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Following the thunderous rumbling, two streams of Sword Qi collided and an earth-shattering power erupted. Countless cracks appeared on the battle platform in an instant, shrouding the place with smoke and dust that lingered for a long time.

Below the platform, everyone had been shocked out of their winds for a long time. The astonishing sword had widened their horizons. It took them quite some time to recover their senses and when they did, booming acclaim resounded.

Sweat was already dotting Second Elder's forehead and his breathing was quickening. That peerless technique was absolutely borne out of Three Pure Sect!

It took a long time but the smoke and dust that shrouded the platform finally dissipated. The crowd saw Xu Hao clasping his chest with one hand. Blood was flowing out of the corner of his mouth. The sword in his other hand had been snapped off.

Xiao Chen had also made his way back onto the platform. His face was deathly pale. He had exhausted a great portion of his strength in forcefully using the abstruse Dragon-beheading Art of Mystic Cyan Sect and there was no way for him to consume Energy Pills under everyone's watchful gaze. Fortunately, Xu Hao looked as if he had consumed nearly all of his True Energy.

"Tell me how many movements it had been."

His cold voice reverberated far and wide and the crowd immediately shouted, "What movements? He has already lost! There's no need to fight anymore! Crawl out of here!"

Xu Hao's eyes were terrifyingly cold as he bellowed, "Shut up! Who said I lost?" He pointed his sword at Xiao Chen. "You're just relying on your Legendary Weapon! If I have a Legendary Weapon as well, do you think you'll be able to stand there and talk to me..."

Without waiting for him to finish his sentence, Xiao Chen abruptly threw the Unsullied Sword in his hand at Xu Hao and said placidly, "Fine! Then I'll lend you my sword!"

The crowd below the platform cried out in surprise. "Junior Brother Xiao! What are you doing?! Why would you listen to a person like him?!"

Even Bai Ying's expression changed when she saw Xiao Chen toss his sword, but it was not because she was worried about him losing or her having to carry that man's chamber pot for three months. Rather, since when did their Three Pure Sect had a courageous disciple like him? If she got him to join her side...

Next to her, Second Elder coughed after seeing her lovesick expression. "Third Junior Sister! There are so many disciples watching! Can't you restrain yourself?"

"If I personally guide this youngster, he'll certainly be extraordinary in the future. Then we'll just happily decide that! We don't have to wait for the Sect Leader to return."

On the platform, Xu Hao caught the Unsullied Sword and his gaze immediately turned fiery hot. He gently wiped the snow-white blade with his fingers. He did not expect that he would one day be able to grasp a Legendary Weapon.

Thanks to Fifth Elder's spiritual help and Xiao Chen's elixirs, Luo Shangyan was now looking a lot better. She gently picked up the Shadow-undertaking Sword and yelled, "Take my sword, Junior Brother Xiao!"

Xiao Chen stretched his hand. "No need!" He then leaned over and ascended in quick steps to pick up a twig. He pointed the twig at Xu Hao. "I'll use this twig as my weapon and experience an esteemed sect's profound movements." His deep resentment was evident while he was talking.

The crowd was startled to see the twig that was mostly bare except for several ruined leaves. At the moment, the True Energy of both men was nearly completely exhausted and they had become no different than regular martial artists. The one holding a sharp blade was clearly at an advantage. Never mind a twig, even the Sect Leader's Shadow-undertaking Sword was worthless in front of the Unsullied Sword. Just what exactly was Xiao Chen trying to do?

Rather than getting angry, Xu Hao was smiling instead. He bellowed, "Sounds good. You're the one who's digging your own grave!" He thrust the sword at Xiao Chen, producing layers upon layers of sword shadows that made it difficult for others to distinguish between the real thing from the illusions.

It took Xiao Chen just one glance to detect the source of the sword power. With a single step, he thrust the twig at the blade in an unassuming manner. Immediately, a gentle power was transplanted onto Xu Hao's wrist and he felt a numbing sensation throughout his arm. Just as he was about to invert the blade and cut off Xiao Chen's twig, the twig swept to the side to avoid his blade and tapped on the acupoint in the center of his chest.

The chest acupoint was one of the most important acupoints in the human body. Even though Xu Hao knew that a twig had no way of injuring him, he still instinctively jumped backward. Xiao Chen took advantage of the moment to close into him and hit him on the shoulder with the twig.

Xu Hao immediately swung his sword in acceptance of the battle, yet failed to anticipate that it was merely Xiao Chen's trick. In reality, Xiao Chen aimed at his chest acupoint a second time with such great speed and nimbleness that the crowd below acclaimed.

Even though the twig's gentle movement appeared mediocre and powerless, it was enough to cause Xu Hao's entire body to turn numb. He glanced at the Unsullied Sword in his hand and once again unleashed the swordsmanship of Skygale Sect.

In a flash, the two of them had exchanged more than 10 blows. Everyone under the platform secretly sighed in admiration for Xiao Chen's extraordinary swordsmanship as they watched the battle dumbstruck. For him to be able to battle this long with only a twig in hand meant that the outcome of this table was obvious. There was no point in battling anymore. In a flash, everyone began cheering.

Hearing the thunderous acclaim, Xu Hao became increasingly anxious. Though his swordsmanship was no match for his two Senior Brothers, he was nevertheless using a Legendary Weapon. How was it that he could not even handle an opponent who was using only a twig? This humiliated and infuriated him. He could not help increasing the speed in which he wielded his sword but at the same time, he was also opening himself wide for attacks and lost his defense.

Xiao Chen followed along the direction in which Xu Hao thrust the sword and the twig gently flitted across the blade to tap on Xu Hao's wrist, transferring a secret force over. Xu Hao's wrist numbed and the Unsullied Sword immediately flew out of his hand.

"Oh!" Everyone under the platform cried in surprise.

Startled, Xu Hao was about to reach out to grab the hilt of the sword when he heard a sneer. He immediately a burning sensation on his face. Xiao Chen had actually hit him on the face with the twig, leaving behind a red mark.

"You!" Xu Hao could not restrain his anger. However, when he raised his head, he felt an itch on his neck. It was the twig restraining his movement. If the twig had been an iron sword, blood would have already gushed out of him then.

"Good! Good! That was simply beautiful!" Unprecedented acclaim burst out of the crowd below.

"You're too attached to the sword in your hand. If a sword lies in your heart, even a flower or leaf could be your sword." Xiao Chen threw the twig on the floor with a sneer. Unexpectedly, the ordinary twig became embedded in the incomparably solid bluestone.

The cheers once again drowned the sound of discussion.

"This youngster's aptitude is close to perfection. Once the battle is over, let's hold the Apprenticing Ceremony..."

"Third Junior Sister! It's not possible for an Outer Disciple to directly become a disciple of an Elder!"

On the platform, Xu Hao laughed weakly before turning around and slowly walked down the platform. He walked to Ouyang Yu and said softly, "I'm sorry, Senior Brother Ouyang..."

"It's not your fault. He's using the Rank 11th Yi's Unsullied Sword. Looks like he has the assistance of someone from Yuqing Sect." With a light tap with the tip of his foot, Qianye Li landed on the platform. He flashed Xiao Chen a small smile. "Your swordsmanship is exquisite indeed. I'm Qianye Li. Since I'm untalented, I wish to seek your guidance as well."

Everyone below the platform began to protest. "The three battles are already over! Stop being shameless, you people from the Violet Manor! Don't you find it embarrassing?!"

Only when the protest began to weaken, did Ouyang Yu said, "It's our loss, Senior Brother Qianye. Let's go." He then cast a glance at Li Muxue.

Qianye Li smiled faintly. "Are you named Xiao Chen? Very well. I forgot to tell you that you must definitely come and congratulate Junior Brother Qin and Junior Sister Huangfu during their wedding feast next year." Then, with another tap of his foot, he flew off the platform.

Xiao Chen's body trembled as he clenched his fist tightly. "Hehe. Wedding feast, you say? I'll definitely be there."

Since it was their loss, the three of them no longer had any face to stay. They immediately walked out of the public square. Just then, a cold voice resounded. "Wait."

Qianye Li turned his head. "I wonder what other command do you have, Elder Bai?"

Bai Ying was already on her feet above the jade and lotus flower platform. Next to him, Second Elder repeatedly tried to signal her with his eyes. "Junior Sister, sit down!"

Ignoring him, Bai Ying said coolly, "Did you forget our bet earlier? The one who loses must crawl out of this place!"

The several hundred disciples below were unafraid of this incident being blown out of proportions. All of them cried, "That's right! Crawl out of this place!"

Qianye Li's expression darkened. "You people belong to an insignificant little sect of the Human World. Don't think that you can act fearlessly just because you have the support of Yuqing Sect..."

Bai Ying's gaze turned chilly. "Is that so..." Before her voice even faded, three streams of white radiance burst forth and flew speedily. Qianye Li immediately used his kungfu to resist the attack but he was nevertheless one step too late. With three successive thumps, the three of them fell to the ground.

Second Elder's expression changed greatly. "Third Junior Sister! What are you doing?!"

Bai Ying flicked her sleeves coldly. "Though my gambling disposition is bad, I detest people with gambling disposition even worse than mine!"

The several hundred disciples below began cheering her words without thinking of the consequences. Qianye Li wore an incredibly dark expression as he sneered. "Very well, Three Pure Sect." He then picked up the two people beside him. Together, they transformed into sword radiance and pierced the air.

Second Elder held his forehead with a terribly anxious expression on his face. "Third Junior Sister, oh Third Junior Sister! You've gotten into huge trouble this time!"

Bai Ying said earnestly, "Confucius says to accept your loss if you agree to the bet. That's the most fundamental standard for a human being. Moreover, Senior Brother Sect Leader is probably coming back soon. What's there to be afraid of?"

By now, Xiao Chen had already returned to Luo Shangyan's side. Li Muxue walked over to him and said softly, "Thank you..."

Xiao Chen chuckled but said nothing. Just as he was propping Luo Shangyan up and was about to leave, a cold voice suddenly came from the jade platform. "Wait. Who said you can leave?"

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