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Chapter 39: Arrest

When his hand touched the barrier, he felt a shock pushing his hand back.


He then heard a sound that filled the entire tunnel and the streets outside. It was like a siren. Dohyuk took a step back.


Dohyuk then heard a voice.


-It would have been hard to capture you if you were not driven by your greed! You bring death upon yourself!

Dohyuk then turned and began walking out.

-Go. Run for your life.

The god's voice seemed to be laughing.

-I will not waste my precious people's blood to capture you. Fight against your own people until you die.

And when he came out, Dohyuk heard footsteps, lighter footsteps than that of the Bermurans. There were a lot of them. Someone found Dohyuk and screamed.


"Yoo… Yoo Dohyuk!"

Only a few of them had arrived. This was, after all, the center of Katla city, where it was like a maze. The only ones who could come this fast were those who knew the city or were powerful enough.

Dohyuk readied himself. No one would easily jump in. They all knew that Dohyuk was dangerous, and even if they managed to subdue Dohyuk, they had others to compete against.

Then, as more people gathered-

"…Come," Dohyuk taunted, and someone in the crowd ran toward him.


If he had taken more steps toward Dohyuk, the others might have followed. But-

He stopped and looked down. There was a huge hole in his body. Everyone was shocked. How was that kind of damage possible? The man fell as someone in a turban appeared. There was another figure with a turban next to him.

"…Don't interfere with my hunt."

The first one growled as the second one walked up to Dohyuk. He was holding a short stick.

"You take too much time."

"Fight me!"

Then, the second turban figure charged at Dohyuk. What happened next was shocking. Dohyuk kicked, but the turban figure easily dodged every attack and hit Dohyuk.

"Where… did… you…"

Before the shocked Dohyuk could speak any further, the figure kicked Dohyuk to make him stand. And as Dohyuk said something, the figure struck his face with the stick.


The figure beat him down with the stick, again and again, until Dohyuk could no longer speak. He then glanced around and declared, "Mission complete."



The first turban figure then stood next to him and no one dared to even fight for Dohyuk.

Then, they heard heavy footsteps coming.

"Move out of the way!"

Tens of Bermuran guards were coming, and with them were two Bermurans at the top of the city's chain of command.

High Priest Faruum-Mu.

Commander Cruudbi.

"You were quicker than I expected."

Faruum-Mu was wearing a long robe that was dragging on the ground. He was the one who had ordered the city to capture Dohyuk. Faruum-Mu looked at Dohyuk in disgust.

"You were too greedy."

He then turned to the building where Dohyuk was trying to steal the 'Pair of Crescent Moons'.

Faruum-Mu raised both his hands. The ground began to churn and the buildings changed shape. The sand blocks began to restructure themselves, and soon, the building east of the Central Shrine, was now forming a big pyramid-like structure. At the top was a sculpture of a man with an eagle head, and a blue stand with a weapon on top of it.

"'Pair of Crescent Moons' is the best Godly Item in the city that serves the Great Aruga."

Faruum-Mu turned to Dohyuk.

"You will have no chance… but if you want to at least even touch it… you will need to serve this city and for our god for a millennia."

Dohyuk said something, but it was too soft to hear.

"Is it you who completed the mission?"


The second person in the turban nodded.



"I heard there's an additional reward."

"Don't be impatient, you trash. I, the follower of great Aruga, will keep my word."

Faruum-Mu then walked up to the pyramid.

"After I offer the criminal's blood to his shrine, the god will gift you himself with his words."

The second turban then began walking up the stairs as he dragged Dohyuk by his hair. The first turban tried to follow, but-

"You are not allowed."

The huge body that was over 4 meters tall blocked him.

Commander Cruudbi. Everyone knew that this was the most powerful man in the city of Katla. He was equal to a human with Strength/Agility/Stamina at 200 or higher.

The second turban nodded and the first turban stood behind.

Cruudbi and the second turban who was dragging Dohyuk, then walked up the stairs.

Faruum-Mu reached the top, bowed to the shrine, bowed to the tower, and finally, the angels.

"Thank you, angels, for witnessing the offering for our Great Aruga."

Then, as the High Priest kissed the bottom of the god's sculpture, the barrier that covered the Pair of Crescent Moons disappeared. Aruga had given permission for his follower to use his item.

Faruum-Mu picked up the swords.

The ritual was now ready to start.

"Cruudbi! Bring the criminal!"

That was when Dohyuk fell, headfirst into the corner of stairs. Before the second turban could pull him up, Cruudbi kicked Dohyuk. But Dohyuk couldn't stand, so he aimed at Dohyuk's shoulder.

And stabbed.

The spear blade penetrated Dohyuk's skin, but he didn't scream. Why would he?


Physical Damage: 67~90

Durability: 50/50

Accurate Penetration(Lv.6) Reflex of an Ant(Lv.7) Blessing of the Sun(Lv.5)

The moment he saw the spear, he had been waiting for this moment.


Before Cruudbi could speak, Dohyuk was standing up as if he hadn't taken any damage from the beginning.

Light of the Noon. The weapon that the Commander had been using for tens of years, disappeared. Cruudbi reached for Dohyuk, who was now running up the stairs, but his body was kicked away. It was the second turban. As he looked down at the first turban, and second turban - Kyuho shouted.

"Do what you need to do, now!"

At the bottom of the pyramid, there were humans and Bermurans trying to come up as they saw Cruudbi being kicked. Her hands began weaving mana and with her imagination, her mana formed various objects. And then came her second Nature.

[Man of the Green]

Her Nature was simple. The green that lived within her skill absorbed the sun's power and changed it into mana that she could use. Right now, it was bright daylight and they were in the middle of a desert.

Heeyun waved her hands and in front of her, and a fence tens of meters tall was formed. It was a barricade that would block any Bermurans. It was impossible to form one with just her own mana. She then turned to look at the top of the pyramid.

The plan wasn't all that detailed. Before they walked into the city, Dohyuk had acquired a few pieces of information. One was the 'Pair of Crescent Moons', or the most treasured object in the city, and the Godly Item that symbolized ownership of the city. Even the High Priest couldn't carry the item. The only exception was when it was served a living being as an offering.

There were usual offerings, but humans were easy targets. They sometimes captured foolish humans for fighting Bermurans. That was when the capture missions would be available. Dohyuk did it a few times, but it was annoying.

Dohyuk had no intention of going this far, however. His plan was to hunt down Bermurans and let Kyuho capture him. That's why even though he couldn't get his hands on the weapon yet, he did it anyway as he knew it would trigger some kind of alarm.

Dohyuk faced the High Priest.


He swung the pair of swords, which was a mistake. He was weaker than any of the guards Dohyuk had faced. Dohyuk dodged the swords and spun. His kick struck the target's chin.


Dohyuk felt a crushing feeling underneath his feet as he kicked the High Priest up into the sky. The dual swords dropped spinning. Dohyuk raised his hands up and reached out. And in his two hands, both swords landed.


Dohyuk then spat.

The spit landed to the sculpture, on top of Aruga's eagle head.

"You happy now, chickenhead?"

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