared on the stage.

Ling Yuxuan punched at one illusion as he felt the strength of his arm was pulled into a marsh and disappeared instantly. Before he could react, he felt he was lifted into the air—he was thrown away by Xiao Chen.

The audience exclaimed. Xiao Chen made a comeback with only one move. Ling Yuxuan punched backward in the air so that he wouldn't fell off the stage. When he landed on the stage, he dashed to Xiao Chen like a lightning and punched out. "Poom!" The fist and the palm met as they both felt their arms numb.

But Xiao Chen moved more swiftly. Before the first Palm Strength went away, he punched out again. Ling Yuxuan could not block it, so he moved aside when Xiao Chen kicked at his abdomen, sending him flying meters away.

Xiao Chen had combined the ancient high-end Xiao Family martial arts with Immortal Skills, while Ling Yuxuan had increased cultivation only taking pills. So, the strength between the two was obvious.

Ling Yuxuan had been knocked back twice, so he looked bad at the moment. A clear voice rose from the high platform. "Take the sword!"

A teal light dashed to the arena as Ling Yuxuan jumped to take the Teal Frost Sword which was an Immortal class weapon. But Su Wan had not enough cultivation to wield it properly, and she could only play less than 20% of this sword's real power.

However, Ling Yuxuan had taken the Blood-firing Pill to surge his cultivation, so the Teal Frost Sword burst out teal radiance on his hand. "Swoosh! Swoosh!" The frenzied sword shadows moved toward Xiao Chen as Ling Yuxuan wielded the Ling Family's swordplay. The ferocious sword Qi was unstoppable and brought up the original Qi around the arena. It looked like a light smoke and fog surrounded the arena.

The crowd watched attentively. Xiao Chen jumped back because he dared not to block the sword Qi. Ling Yuxuan's mouth curved because he had a Legendary Weapon in his hand. He thrust the sword to Xiao Chen continuously. Fortunately, Xiao Chen also had a set of Immortal-override Steps. Although he could not attack head-on, he moved back and forth like a phantom. So, Ling Yuxuan could not hit his target for a moment.

After 15 minutes, there was no winning or losing side on the arena, but Ling Yuxuan had a Legendary Weapon, which was a huge advantage. Xiao Chen would not fear if his opponent held a normal weapon, but the sharpness of this Teal Frost Sword could tear the skin apart painfully by a slight touch of it.

He also had an Immortal's Sword, the Unsullied, and he could take it out any moment. But the Unsullied was the weapon of Yu Yifeng. The relation between the Skygale Sect and Jade Qing Sect had not been good. So, if Xiao Chen took out the Unsullied, there would be more troubles when people saw it.

Just as he was thinking about a solution, a voice rose from the high platform. "Use my Stifled Light!" As the voice fell, a row of white radiance dashed toward the arena. Xiao Chen leaped and caught the Stifled Light thrown by Huangfu Xin'er.

Stifled Light was shadowless, and its blade was silent. Xiao Chen did not expect to wield this sword considering the fact that Qin Xiu used this sword to defeat him one year ago.

A sword flower danced madly and silently, and the crowd could not tell his swordplay. With a series of clashes and sparkles, the sword moves of Ling Yuxuan were broken instantly. The swordplay of the Ling Family was sharp, but it's not flexible. Xiao Chen had an agile mind and his swordplay was constantly changing like an unseen ghost.

"Good!" The crowd saw Xiao Chen wielding a sword like an expert, plus his profound cultivation, they burst out in cheers.

Ling Yuxuan frowned and realized things were going south. He said in a deep voice, "Who the heck are you? There are not many people who dare to offend the Ling Family!"

Xiao Chen ignored him and moved his sword in an upward curve, cutting off a wisp of hair from his temples. Ling Yuxuan was startled and leaped backward for meters. If that stroke went closer, the sword might cut off his ear instead of his hair.

"Die-trying!" Ling Yuxuan was incensed, so his moves became disorganized. He attacked madly, but Xiao Chen pricked upward with his sword as the Teal Frost Sword left Ling Yuxuan's hand and flew away, sticking into a stone pillar on the verge of the arena.

After losing the weapon, Ling Yuxuan became panic and was distracted when Xiao Chen placed the tip of his sword at his throat. It only took a slight push of sword radiance to take his life away.

Cheers burst out under the stage. Su Wan and some others looked sullen. Xiao Chen said coldly, "What now? Do you think that I'm qualified to fight you now?"

Ling Yuxuan lost his previous sharpness and smiled coldly, saying, "It doesn't matter if you win. Your master will never be able to go to Violet Manor. And I'll just be punished by my family for a failed training trip."

A cold light flashed in Xiao Chen's eyes. "What did you say?"

"I said, you will die on this arena!" While Xiao Chen was distracted, Ling Yuxuan retreated as a cold light flashed in his sleeve, A teal knife dashed to his abdomen.

"Clan!" The knife was caught by Xiao Chen's two fingers. Huangfu Xin'er was so worried about him on the high platform.

Ling Yuxuan smiled coldly and said in a low voice, "You can defeat me, but Huangfu Xin'er, that little bit*h, will never have peace from today. My brother is here, you can kill me and see what happens."

"Is that so?" A murderous intent flashed as Xiao Chen punched at Ling Yuxuan's chest. "Poom!" Ling Yuxuan flew backward. He had never expected that Xiao Chen dared to do this while his brother was present.

Before he could steady himself, Xiao Chen kicked at his abdomen. "Poom!" Dust was brought about all around as Ling Yuxuan burst out a mouthful of blood. The crowd could not help gasping. They now knew how light Xiao Chen attacked before.

Su Wan hurriedly flew over, pulled out the Teal Frost Sword from the stone pillar and thrust at Xiao Chen from behind.

"Puff!" With a body-protection layer, the sword could not touch his body. He turned around and thundered, "Get off!" He then punched her off the arena.

The sudden change made the audience exclaim. Chu Biefu noticed that something was wrong and shouted, "Stop!" Xiao Chen turned a deaf ear and still thrust at Ling Yuxuan's throat with his sword. "Clash!" A white radiance flashed and knocked off the Stifled Light in his hand.

"A murderous aura. You are so good at this." Ling Yingfeng instantly stood in front of Ling Yuxuan and said coldly.

Ling Yuxuan endured the pain and shouted, "Brother, kill him for me!" Ling Yingfeng shot him a cold glance and said, "You loser. Get off now!"

Seeing Ling Yuxuan stepping out of the stage in a terrible look, the disciple who presided the trial knocked at the gong and drum in his hand and shouted, "The trial is over! Han Chen won!"

"Wait!" Ling Yingfeng reached out his hand and said. Chu Biefu realized that things were getting out of hand and hurriedly flew over, saying with a clasp of his hands, "Han Chen has just joined the sect. It's my fault that he hurt your brother. Senior Brother Ling, please forgive him!"

Ling Yingfeng did not look at him and said coldly, "My father is a good friend of Perfected Immortal Tianyun. Relax, I won't make things difficult for the Skygale Sect. I just want to say that today's trial is not over!"

Chu Biefu looked at Xiao Chen and then looked at him, asking, "Then what do you want?"

Ling Yingfeng finally gave him a look and said, "Junior Brother Chu, surely you haven't forgotten that I'm also a listed disciple of the Skygale Sect in the Violet Manor?"

"Uh..." Chu Biefu had seen this coming. He just worried that Ling Yingfeng might kill Han Chen in the competition. Although this Han Chen's background was uncertain, Han Chen enjoyed a promising talent. It would be a pity to have Xiao Chen killed. The Skygale Sect would also be ashamed if this happened. Chu Biefu did not know what to do.

Huangfu Xin'er burst out cold sweat upon seeing Ling Yingfeng was about to fight Xiao Chen. She shouted. "Han Chen! We concede. Don't fight anymore! Come back quickly!"

Xiao Chen looked at her and calmly looked at Ling Yingfeng, saying, "I'll take it."

The square boiled. Ling Yingfeng was ranked 29th on the Heaven List of the Violet Manor. His cultivation was unfathomable and close to Core Forming Realm. Even if there was a limitation in the Human World, it was impossible for a Qi Refining Realm disciple to defeat a Core Forming Realm expert.

Ling Yingfeng said coldly, "You've got balls! Relax, I won't fight with full strength!" Xiao Chen looked him casually and said, "You don't need to do this. I just hope that there won't be another listed disciple later!"

Ling Yingfeng's eyes were cold. He knew that Xiao Chen was satirizing him. The crowd was shocked. Xiao Chen's words were overconfident. Ling Yingfeng's cultivation was even higher than that of the First Senior Brother!

"Then, junior brother, please." Ling Yingfeng stood with his hands on his back and said with a casual tone.

Xiao Chen also said no more. He moved forth and played the Gold Break from the ancient Xiao Family martial arts. A golden light shrouded the fist, but he felt like he had hit on cotton. Ling Yingfeng's figure then gradually disappeared.

Xiao Chen knew that this was the shadow left by his opponent, and this punch was just a try-out. He did not plan to hit on target. However, he felt a strong wind coming at his back. He turned around, only to find that he was kicked.

This kick was extremely heavy. Xiao Chen did not steady himself until he moved backward for meters. Before he could see things clearly, his jaw was kicked, and then he was sent into the air. He could not borrow any strength in the air, so he hurriedly cast a body-protecting Qi. "Poom!" Before he landed, Ling Yingfeng kicked at him again. This time, Xiao Chen steadied himself at the verge of the arena.

The three continuous attacks had happened in almost a blink of an eye. The crowd could not see what had happened. From the beginning to the end, Ling Yingfeng had always put his hands behind his back.

At the moment, everyone had this thought, "He is indeed a cultivator who ranks on the Heaven List. He is undefeatable."

Xiao Chen wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth. "Is this the strength of the cultivators on the Heaven List? What's the rank of Brother Yifeng?" Thinking of this, he turned into three shadows and charged toward his opponent.

Ling Yingfeng did not flash or avoid, just smiling coldly. He was still standing with his hands on his back. When the three shadows arrived at him, he kicked off the two shadows and then clenched at Xiao Chen's neck with accuracy.

Xiao Chen was lifted up in mid-air, and he could not exert his strength at all. His face flushed, suggesting that he almost could not breathe. Ling Yingfeng smiled coldly and said, "All these little tricks of yours. How dare you play them in front of me?" As his voice fell, he felt a shadow coming at him when he knew that he was tricked. It was a trap.

"Poom!" Xiao Chen's real body appeared in the air like a ghost. He kicked at his opponent's face, and Ling Yingfeng was knocked sideways for meters, and the illusion on his hand also disappeared.

"He! He actually hit it!" The crowd exclaimed.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said, "It's not over yet." He moved his fingers to cast a spell, and then the stage was filled with illusions. No one could tell which one was the real Xiao Chen. This was the Immortal Illusive Steps of the Immortal-override Steps.

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