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"You!" The two cultivators' faces changed.

"What, if you are not convinced, we can compete. If you do not dare, then stop with the nonsense. " Hui Jin looked disdainfully at the two cultivators. He poured himself a cup of the jade-green wine and slowly drank it up. "Unfortunately, that person died too early. I have lost the opportunity to fight him. From now on, I will personally defeat him."

The two cultivators' faces could be said to be ashen, but judging from their attire, they were both rogue cultivators. Moreover, one of them was in the first level of the Spirit Severing Stage while the other was in the second level.

"This guy is too arrogant. It's already too boring for me to come out on my own." Wei Suo muttered to the Exquisite Heaven. At the same time, he released his spiritual sense to suppress a cultivator at a corner.

This cultivator was only at the fourth level of the Revolving Core realm, around the age of forty. He was wearing a shiny grey leather robe, looking to be in bad shape, and had only ordered two cups of jasper wine.


Under the pressure of Wei Suo's intangible spiritual sense, that scoundrel cultivator suddenly felt as if his entire body had fallen into an icy cave. With a violent shake, he slid down from the chair and sat down on the ground.


All of the cultivators on the second floor were attracted by this sudden change. When they saw the swindler's pale face and his pussy appearance, they immediately curled their lips in disdain.

Don't look around anymore. If you want to live, then do as I say, challenge this person, and I will naturally ensure that you are unharmed. I can also give you a lot of benefits, otherwise, you should also be able to sense my cultivation. At this moment, Wei Suo transmitted his voice into the ears of this rogue-eyed cultivator.

"…!" The head of the Swertia Cultivator, who was looking around in astonishment, suddenly trembled.


At first, Hui Jin thought that this scoundrelly looking cultivator had been glanced at by him, which was why he looked like this. He couldn't help but feel even more pleased with himself, feeling that his power was unparalleled.

"This person really looks the same as he does. He looks like a pustule to the extreme." Meanwhile, the remaining cultivators on the second floor all secretly shook their heads, feeling that scoundrelly cultivator was really too lacking.

"I... From what I see, you're also trash, only knowing how to boast! However, his cultivation was only at the first level of the Aurous Core Stage, and that was … To dare say that you can defeat a Spirit Xuan expert, you are just a mouse patting your chest, saying that you can kill a cat in the future. " However, what made everyone, including Hui Jin, who raised his wine cup in great satisfaction, stop was that this Swerewolf, who looked so terrible, actually shouted this sentence while shaking his head.

"Well said. Just based on those words, I can give you a low-grade spirit-ranked magic treasure." Later, when you speak a bit louder, I'll give you another medium-grade spirit treasure. " At this moment, Wei Suo faintly smiled and used the Voice Transmission Technique to the ears of the weasel-looking cultivator, whose back was completely drenched in cold sweat.

"What did you say!" Hui Jin only reacted after a few breaths' time. His eyes were filled with disbelief. Such a dirty cultivator actually dared to say such words?

"I …" This weasel eyed, his grey leather robe covered in oil and shook his body, but immediately shouted even louder: "I said you're like a mouse patting your chest, saying you can kill this cat in the future! Later on, the cat died, but after hearing what the mouse said, it died from laughter!

"…!" His eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets.

"This man has such guts?" You really can't judge a book by its cover. " The other cultivators on the second floor were incredulous. Even the ordinary-looking azure-dressed girl who had brought in Wei Suo, Ling Jiao Tian, and Dragon Jupiter were dumbfounded. This scoundrel cultivator's words were hilarious, but not a single one of these cultivators could laugh.

"You are tired of living!" Hui Jin took a deep breath and looked coldly at this shaggy looking cultivator. An icy cold killing intent was emitted from his body.

"No, I saw that you were so arrogant that you forgot what you are. You might be tired of living." The scoundrelly monk straightened his neck and called out the message that Wei Suo had passed on to him.

"Follow me outside, otherwise I'll kill you right here." I've even arranged for people from the Huangpu Aristocrat Clan to meet here. I don't wish to pollute this place. " Hui Jin suddenly stood up and said as he expressionlessly swept a glance at the scoundrel cultivator.

Hearing the words "Huangpu Family", the body of the scoundrel trembled, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead. For a moment, his mouth gaped wide open, unable to call out the words that Wei Suo had passed to him.

"What, do you think you don't have enough power to suppress people? Do you still want to bring out the Huangpu Family to suppress people?" Seeing this, Wei Suo purposefully said in an unconcerned tone.

"There's still someone who dares to come forward?" The gazes of all the cultivators on the second floor immediately gathered on Wei Suo and the others.

"Who are you?" Even Hui Jin was unable to see Wei Suo's cultivation level. However, Wei Suo's appearance, which was made up of that young man dressed in luxurious clothing, also appeared somewhat mysterious. He also didn't dare to act so arrogantly against that scoundrel cultivator.

"Who am I? Let's talk after you can deal with him." Wei Suo smiled and nodded at the scoundrel looking cultivator.

"You are very arrogant!" Huijin's expression changed, but what made his expression even more unsightly was that at this time, after the scoundrel was secretly suppressed by Wei Suo's spiritual sense, he shouted at the top of his lungs, "Let's go, with a person like you, you still dare to boast shamelessly and brazenly about challenging the Profound Sky Continent's divine might, I'll beat you until your mouth is covered in mud!"


After which, this scoundrel opened the window and jumped out.

"Ha ha!" Wei Suo smiled. Without going downstairs, he walked up to the window as if he was ready to watch a show.

"Could it be that this person has some sort of secret treasure that is able to contend against the great Aurous Core stage cultivator?" "It should be impossible, there are still Aurous Core stage cultivators in the Huai family..." Seeing this scene, many cultivators on the second floor went downstairs to watch.

With an extremely gloomy face, Huai Jin glared viciously at Wei Suo and also rushed down from the window, standing in front of this shady looking cultivator.

All of a sudden, many of the surrounding cultivators realized that this was a battle and gathered around. When they realized that one of them was an Aurous Core stage cultivator, none of them dared to get too close and formed a circle of about three thousand feet away.

"How did this person dare to challenge a great Aurous Core stage cultivator?"

"Isn't this the rogue cultivator who often sets up stalls in small fairs to the east of the city?" How did he dare to fight with a cultivator of the Aurous Core stage? Is he courting death? "

"A cultivator at the fourth level of the Refinement Realm looks so wretched and weak. If a great Jindan Stage cultivator were to be defeated by this person …" I might as well just run into a wall and die. "

"Isn't that the sixth young master of the Huai family?"

After seeing the two sides clearly, almost all of the surrounding cultivators felt a sense of disbelief.

"Next year will be your day to guard against it!" The aura on Hui Jin's body surged, and the immortal-like shadows that formed around him started to sway. They were like living creatures, appearing extremely demonic.

The old man took out a magic shield as if no one was present.

"Half-Spirit Stage Profound Ice Shield? What is the use of using such a crappy item to fend off an Aurous Core stage cultivator? " Many people were dumbstruck. The magic shield that he summoned was translucent like a piece of round ice, but it was a Profound Ice Shield that could be bought anywhere.

"Go to hell!"

Hui Jin sneered and waved his hand. A blue ray of light condensed in front of him.

"How can we block this?" Many of the third or fourth level Fragmentation Realm cultivators couldn't help but want to shake their heads. They could tell that this was the Hui Family's secret water blue crystal awl, a powerful mid-grade heaven-step technique.

And at this moment, just the spiritual pressure that Hui Jin released was so great that even the scoundrelly cultivators couldn't do anything about it. The Black Ice Shield in front of them couldn't be controlled at all.

"Awesome!" On the second floor of the Jadeflame Restaurant, there seemed to be someone praising Hui Jin's Tao technique.

However, what made the surrounding cultivators' eyes bulge out was that the Swertia Cultivator actually wasn't killed in a single blow.


Before the blue-colored light could completely condense, it collapsed. HP's entire body shook as if his control of his true essence was poor and his incantation had failed.


Only at this moment did the Swertia Cultivator finally regain his wits and shot out a bone lance.

Hui Jin waved his hand and a green light shot out from his mouth.

"Aurous Core stage!" Someone else on the second floor of the Jadeflame Restaurant gasped in admiration.

"Pfft!" The azure light in Hui Jin's mouth suddenly couldn't be controlled and collapsed.


The bone lance shot out by the weasel eye cultivator hit Hui Jin's body in an instant, causing Hui Jin to flip backward a few times. The white feathered clothes on his body weren't broken, but he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"No?" He could have poor control of his true essence? "He did not even manage to properly control the Aurous Core stage light. What kind of Aurous Core stage cultivator is this?" Wei Suo said while pretending to be surprised from the second floor window.


The aura of Hui Jin, who had been knocked upside down, violently surged; he seemed to want to counterattack. However, as if he was struck by a strange aura, he was also sent flying by the bone lance of a monk and fell heavily to the ground. This time, his injuries were more serious, and he couldn't even get up for a while.

"No?" He hadn't even fought against a cultivator at the fourth level of the Refinement Realm? This bone lance seems to not even have reached the spirit rank … "

"What the hell is going on?"

"No matter how bad it is, it can't be this bad?"

"Seeing this scene, all the cultivators watching felt that it was unimaginable. I'm not dead! I really didn't die! "Wuuu, wuuuu, wuuuu!" What made these cultivators even more unable to stop themselves from swallowing a mouthful of saliva was that after the Swertia Cultivator defeated Hui Jin, he actually touched himself first and after seeing that he was still unscathed, he actually started to cry out loud in excitement.

"Just who are you!?" You did it?! " With great difficulty, Hui Jin crawled up from the ground and swallowed two healing pills. His whole body trembled as he looked at Wei Suo on the second floor of the Jadeflame Mansion. He was able to kill the target cultivator easily, but every time he casted the spell, he was interrupted by a wave of power, and was beaten to the point of spitting blood. The reactions of the surrounding cultivators and the target cultivators also made him so angry that he wanted to spit out blood again.

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