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Being a regular domestic Suomo disciple, Zou Qiang didn't stand a chance to escape under the nose of the Taixuan Patriarch and the chief seniors. And what happened upon his passive arrival baffled him a lot. The primary chief senior not only cured his wounds but also treated him to fancy food. "What the hell is going on here?" He felt at his wit's end.

However, the moment he met Lin Xiao, the humiliating sufferings he went through in the bush came back all at once.

However, he learned a lesson from his loss last time. He decided to strike first to gain the initiative by making an outburst straight away, "You mean bastard! You dare not do anything except plotting! Come and fight me on your own if you have balls! You gave me your word before this. Are you going back on your own word? Isn't the Taixuan Sect known as a decent sect?"

Lin Xiao cast him a sidelong glance, sneering, "Let me tell you what you have on your mind. There must be strings attached to the challenge. If you defeat me, we'll have to spare you."

Zou Qiang stared at Lin Xiao, eyes glazed. He didn't expect that Lin Xiao could read his mind. Anyway, since Lin Xiao said it for him, he admitted it immediately, "Yup! You're right about it. Well, you dare not take the challenge?"

Lin Xiao smiled, "I won't fight you."

Actually, while Zou Qiang was goading Lin Xiao into a fight, Li Taixuan and the three chief seniors feared that Lin Xiao would accept his Challenge on a whim. Lin Xiao's composed refusal put them back in ease.

However, Zou Qiang flared up and had a fit, "Bastard! Coward!"

Hardly had his voice faded away when Li Taixuan and the three chief seniors' blood went up.

Being a martial master in the Yinyang Realm, Li Taixuan's murderous intentions were pretty oppressive. The moment he glared at Zou Qiang, the latter almost got frozen. Zou Qiang forebode the coming of Death, unable to move at all.

Not until Lin Xiao stop them did Zou Qiang feel the dissolution of the danger. He flopped on to the floor, ghostly pale. However, he was no coward.

"Good for you, the Taixuan Sect! The patriarch even lorded it over a Suomo disciple who was barely his equal. Go and confront my patriarch if you have balls! I can tell none of you would come back alive, hahaha..."

"Didn't you lord it over a nobody like me? Your martial capacity is two levels higher than mine," Lin Xiao stayed composed. However, he put on a grim look right away, "I turned away your challenge simply for your sake. You might not be able to take the blow after you checkmate. I fear that you may commit a suicide."

The tinge of a smile faded away on Zou Qiang's face. In the meantime, Lin Xiao went on, "Now it seems that I shouldn't have worried too much. I'll take the challenge on the premise that you could defeat her."

Wang Manyun came in Zou Qiang's sight. Then the latter accepted the arrangement with no hesitation, "Good, I'll take it on one condition — you'll have to spare me if I win."

"No problem," Lin Xiao didn't mince words.

However, Zou Qiang was expecting the answer of Li Taixuan and the three seniors.

"He was on behalf of the Taixuan Sect," Li Taixuan looked at Lin Xiao respectfully.

Surprised, Zou Qiang looked over Lin Xiao again. Then he looked away and started to scrutinize Wang Manyun. Then a frivolous smile popped up on his face.

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