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Xiao Chen immediately took over the historical record in her hand and looked at them carefully. This record regarding the history 1,000 years ago was written in common language.

"A member of the Xiao Family colluded with the Devils and betrayed the Xiao Family, which made the Five Major Sects hunt him down. In the end, he and a miss from the Su Family went missing..."

Xiao Chen's hands shook slightly while reading the words in a low voice. This was the historical record of 1,000 years ago when the Xiao Family in the Human World was established. Were there some connections?

Li Muxue noticed that his face turned a bit pale and asked softly, "What's wrong?"

Xiao Chen shook his head. Things were getting complicated when he knew that a miss from the Su Family was gone missing. It seemed that the Su Family was one of the Six Ancient Families in the Violet Manor. A thousand-year ancestral discipline of the Xiao Family forbade associations with members of the Su Family. Were there some connections?

He took out the Well-being Talisman that Xiao Yifan gave him when he took off from the Xiao Family. A fragment of the Samsara Jade was kept in the talisman. The Samsara Jade was now the heirloom of the Xiao Family, but it was Xiao Chen's ornament back then and his master kept his Soul in it. Why was it now an heirloom of the Xiao Family?

The only reason he could come across was Xiao Ning!

If Xiao Chen was right, Xiao Ning was the traitor the record mentioned, who established the Xiao Family in the Human World and passed on the Samsara Jade to the day Xiao Chen woke up!

This issue now became an infinite fog. Xiao Chen just felt that things were really getting complicated. "Who made this plan 1,000 years ago? Did that man do this only to bring me to life? It must be none other than my master. But where is my master exactly?"

As vast as it was, the world was just a chessboard, and us minor mortals were nothing but chess pieces.

No matter what, Xiao Chen was now more certain that his master was alive and lived in a place he was not yet able to reach.

In a word, Xiao Chen now had hope. What he needed to do now was to become stronger and stronger. One day, he would find his master and solve all these mysteries which might be unbearable and he could never imagine.

"Brother Xiao, look. What is this painting about?"

When he was lost in thoughts, Li Muxue suddenly interrupted him.

Xiao Chen took the book she handed over. This was an ancient book of rubbings at least 5,000 years ago. The characters on it were derived from those of the Immortal Century and Xiao Chen could only understand a little part of them. However, there were six paintings of totems, and he was familiar with one of them. It seemed that he had seen it somewhere, and there was a "Su" written under the totem.

"Chen'er, if you have troubles with some seniors in the future, just show this thing to them." The badge his mother gave him suddenly came across his mind!

Quickly, he took out the badge and checked the patterns on both the badge and the painting. They were exactly identical.

At this moment, Xiao Chen was extremely shocked. No wonder his mother had tried to prevent him from cultivating; no wonder she did not look older in a dozen years; no wonder his grandfather treated her kindly. Was she really a member of the Su Family, one of the ancient families in the Violet Manor? Why did she come to the Human World?

"Hm? Brother Xiao, why is the pattern on your badge identical to that on the book?"

"I don't know." Xiao Chen shook his head and tucked the badge. He could only ask about this issue when he returned to the Xiao Family.

As dusk approached, the library was about to close. The two youths walked out of the library. When they passed by the guard, an old man in purple, Li Muxue greeted him kindly, "Grandpa Zi Mo, we're leaving."

Xiao Chen also saluted as if he was an acquaintance to the old man. The old man nodded and said, "See you, Lil Xue."

The disciples left the library one after another. When there was no one left, the old man in purple sighed and said, "These bunch of kids. I've told them not to mess around in here."

After saying so, he swung his sleeves as the bookshelves shook, and the books scattered on the floor instantly returned to where they belonged. In such a big library, the books were placed neatly as if nothing had happened.

In the following three days, Xiao Chen came to the library every morning. Li Muxue also came. She seemed to be very interested in ancient histories and she might be in search of something.

In these three days, the two youths had so many topics. Li Muxue also happened to be good at playing the zither, so they were getting close to each other. Xiao Chen also translated an ancient book of Water healing magic spell, and he was told the issue between her and Ouyang Yu.

It turned out that Ouyang Yu was the son of the North-conquering General of the Dynasty of the Nine Provinces. The North-conquering General commanded a massive army, hence this was a political marriage and also Li Muxue's fate. However, she fought for her own life and found shelter in the Three Pure Sect. She did not know if she could escape from her family again.

At dusk, the two people left the library and walked side by side along a blossomy path, chattering and smiling. Li Muxue smiled and said with a bit blush on her face, "Brother Xiao, thank you so much for these days. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known that so many things had happened in the past thousands of years."

Xiao Chen smiled gently. He did not know why his heart stung upon seeing her. From time to time, a glamorous figure would flash in his mind after he laid his eyes on her, yet he could not clearly look at the figure's face.

"You're welcome. I also wanted to know those histories."

Li Muxue smiled gently and picked up a white flower as if she were a dancing butterfly. She looked at the flower in her hand and frowned, saying, "Unfortunately, I haven't found the place I wanted to know from those records..."

Xiao Chen's face froze. "What place? Tell me."

Li Muxue raised her head and said, "Truth is that it's just a place frequently occurred in my dreams. Its name seems to be Mystic..." Her voice suddenly stopped, so did her feet. She looked blankly ahead.

"Mystic what?" Xiao Chen's brow furrowed and he looked serious. He then also looked ahead and found a dignified, middle-aged man not far away. A beautiful woman stood beside him, and the Second Elder, Xingzhen Zi, was also present.

"A Xue..." The middle-aged man uttered Li Muxue's nickname and looked very serious. Then, they walked toward the two youths.

Li Muxue tightly clenched Xiao Chen's sleeve and looked at the slowly approaching middle-aged man. "Father," she whispered before lowering her head.

Xiao Chen was a bit shocked. It turned out that this man was her father. Judging by his dominant and extraordinary appearance, his achievement in martial arts was definitely high, and higher than Xiao Chen's father or even Xiao Chen's uncle Xiao Tianqi.

The woman gave Xiao Chen a slight glance and asked, "Lil Xue, who is he?"

Xiao Chen smiled and clasped his hands, saying, "I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm..."

The middle-aged man raised his hand to stop Xiao Chen and looked at Li Muxue, saying, "What now? Are you not going to come home just yet?"

Li Muxue turned pale and said, "I..." Before she could finish, the middle-aged man swung his sleeve and said, "Although Ouyang Yu only come back to the Human World once a year, you two had an engagement."

Li Muxue turned pale, suddenly raised her head, and said in a strong voice, "No! Am I born a chess piece of yours? If so, I don't need a false title as 'princess'! I should be the master of my own life!"

The middle-aged man had never seen her speaking fiercely like this, hence he looked even more terrible. He thundered, "Nonsense! Since there was history, marriages had been arranged by parents and matchmakers, and it had never been changed. You will never be able to make decisions of your own. What's more, your marriage is the intention of His Royal Highness!"

The Second Elder smiled and said, "All right, all right, Muxue, if you want to say something, just say it in a proper manner to the South King."

Tears were about to burst out in her eyes. She looked sideways and said, "I will never go home! I have fallen for someone already! I will never, ever, marry Ouyang Yu!"

A sense of anger flashed on South King's face as he glimpsed at Xiao Chen subconsciously. He then gestured with his hand and said, "Come! Bring the princess back!"

As his voice fell, two figures instantly flashed in front of Li Muxue and said, "Princess, please."

Li Muxue moved her fingers and chanted spells, and an Immortal's Sword suddenly appeared in her front. She then said in a low voice, "How dare you!"

"Humph!" The South King snorted and said, "Lv 6 Qi Refining Realm. It seems that you've achieved something!" As his voice fell, the Immortal's Sword shook and fell on the ground with a noise. Li Muxue chanted spells again and nothing worked.

Xiao Chen bent over to pick up the sword and handed it back to Li Muxue. If he was facing members of the Skygale Sect, he could do something to stop them. However, they were her parents, hence this was not an issue he could interfere.

When he handed the sword to Li Muxue, there was a jade note hidden in his hand. A cultivator could inject his spiritual power into a jade note, and he could instantly sense the location where it was shattered.

He used his Divine Sense to telepathize to Li Muxue, "If something happened, crush this jade note."

Little tricks like this could cheat the South King and the others, but not the Second Elder with Lv 3 Core Forming Realm. He shook his head and sighed, not saying anything.

When the crew left, the beautiful woman suddenly stopped and said, "You go first. I've got some words to that young man." She then walked in front of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, "Hello, auntie."

The woman looked at him casually and said, "You should know who you are and who A Xue is. Therefore, I don't want you to see each other again."

Xiao Chen said, "Maybe there is some misunderstanding. There's nothing between me and..."

The women raised her hand and interrupted him. "There is no misunderstanding indeed. You should be aware that Ouyang Yu is not only the son of the North-conquering General, but also another identity that you Three Pure Sect can't afford to mess with." She then turned and left.

The cool wind shook the flowers and leaves.

"You Three Pure Sect can't afford to mess with. When did I say that I'm only a member of the Three Pure Sect?" Xiao Chen smiled and rode on his sword, flying back to the Sunset Peak.

The next day, Xiao Chen also went to the library. When he left the library at noon, the old man in purple at the gate noticed that Li Muxue did not come and said to him, "Young man, tell you what, happiness is something that you fight by yourself..."

Xiao Chen turned around and said with a bitter smile, "Senior Zi Mo, you're making fun of me again."

Through these days, he had become more and more familiar with this old man. He found that the old man was not strict at all and interested in making fun of people.

He did not go back to the library in the afternoon. After so many days, it was time to ask Bai Ying some questions about cultivating. After all, Mo Yu was the major opponent to him.

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